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Understanding the ASVAB Test for Air Force Enlistment

Requirements for Air Force Enlistment:

  • A minimum score of 31 on your ASVAB AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test).
  • A minimum score of 50 if you possess a General Education Diploma (GED). 

These requirements set the bar high, but with diligent practice, even if you haven't taken tests in a while, you can pave the way to make this possible, and we are here to assist you.

If you want to know as much as possible about the ASVAB Test Scores before your application, you've come to the right place. 

Key Goals of the ASVAB Score:

The score serves a dual purpose in your application journey:

  1. Determine Eligibility: The score evaluates your eligibility to join the esteemed Air Force, ensuring that candidates meet the necessary standards.
  2. Identify Career Paths: It pinpoints which career paths align best with your skills and aptitudes.

Firstly, consider that the assessment you'll face when applying to the Air Force mirrors the one required for enlistment in other military units. However, the subbranches fit into four career opportunity areas: general, administrative, mechanical, and electronic. 

Your scores on these specific subtests within the ASVAB Test determine your suitability to pursue Air Force careers further.

Comprehensive Assessment in 9 Subjects:

The ASVAB is a multiple-choice aptitude test designed to evaluate your proficiency across the following broad subjects:

  • General Science (GS)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)*
  • Word Knowledge (WK)*
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)*
  • Math Knowledge (MK)*
  • Electronics Information (El)
  • Automotive and Shop Information (AS)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)

*Note: These four subtests, denoted with an asterisk, contribute to the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. The AFQT score crucially determines your eligibility to join the Air Force.

Air Force ASVAB Score and Career Opportunities

Decoding the ASVAB Scores

Interpreting your ASVAB results requires a nuanced understanding. The scores, ranging from 1 to 99, don't represent a percentage of correct answers. Instead, they measure how well you performed compared to other candidates. In other words, each subtest's performance is benchmarked against a reference group, allowing for a comparative assessment. For instance, a score of 80 indicates you performed as well as or better than 80% of your peer group.

Unpacking the AFQT Scores

As previously mentioned, the following four qualification areas Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), and Word Knowledge (WK) collectively determine your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. These four ASVAB subtest scores amalgamate to form a singular raw score. A higher test score reflects your proficiency and unlocks plenty of additional opportunities in the Air Force. Your eligibility extends to diverse bonus enlistment incentives.

As a general rule of thumb, your ASVAB results fall into two primary categories: AFQT and Line Scores.

Air Force AFQT Score

The AFQT score is a crucial element of your future Air Force career. You can consider it the benchmark for eligibility to enlist. The official Air Force site argues that a minimum ASVAB AFQT score of 31 is required for high school diploma holders, while GED holders must aim for a score of 50.

AFQT Scores Breakdown:

Explore the ASVAB score chart below outlining the eight categories encapsulated in the AFQT scores:

Your ASVAB journey holds the key to attractive job opportunities in the military. And a stellar performance on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) propels you towards highly sought-after and prestigious roles - within AFQT categories 1 and 2. Keep in mind that a score between 0-9 closes the door to enlistment opportunities.

Air Force Line Scores (MAGE)

Moving beyond eligibility, the Air Force Line Scores, commonly known as MAGE (Mechanical, Administrative, General Aptitude, and Electronics), delineate the diverse job opportunities you qualify for within the military. These scores are percentiles ranging from 0 to 99, which measure your performance in specific ASVAB subtests. The breakdown of MAGE scores and the corresponding ASVAB subtest scores used in their calculation is detailed below:

Qualification Area ASVAB Sub-Tests Line Score Formula
Mechanical General Science (GS), Mechanical Comprehension (MC), and two times Auto & Shop Information (AS) GS + MC + 2 x AS
Administrative Verbal Expression (VE)* VE
General Aptitude Verbal Expression (VE)*, Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) VE + AR
Electronics General Science (GS), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Electronics Information (EI) GS + AR + MK + EI

*Verbal Expression (VE) = Word Knowledge (WK) + Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

A higher MAGE score directly translates into more job opportunities or, more accurately, Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC). Recruits can choose from approximately 120 AFSCs - where the mechanical area boasts the highest number of available AFSCs.

If you wish to discover which Air Force jobs (AFSC) align with your ASVAB score, refer to the chart provided on this page.

As you aspire to join the Air Force, recognize that your score is not merely a number—it's a gateway to a world of opportunities within this esteemed military branch.

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ASVAB Scores Minimum Requirements by Military Branch

Military Branch

Score (High School Diploma)

Score (GED)

ASVAB Scores Air Force



ASVAB Scores Army



ASVAB Scores Coast Guard



ASVAB Scores Marine Corps



ASVAB Scores Navy



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What are good ASVAB scores?

What constitutes a good score varies greatly depending on individual goals. When an applicant aspires to join the military, often, they set specific score targets according to their preferred service branch and a specific desired job.

Contrarily, for those not pursuing military careers, ASVAB scores serve as a valuable tool for career exploration and planning. Individuals can identify suitable career paths by pinpointing strengths and proficiency in specific areas. An applicant's score undoubtedly differs according to their unique strengths, age, skills, and gender.

What is the minimum score for the Air Force?

To qualify for the Air Force, the minimum requirement is to achieve an overall score of 31 or 50 if you are a GED holder.

Can I retake the ASVAB test?

If once you've completed the test, you consider that your test results were unsatisfactory, a waiting period of 30 days is necessary before you can attempt a retake of the ASVAB test.

Subsequently, you'll have to wait 30 additional days for a third attempt. Following the third try, a waiting period of six calendar months is mandatory before considering a fourth retake of the ASVAB. Notice that your score remains valid for enlistment purposes for up to two years from your last test's date.


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