Canada Post GAT (General Abilities Test): Samples & Full Prep

What Is the Canada Post GAT Test?

The Canada Post General Abilities Test (GAT) is a 10-minute online assessment that measures your general cognitive ability and it's a mandatory screening step in the Canada Post hiring process. It consists of six topics and you're not allowed to use a calculator or any external aids.

Canada Post Assessment Sections Overview

The test consists of 6 types of questions:

  1. Addresses Sorting
  2. Visual-Spatial Reasoning
  3. Read and Memorize - A short text followed by two questions
  4. Letter Counting
  5. Verbal Spatial Reasoning
  6. Reading Comprehension - a paragraph followed by two questions

Let's go over a few sample questions (taken from the prep package) that resemble the actual test:

Canada Post GAT Test Sample Questions & Answers

Addresses Sorting

In which of the following sequences does the address 3248 Wellington ST W belong?
A. 4596 – 3104 Wellington ST E
B. 4794 – 1056 Wellington ST W
C. 10499 – 4622 Wellington ST E
D. 6504 – 3985 Wellington ST W
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The address belongs to the sequence 4794 – 1056 Wellington ST W.

Letter Counting

An August report by the Conference Board of Canada said almost half of all Canadian households send no more than four pieces of mail each month.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A - 13.

Verbal Spatial Reasoning

Michael gets out of his house on Broadway St and walks two blocks south, 1 block east, 6 blocks north, and 1 block east. What is Michael’s distance from his house?

A. 2 blocks
B. 3 blocks
C. 4 blocks
D. 5 blocks
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C.


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Canada Post Hiring Process

The Canada Post recruitment process is relatively straightforward. Past applicants have mentioned that the only real obstacle is the assessment test.

However, don't allow this to daunt you, you can immediately begin practicing with our PrepPack™. Below is a breakdown of your upcoming weeks:

  • Online Resume Submission: On Canada Post’s main website, you will see a concise list of vacant positions throughout the country. Likewise, each job has a detailed description, along with the responsibilities and qualifications required.
  • Pre-Employment Testing: After submitting your application, you likely will receive an email test invite. Here you will open a link and take a few tests. Be sure to have an open schedule before you begin.
  • Telephone Screening: If you pass the exams, you will likely receive a telephone interview. The telephone conversation is relatively brief. The main purpose is to set-up your in-person interview.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Interview questions within the Canada post office are relatively straight-forward. As mentioned above, they rely heavily on the tests over the in-person interview.

Canada Post Interview Questions

Here are a few sample questions to help build your confidence:

  • How do you resolve conflict?
  • How do you handle a customer complaint?
  • Tell us about a time you noticed a safety issue not dealt with correctly. What did you do about it?



 How much do Canada Post employees get paid?

Average Canada Post hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.00 to $31.00.

What should I wear to a Canada Post interview?

Casual wear is appropriate. No tights or leggings

What are Canada Post Subsidiaries?

The Canada Post Group of Companies consists of Canada Post and its three subsidiaries: Purolator Holdings Ltd., SCI Group Inc., and Innovapost Inc.


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