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What is the ASVAB Test?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, more commonly known as the ASVAB Test, is a multiple-choice aptitude test designed to assess your eligibility for enlisting in any military branch and identify the specific roles for which you meet the required criteria, depending on which armed forces branch.

The ASVAB is a multiple-choice aptitude test designed to measure your abilities and proficiency across diverse subjects. Despite certain misconceptions, it does not aim to measure your overall intelligence, and it does not function as an IQ test.

The test contains the following nine sections:



What does it measure?

General Science (GS)


Knowledge of basic scientific concepts and principles: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences.

Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)


Figure out arithmetic solutions.

Word Knowledge (WK)


Recognize and understand the meaning of words through synonyms.

Paragraph Comprehension (PC)


Extract information from written passages.

Mathematics Knowledge (MK)


High school-level mathematics solving problems abilities (algebra and geometry).

Electronics Information (El)


Concepts related to electrical equipment, devices, and electronic principles knowledge.

*Auto and Shop Information (AS)


Knowledge of automobile technologies, tools, practices, and auto and shop mechanics basics.

Mechanical Comprehension (MC)


Understanding of mechanical and physical principles. It focuses on topics like simple machines, fluid dynamics, and properties of materials.

Assembling Objects (AO)


Determining how different parts fit together or how patterns are sequenced.

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In the upcoming section, we'll introduce practice questions you'll face in the ASVAB exam. Once you understand what to expect from the real test you can also explore our additional free ASVAB practice test.

Free ASVAB Practice Test Sample Questions

ASVAB Math (Back to Basics) Knowledge

Question #1

A barista typically produces an average of 16 coffees per hour. In this scenario, how many hours will be required for her to reach a total of 1,200 coffees?

75 hours
65 hours
80 hours
70 hours
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 75. 

To solve the problem, you first assign variables. Let x be the number of hours needed to produce 1,200 coffees. Then we have:

16 coffees / 1 hour = 1200 coffees / x hours

We can cross-multiply to solve for x:

16 * x = 1200

Dividing both sides by 16, we get:

x = 75

Therefore, it would take the barista 75 hours to produce 1,200 coffees. 


Question #2



A. 11.66.
B. 10.26.
C. 15.46.
D. 12.06.
E. 11.99
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A 11.66.

ASVAB Assembling Objects Knowledge

When the edges of the shapes on top are linked accordingly (x to x, y to y, etc.), the overall form resembles which shape:


The answer is B.

ASVAB - Paragraph Comprehension Knowledge

So far, the growth in the German economy has served as a potential safeguard to maintain the stability of the Eurozone system. However, if the recent data indicating a meager 0.1% growth for the second quarter transforms from an isolated occurrence into a persistent trend, two significant consequences may unfold. The probability of a relapse into recession across Europe will surge, intensifying fiscal challenges for countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and others. Additionally, there could be an escalation in the resistance of German taxpayers to provide financial assistance in exchange for the Euro's continuity.

What might be a consequence of low growth?

Consider the following statements:

Germany will stop functioning as an economic buffer

B) Pressure will increase on Greece's public finances.

C) The Euro's value will decrease.

D) Rescue money will be transferred to countries in financial crisis.


The correct answer is option B.

The text mentions that if German economic growth slows down, it will put more pressure on the public finances of countries like Greece, along with others such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. This suggests that there will be increased financial strain on Greece's public finances, as indicated in option B.

The text does not directly state that Germany will stop functioning as an economic buffer (option A), mention anything about the Euro's value decreasing (option C) or specify that rescue money will be transferred to countries in the financial crisis (option D).

ASVAB Word Knowledge

In one sample of 2,048, the percentage of people with blonde hair is 37.5%. In a different sample of 312 the percentage of people with green eyes is 87.5%. One of the researchers discovered some errors were made in the calculations. The number of people with blonde hair in the first sample was 162.5% of the reported number. Furthermore, the number of people with green eyes in the second sample was 33.33% of the reported number.

How many more or fewer people with blonde hair were there actually in the first sample when compared to the actual number of people with green eyes in the second sample?

A. 1157 less.
B. 480 less.
C. 389 more.
D. 1157 more.
E. 480 more.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D 1,157 more.

First, let’s find the reported number of people with blonde hair in the first sample: 2,048*0.375 = 768. However, the actual number of people with blonde hair was 162.5% of the reported number, which is 768*1.625 = 1,248.

Now’ let’s calculate the reported number of people with green eyes in the second sample: 312*0.875 = 273. However, the actual number of people with green eyes was 33.33% of the reported number, which is 273*0.3333 = 91.

The difference between the number of people with blonde hair in the first sample and the number of people with green eyes in the second sample is therefore 1,248 - 91 = 1,157.

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Free ASVAB Practice Test Tips and Tricks

Depending on your location, there is a crucial piece of information you have to consider for the actual test. The ASVAB test has potentially two different formats: pen & paper or computer-based, and the rules and strategies to obtain an excellent score vary.

In what follows, we enlist a few quick tips and tricks to enhance your preparation well ahead of time, depending on which test you face.

ASVAB Pen & Paper Version

  • If a question is too difficult to solve, skip it and revise it later.
  • Your answers must be thoroughly marked, and there are no multiple answers for the same question.
  • If time starts running out, make educated guesses, but overall, avoid leaving unanswered questions.

ASVAB Computer (CAT) Version

  • Unlike the pencil version, once you've answered a question in the ASVAB CAT, you cannot return to it. Thus, accuracy in your initial responses is essential.
  • The computer-based test employs adaptive testing, meaning the next question's difficulty will adjust according to your previous answers. 
  • You should answer each question as thoroughly as possible without caring for its perceived difficulty or ease.
  • Double-check the required time you must spend on each question before going into the exam, and focus on your weakest areas ahead of time.

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What is a good ASVAB score?

Each US military branch establishes specific criteria to pass the ASVAB. Thus, each section requires different satisfactory ASVAB scores. Consider, for example, how aspiring Army recruits can achieve a minimum ASVAB score of 31, but by surpassing this threshold they are eligible for enlistment bonuses and potentially a higher rank. 

In sum, a good ASVAB score in 2024 must ensure your qualification for enlistment in your desired branch and should include scores exceeding the minimum passing score to acquire higher enlisted ranks.

If you want to learn more about the official scores of each branch and how they’re calculated, go to the chart on the ASVAB official site.

Is the ASVAB hard?

Yes, the ASVAB test is indeed challenging – even more for candidates who have been out of school for a considerable period or for those who are prone to test anxiety.

Moreover, the ASVAB demands a significant amount of time to keep your focus, taking between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. Thus, you have to demonstrate strong knowledge and proficiency across various subjects and excellent time management skills.

Can I take the ASVAB test multiple times?

Yes, you can. However, after completing your first trial, you have to wait one full calendar month for a retake.

In case you want to retake it a third time, you have to wait another calendar month. Any further trials after the third one require you to complete six calendar months to retake the ASVAB test.

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