Canada's General Competency Test Level 2 Practice

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The Canadian General Competency Test Level 2 is one of 13 distinct exams established for measuring the basic aptitudes of officer level public service candidates in departments such as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The focus of the GCT2 is on the ability to use reasoning skills for on-the-job problem-solving. This test is generally administered at PSC’s Online Test Facility (OLTF).

GCT2 is used as a screening device for job applicants, training-program placement, employee assessment, and career counseling. Within the hiring procedure, the “Pass” threshold is 51 questions that you answer correctly.

Your score is based solely on the number of correct answers. Since there is no penalty for wrong responses, it is to your benefit to answer every question; guess if necessary. Knowing what to expect gives you a step up in the testing process.

Format of the GCT2-314

The GCT Level 2 contains 90 questions in a multiple-choice format. You have 2.5 hours to complete this exam. Keep track of your time throughout the test.

There are no subtests. The various skills highlighted in the General Competency Test Level 2 are interspersed within the exam. Pay close attention to the wording of each question in order to gain an understanding of the topic at hand.

Exam Content

Expect to find five types of questions on the GCT2:

  1. Vocabulary – A word is presented in uppercase letters. Select the word or phrase that best matches the definition of that keyword.
  2. Figural Relations – This aptitude is assessed through two types of questions: 1) Figure Completion, which requires you to identify the shape that completes the set of patterns; and 2) Figure Analogy that asks you to find the relationship between the first two patterns presented, and then apply that relationship to identify the figure that belongs with the third pattern.
  3. Number & Letter Series – First you determine the rule that unites a set of numbers and/or letters. Secondly, you apply that rule to identify the number/letter that completes the set.
  4. Numeric Problems – The questions dealing with this subject matter include basic arithmetic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, proportions, word problems, percentages, decimals, and fractions. You can use a simple calculator and rough paper in computing your answers.
  5. Analytical Reasoning – Short passages are presented, each followed by various questions that relate to the given scenario. The tasks include recall of information, analysis, summary, and conclusion based solely on the facts contained within the passage.


GCT2 Test Prep with JobTestPrep

Preparing for your GCT Level 2 involves making use of several study tools such as taking GCT2 practice tests, reviewing question & answer analysis, reading a study guide and learning various exam strategies.


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