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About the General Intelligence Test (GIT)

The GIT is a pre-employment exam that takes the place of a high school diploma or university degree. This test measures your skill level in applying logic to solve work-related problems. The General Intelligence Test also assesses your basic cognitive ability concerning specific aptitudes such as mathematics, common global information and memorization.

There are two distinct PSC General Intelligence Tests:

  • The GIT-320 is used as an alternative to a high school diploma. The GIT-320 ensures that those who are seriously being considered for positions that require a high school graduation have attained the skillset needed for the effective performance of the job.
  • The GIT-310 is administered in lieu of a university degree. The topics covered in the GIT-310 mirror most of the aptitudes found in GIT-320. However, the level of complexity is higher in the 310, assessing the general knowledge and abilities attained by university students at the point of their college graduation.

General Intelligence Test Format

The GIT has a multiple-choice format, each question followed by five alternatives; several Sub-tests; and a strict time limit. The questions are formed in accordance with the subject matter of each Sub-test. You are assessed in regard to speed, accuracy, basic arithmetic ability, logic, memory and general knowledge.

There is no penalty for wrong responses, so answer every question; guess if necessary. You have the opportunity to increase your speed, exam comfort and test results through GIT practice tests, question and answer analysis.

Content of the General Intelligence Test

The Sub-tests of the GIT include the following:

  1. Sub-test I - General Information – The questions involve common-knowledge global facts such as the capital city of various countries and specific monetary units found throughout the world.
  2. Sub-test II – Similarities – Five word pairs are presented. Select the pair that matches as to concept.
  3. Sub-test III – Arithmetic – Expect to find math word problems. The first task is to determine which math functions are needed in order to compute the answer. The second task involves the application of those functions in calculating your response.
  4. Sub-test IV – Memory – There are two phases in the Memory Sub-test, each phase separated by completion of the next Sub-test. First you will need to study written material for 10 minutes. Then work on Sub-test V. After completing V, answer the questions presented in the second phase of the Memory assessment. This second part presents the same written material; however various words have been omitted. You will need to select the words that correctly complete the text.
  5. Sub-test V – Block Design – You will be asked to identify parts of a design pattern.
  6. GIT-320 contains one additional Sub-test: Vocabulary. This Sub-test presents a word in uppercase letters. Select the alternative that has the same meaning as the upper-cased word.

GIT-310 vs. GIT-320

In addition to the Vocabulary Sub-test in the high school equivalence GIT-320, the two exams differ as to time frame and number of questions.

GIT-310 GIT-320
Total Questions 121  150 
Time Limit 1 hour, 20 minutes 1 hour, 30 minutes
General Info 20 questions 25 questions
Similarities 16 questions 20 questions
Arithmetic 15 questions 15 questions
Memory 30 questions 25 questions
Block Design 40 questions 40 questions
Vocabulary X 25 questions

GIT Prep with JobTestPrep

Knowing what to expect before you write the GIT, will yield a calmer and more successful exam experience. Work on General Intelligence Test practice tests until you feel confident that you can correctly answer the types of questions and exam format that you will face on the actual GIT. JobTestPrep will soon offer study tools necessary to optimize your test results.

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