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What Is The ASVAB test?

First things first, what type of test should I be prepared to take? The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) assessment is more than a multiple-choice test to filter applicants—it is the first step towards joining the US Armed Forces. Unlike an IQ or intelligence test, the ASVAB design evaluates the skills, education and suitability of potential candidates for specific military and civilian roles.

In short, the ASVAB test ensures you qualify for your desired role. The assessment comprises nine sections to evaluate your skills:

AS - Auto & Shop Information

GS -General Science

AR - Arithmetic Reasoning

MC - Mechanical Comprehension

VE - Verbal Expression (combination of the grades of PC+WK)

EI - Electronics Information

MK - Mathematics Knowledge

PC - Paragraph Comprehension

WK - Word Knowledge

Each section targets specific areas of knowledge and skills crucial to join the military — both the Computerized (CAT-ASVAB) and the paper and pencil (P&P) versions test the same subjects, but note that the division of the subtests slightly differs between them. Note also that the minimum score prerequisite varies depending if you have completed and own a High School Diploma or GED.

It goes without saying: thorough practice is necessary. We recommend reviewing our Free ASVAB Practice Test and our ASVAB Scoring Guide. Moreover, you can find additional examples, answers, and valuable solving tips on our Free Mock ASVAB Test page.

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What Is an ASVAB Waiver?

No one can predict the future, and past mistakes should not have to dictate it either. Even if you have had speeding tickets or have had to spend time in court for petty shoplifting from years ago, it does not immediately disqualify you from joining the military. The Army is aware that external circumstances can potentially impact your score and a waiver can be requested in those situations.

Waivers for the ASVAB assessment may be granted in cases where a candidate does not meet the standard ASVAB score requirements but demonstrates other qualifications or strengths that are valuable to the military. Consider the following scenario: to join the Navy, you require a minimum score of 35 on your ASVAB. You have successfully scored 40 but only hold a GED diploma and need 50. Is it be possible to obtain an ASVAB waiver?

Yes, but not necessarily. The Army understands that some circumstances can impact your ability to score well. A waiver can be requested in those situations. Yes, it can be theoretically possible, but only in specific cases! 

Let us clarify. Waivers function on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the policies and regulations of the specific military branch in question. Note: waivers can come quickly or can take a long time. Much depends on your initiative and how well you are qualified otherwise. To start considering an ASVAB waiver consult, first, a military recruiter for specific guidance on your situation.

If you want to ensure that there's no need for an ASVAB waiverwe highly advise you to attempt to reach high ASVAB scores, have a willingness to choose from several different jobs that might be more on-demand, and keep in regular contact with your recruiter to make sure none of the minimum requirements have changed.

We highly encourage you to contact an professional recruiter if you have not yet initiated your enlistment application process. To obtain more information simply follow the upcoming links:

Gather more details about the ASVAB test schedule and enlistment requirements on the official ASVAB website.

What Are The Military Branches ASVAB Scores Requirements?

Military Branch Score (High School Diploma) Score (GED)
ASVAB Scores Air Force 31 50
ASVAB Scores Army 31 50
ASVAB Scores Coast Guard 40 50
ASVAB Scores Marine Corps 35 50
ASVAB Scores Navy 35 50

Prepare ahead and make sure you know your goal ASVAB score requirements. Visit our ASVAB Scores guide to prepare accordingly!

How To Get A Good Score On The ASVAB Test?

Irrespective of the military branch you are targeting, JobTestPrep has developed comprehensive study guides and extensive preparation for any position you have your eyes on. 

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Skip the need for a waiver altogether and excel in the ASVAB Test for any of the following military branches:

  • Army ASVAB Test: be a part of the Army National Guard and conflict joint force, protect land, and secure resources and population.
  • Navy ASVAB Test: contribute to the US-organized naval forces, ensuring sea conflict resolution and protection.
  • Marine Corps ASVAB Test:  join military operations coordinating land, air, and sea forces for operations from water to land. 
  • Coast Guard ASVAB Test: safeguard and protect the nation's maritime interests and enforce maritime laws.
  • Air Force ASVAB Test: secure air and space operations, and take on complete responsibility for intelligence, surveillance, and logistics support for all military operations.

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Is it hard to get an ASVAB waiver?

Not necessarily. The Army recognizes that certain circumstances can affect your ability to perform well during a test to achieve a high score. In such cases, a waiver can be requested, but it is not guaranteed. These requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply for a waiver if I have a previous felony or have been convicted?

Most of the time, convicted felons and candidates with several convictions cannot apply to the army. However, moral waivers exist for specific cases.

What criminal offenses or behavior cannot be waived?

While not an exhaustive list, here are some moral behavior issues the Army will not consider for a waiver:

  • Under civil restraint (parole, confinement, or probation)
  • Subject to civil court conviction for more than one offense or serious offenses with three or more (excluding traffic)
  • Involved in trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including medical marijuana
  • Have three or more convictions for driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years before joining
  • Convicted of five or more misdemeanors
  • Unable to pass a drug or alcohol test


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