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What Is the PiCAT Test?

The PiCAT is an un-proctored and un-timed version of the ASVAB test. Upon passing the PiCAT you will take a 30-minute proctored PiCAT Verification Test to ensure you did not cheat. Failing the verification will result in taking the ASVAB. The PiCAT contains ten sections with 10-20 questions in each segment.

Please note that to take the PiCAT you must be a high school graduate.

Now that we have provided a broad overview of the test, let's get into the specifics.

Does The PiCAT Count as ASVAB?

The PiCAT is the sister test to the full ASVAB test; as long as you pass both the full version PiCAT and the verification afterwards, it will be considered the ASVAB test equivalent. However, please note, that the Verification is designed to catch cheaters. Therefore, if its results differ from the un-proctored/un-timed test, you will be forced to take the full three hour and proctored-timed ASVAB.

The verification test is taken at a military entrance processing station (MEPS) or a military entrance test (MET) site.

Can You Cheat on the PiCAT Test?

As mentioned above, you can technically cheat, but cheating on the ASVAB test will be of little help when taking the 30-minute Verification Test. Make sure you thoroughly prepare.

How Many Times Can You Take or Re-take the PiCAT Test?

Unlike the ASVAB test, which can be retaken after a month and coordinating with your local recruiting officer, the PiCAT demands a minimum two year wait period. This fact, should again highlight the supreme importance of using an accurate and methodological system of preparation.

What Is a Good PiCAT Score?

Well, the answer is complicated because every branch of the military has its unique qualification measure. Furthermore, the score measures can be changed at any given notice. Minimum passing scores will vary by a branch from 31-40; however, it is wise to aim for a minimum of 50.

What Are the Pros of Taking the PiCAT Test?

There are several pros and cons to taking the PiCAT vs. the traditional ASVAB. Don’t worry. We will get the cons in the next section.

  1. No Pressure: You will not be rushed for time, and can concentrate on answering every answer to maximize your score.
  2. Validation: If you pass both the PiCAT and the Verification, it will be considered as if you have passed the ASVAB.
  3. Pre-MEPS Qualification: Doing well on the PiCAT will give a strong indication to your actual MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) potential. Knowing what you qualify for before showing up at the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing) helps consolidate your decision
  4. No Strike: While failing will result in a two-year wait to retake the PiCAT, failure will not be considered a strike against one of your four ASVAB attempts. So, you can view a free-bee in that respect.

PiCAT Test vs. ASVAB Test

Now that we have presented a general overview of the test, let's review some of the differences between PiCAT and the ASVAB.

In terms of the subjects and the number of questions, they are identical. However, there are several technicalities that can make the PiCAT much more difficult.

  1. The First four Sections: When taking the ASVAB, you will complete the test in its entirety before it is graded. However, on the PiCAT, failing the first four sections (paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, and mathematical knowledge) means automatic disqualification from taking the remainder of the test.
    This is yet another reason why you must prepare thoroughly.
  2. One Time Around: If you took the ASVAB even more than two years ago, you cannot take the PiCAT.
  3. Complacency: Even if you pass the full PiCAT with flying colors, don’t get complacent! You must still study for the Verification. According to Army Recruiters, many fail the Verification due to overconfidence, as a result of their high score on the full PiCAT. Put your pride to the side, and don’t set yourself back.
  4. All Systems Down: Perhaps the greatest downside to taking the PiCAT Verification is if the system crashes, you will automatically have to take the ASVAB!

PiCAT Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions for several of the PiCAT categories straight from our ASVAB practice tests. These are all multiple choice and timed, as stated.

Mathematical Knowledge Sample Question

A container has internal dimensions of 150 cm by 60 cm by 50 cm. Each oil barrel's dimensions are 100 cm by 50 cm by 20 cm. How many barrels can one pour into the container?

A. 3
B. 3.5
C. 4
D. 4.5
E. 5
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D.

The internal volume of the container is 150 × 60 × 50 = 450,000.
The volume of the oil in each barrel is 100 × 50 × 20 = 100,000.
The number of oil barrels that can fit in the container is therefore 450,000 ÷ 100,000 = 4.5.

Word Knowledge Sample Question

Postpone means the same as-

A. After
B. Submerge
C. Neglect
D. Late
E. Delay
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (E)- Delay

Both Postpone and Delay mean to decide that something which had been planned for a particular ‎time will be done at a later time instead.‎

PiCAT Verification Test FAQ

What Happens If You Fail the PiCAT Verification Test?

You will directly convert to taking the full 3-hour long ASVAB.

What Questions Are on the Verification Test at MEPS?

While we do not know exactly which questions, it will only be 30 questions that you got right on the PiCAT. The 20-minute test will be proctored.

If I Pass the Verification, Do I Automatically Move Towards Signing My Contract?

Well, in 90-95% of cases this is the case, however, the system automatically fails 5%-10% of test-takers, no matter how well they did on the PiCAT or the Verification. This is perhaps the greatest risk of taking the PiCAT as opposed to the ASVAB.

What Happens if I Answer the Questions More Thoroughly on the Verification?

One of the purposes of the Verification is to ensure that you not only get the answer right, but that you followed the same process as you did on the full-length test. Don’t try to look smarter, just copy and paste. If not, you will be taking the full ASVAB.

Is the ASVAB Confirmation Test the Same as the PiCAT Verification Test?

The Confirmation test is for those who took the ASVAB test and failed, then took it a second time, and got at least 20 points higher. However, the test is similar in principle in that it ensures you did not cheat or just guess and got lucky.


If you have any specific questions related to your recruitment location, please contact your local military recruiter.


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