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GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Test Structure

GardaWorld aims to provide only exceptional services to its clients and thus exercises selective recruitment. Its recruitment process is diverse, difficult, and consists of two tests and two interviews.

Let's start with the assessment tests:

X-Ray Object Recognition Test (ORT)

This is the most challenging task of the screening officer’s pre-employment assessment, which 70% of candidates usually flunk. To pass the X-Ray ORT, you will need to rotate objects mentally, differentiate between their overlaying shapes, perform figure-ground segregation, and quickly identify specific patterns in complex images.

The exam includes 20 pictures (questions) and you'll only have 20 seconds to inspect each X-Ray image. To pass it, you'll need to correctly answer 16 out of 20 questions (80%).

What to Expect on the X-ray ORT Test

On your X-Ray Object Recognition Test, you will be asked to look at x-ray images of passenger bags and to judge whether objects appearing on the screen can be allowed to enter an aircraft.

The major difficulty you will encounter on the X-Ray Test is the wide variety of pictures. Some of the images will contain threatening items, such as guns, knives, or grenades.

Others will only depict harmless objects. Screened bags will be of different complexity. Some of them will contain more items than others. Objects in some bags will be more mixed with each other than in other bags.

Consequently, some objects may appear more hidden from view and may be rotated at different angles, thus significantly obstructing your ability to identify dangerous objects on the screen. When you look at x-ray screens, you will need to quickly decide whether the screened bag is free of threat and can be safely carried on board.

GardaWorld’s assessment tests are similar to the TSA test, which contains writing skills assessment tests and an x-ray test. 

Below are images of some of the item types you may be asked to find, including guns, knives, or grenades.

GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Test Example


What to Expect on the Math & English Aptitude Test

If you pass the first test (X-Ray Object Recognition Test), you will be asked to take another examination, designed to assess your English language proficiency, your math skills, your reading comprehension, and your logical thinking.

This test comprises 100 questions and should be completed within 60 minutes. To pass it, you'll need to correctly answer at least 80 questions.

The questions are distributed as follows: 

Part of the Test Number of Questions
Spelling  40
Grammar Knowledge 10
Reading Comprehension 10
Logic 10
Math (pattern recognition, calculations) 20
Competency-based 10

Sample Questions for the Aptitude Test


How many words are spelled incorrectly in line E of the following paragraph?

A The new comission report on work place safetty has deamed the Robert D.
B Lewis Building a suitabel work environment. If your department is still
C utilizzing space in room 315 please contact Dr. David Mendel from human
D resources to schedulle the movemant of materials. All materials must be
E moved before the demolition on August 22 to ensure that nothing is lost in the move.

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3


The correct answer is A.

There are no spelling mistakes in line E.


Reading Comprehension

Employees working within organizations have a legislative obligation to monitor the content of e-mails sent to external bodies and to eliminate potentially sensitive internal information regardless of the perceived importance of that information. To guarantee that employees fulfill their legislative obligation and to prevent the possible leak of exclusive information, employers have prepared mandatory contracts stipulating this responsibility, to be signed by all employees, and additionally, inserted a copyright section to every external e-mail that emphasizes the confidentiality of the information provided. Employees’ carelessness in handling information circulated via email may result in serious punitive action.

Which one of the following provides the best summary of the main point of the passage?

A. Employee discretion policies are invaluable to an organization.

B. Employees are obligated to monitor e-mails.

C. Legislative obligations should be reinforced.

D. Leakage of exclusive information is detrimental to employers.


The correct answer is (B).

All four distracters appear in the passage or follow from it.

The task is to clarify which distracter expresses the essence of the passage. It is usually helpful to examine the first sentence of the passage as well as identify recurring themes throughout it.

The passage begins with: ‘employees working within organizations have a legislative obligation to monitor the content of e-mails…’. The passage continues by conveying the importance of fulfilling this legislative obligation by elaborating on ways to guarantee employees' compliance.

Although one can deduce that the reason legislative obligations should be enforced is because of their importance to organizations, it is not explicitly mentioned in the text and so distracters A and D are eliminated.

As for the two remaining distracters, although both are salient in the passage, the message conveyed is that ‘employees should monitor their e-mails’ (distracter B) rather than ‘legislative obligations should be reinforced’ (distracter C), since the passage specifically focuses on monitoring e-mail content.



The investigator is averse to conforming to the rules imposed upon him by the law but admits that he has no plan on breaking said rules.

How would you correct this sentence?

A. Change "upon" to "on"

B. Add a comma before "but"

C. Change "on breaking" to "to break"

D. No correction is necessary


The correct answer is (C).

Answer (C) is correct because "plan" should be followed by the preposition "to," not "on"- "plan to" discusses the actions, the intention to do something, while "plan on" discusses assumptions or predictions.

Answer (A) is incorrect because "upon" and "on" mean the same thing, even if "upon" is the more formal and less-used version.

Answer (B) is incorrect because a comma should be placed before a coordinating conjunction such as "but" only if the conjunction begins an independent clause, which is a clause that can stand on its own. Since "admits that he has no plan on breaking said rules" is not an independent clause, no comma is necessary.



John's monthly salary is $7,000. If John deposits 0.75 of his paycheck into a savings account.

How much money does he put in his savings account every month?

A. $4,240

B. $4,250

C. $5,250

D. $6,250


The correct answer is (C).

To find how much money he puts in his savings account, we need to find how much is 0.75 of $7,000:
(75/100)×7000 = $5,250.

another way to solve this would be to divide 7,000 by 4, then subtract the result from 7,000 to arrive at 3/4 of 7,000:



Solving Tip

If multiplying 7,000 × 0.75 seems to be a bit too difficult, we can also use estimations and eliminate wrong answer choices. Let’s round 0.75 down to 0.70, while keeping in mind that the correct answer must be slightly larger than the result.


Answers A and B can definitely be eliminated as they are too low. Since we only rounded down by 0.05, know that the correct answer will only be slightly larger than 4900. We can therefore conclude with fair certainty that C is the correct answer.


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Dula M., Pre-board Screening Officer


Once you pass both assessments, you'll move on to the interview process:


GardWorld Interview Process

The final stage of the hiring process is two face-to-face interviews with the company’s representatives.

You will be invited to the first interview immediately after your second test (if you pass it successfully). This is a short interview (5-10 minutes) with GardaWorld’s assessors that is mostly competency-based.

The second interview is usually scheduled between a few days to a few weeks after the first one and lasts about half an hour.

Note: if you fail any of the interviews, you'll be able to reapply only after six months.

GardaWorld Interview Questions Examples

Most of the questions asked at the interviews for a screening officer position with GardaWorld are competency-based.

Such questions are designed to learn more about your motivation to work at the company and about your general aptitude for the position. Interviewers might ask you the following questions:    

  • Why do you want to work as pre-board officer?
  • What would you do on your first working day, if you are hired?
  • Give an example of a time you gave exceptionally good customer service.
  • Give an example of a time when you tried to do something better in the office and you were told that this wasn't a good idea. How did you deal with this?
  • What qualities do you possess to make you a good candidate for this position?
  • What do you think customer service as a pre-screening officer means?
  • What would you do if a customer refused to show his or her bag?
  • Why do you want to work at GardaWorld?
  • What would your references say about your work qualities and what would they might say about something  you could improve upon? 

To create a favorable impression at these interviews, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the company and its goals, as well as with the specificity of the job you wish to get.

Note that before starting your training process at GardaWorld, you must obtain security clearance so that you can access restricted areas of the airport.

Who Is the Pre-Board Screening Officer?

Pre-board screening officers are part of aviation security. The major task of pre-board screeners is to conduct a reliable security check of passengers and their luggage to ensure that no threatening goods are brought onboard the aircraft.

A friendly attitude to passengers even in the most stressful circumstances is another prerequisite for the role of a screening officer.

Luggage Screening and Hand Searching

The most important tasks that screeners perform at the airport checkpoint are x-ray screenings of passengers’ bags and searching them manually.

Performing x-ray screenings effectively is crucial—when screening officers cannot correctly identify objects in passengers’ bags, they can put lives in danger but also create long lines at the checkpoint by sending many bags to be hand searched.

Excellent visual abilities and familiarity with the form and appearance of prohibited objects in the X-ray screening are, therefore, crucial for performing well in this job. 

Body Checking

Pre-boarding screening officers also conduct body checks to prevent passengers from bringing prohibited objects on boards underneath their clothes. Body checks at the checkpoint are done by a metal detector or manually.

Effective communication with passengers helps officers quickly understand what unclear objects are used for and whether they might be threatening.  

Language and communication skills, together with the ability to analyze the x-ray images on the screen, are defined as basic requirements for the job of the pre-boarding screening officer. With our practice materials, you will hone each of these skills and stand out as the most qualified candidate for the job.

What Is GardaWorld?

GardaWorld is a Canadian company that provides a wide range of security services. Headquartered in Montreal, The number of its well-trained, skillful employees is now over 62,000 strong, and its workforce is still increasing.

Salaries at GardaWorld range from $31,000 to $60,000 a year, depending on the position. GardaWorld extends its helping hand as far as the United States, Africa, and the Middle East. 


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