2021 NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent Exam Preparation

What Is the Traffic Enforcement Agent Exam?

To become an NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent, you must take the Traffic Enforcement Agent (TEA) exam. Some of the duties of the job include issuing summonses to illegally parked vehicles, directing traffic at intersections, testifying at administrative hearing offices and court, and preparing required reports, as well as sometimes even being called upon to operate a motor vehicle.

What Do Those Who Score High Receive?

Receiving a high score on the TEA exam increases your chances of becoming an agent. The NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents Division is part of one of the largest law enforcement agencies in New York City and the United States. There are about 2,300 Traffic Enforcement Agents in the country. The starting salary for a Traffic Enforcement Agent is $29,217, which increases to $33,600 after two years. Other benefits of the job include paid vacation and sick leave, medical and dental plans, and a 401K.

What Are the Challenges to Passing?

The Traffic Enforcement Agent exam contains ten sections. The questions are in the multiple-choice format, and you need a score of 70% to pass. Becoming familiar with the test will help increase your score as well as your chances of becoming a Traffic Enforcement Agent.

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services

When you are applying to become an NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent or any other position in the civil service field in New York City, then the application process will most likely be through the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). DCAS's effective services help the NYC government run a multitude of operations. They aim to provide assistance in recruiting, hiring, and training candidates, as well as other fields of service. The DCAS exam schedule is posted during the fiscal year and is updated on a monthly basis, in order to keep candidates up-to-date on any relevant changes.

Why You Need a PrepPack™ for the Traffic Enforcement Agent Exam

You can prepare for the test before taking it. Our PrepPack™ includes timed practice tests and study guides, and the practice tests are accompanied by detailed answer explanations. By practicing, you up your chances of achieving a high score on the test. A high score not only ensures that you pass the exam, but it also gives you a better chance of gaining employment over the other candidates.

What Do You Get with Your School Safety Agent PrepPack™?

Our PrepPack™ provides you full access to the most comprehensive practice resources for the different sections on the exam. We offer 68 practice tests and drills for all sections of the test. The PrepPack™ also includes study guides that elaborate on the different methods and tips for solving memory and thinking questions as well as basic math questions.

Traffic Enforcement Agent Exam Sections

The exam measures the skills needed to be a successful Traffic Enforcement Agent. The exam is computerized and consists of multiple-choice questions. The following job-related qualities are measured:

  • Written Comprehension – These questions test your ability to understand written sentences and paragraphs.
  • Written Expression – You are tested on your ability to convey a clear written message in English.
  • Memory questions – This section measures your memory for information expressed in words, numbers, pictures, and procedures.
  • Problem Sensitivity – These questions test how well you identify a problem and its elements, and whether or not you can detect an error.
  • Information Ordering – The questions test your ability to comply with a rule or a set of rules and arrange things or actions in a certain order. For example, to perform mathematical or logical operations and to arrange numbers, letters, words, pictures, procedures, sentences, etc.
  • Spatial Orientation – You are tested on your understanding of spatial relativity between an object and yourself.
  • Deductive Reasoning – This section tests your ability to apply general rules to specific problems and to come up with logical answers.
  • Inductive Reasoning – This section assesses your ability to combine together separate pieces of information or specific answers to problems, thus forming a general rule or conclusion.
  • Mathematical Reasoning – These questions test your ability to understand and organize a problem, as well as determine the suitable mathematical method or formula that will produce a solution.
  • Number Facility – You are assessed on your ability to solve simple mathematical operations—adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing—as well as finding percentages and taking square roots.

The School Safety Agent Hiring Process

To become a Traffic Enforcement Agent, you are required to be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment, have a high school diploma or GED, pass a character and background investigation, and pass a drug screening. You must be a New York City resident for at least 90 days before the appointment and reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City. You must also pay a $75.00 fee for fingerprinting as part of the investigation process. In addition, you must possess a driver's license valid in the State of New York.

The Benefits of Being Ready

Practicing for the exam is the best way to ensure you are selected to join New York's finest as a Traffic Enforcement Agent. Our PrepPack™ can help secure your success. By preparing for the exam with our practice tests, you will become comfortable with the style of the questions and the format of the test.

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