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About the Ohio Civil Service Exam

Ohio Civil Service Tests are administered to candidates interested in attaining a state government job in Ohio. These exams are either computer-based or pen-and-paper, and generally consist of multiple-choice questions. The content of the Civil Service Tests in Ohio differs according to the position you are applying for; each test assesses the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in the job’s day-to-day functions. Learn more about Civil Service Exams by Profession.

Application Process

Applying to an Ohio state job opening and the Ohio Civil Service Exam is now a much simpler process with Ohio’s online application and job-seeking procedure. The state’s official website features open job vacancies, requirements, and the necessary Ohio Civil Service test for each position. Remember that both the application and the Ohio Civil Service Exam are required before the hiring agency can consider you for the position.

Civil Service Exam Test Types

There are generally four different types of civil service exams which determine one's skills, knowledge, and experience required for the position being applied for. These exam types include:

Oral and essay tests: These tests measure how well one can synthesize ideas and answers to critical thinking questions.

Typing tests: These exams are given in order to assess one's typing skills in terms of speed and efficiency. Candidates must be at a level high enough to meet job requirements.

Experience and training ratings: This assessment is given in addition to one's application when candidates are asked to document their educational background and work experience. This step allows employers to note how comfortable and familiar candidates are in particular fields.

Computer-administered multiple-choice tests: This is the most popular style of testing when assessing candidates' capabilities, cognitive aptitude, skills, personality, and knowledge in the related subjects.

Ohio Cities Civil Service Exams

The State of Ohio civil service employment process has a different application procedure and requirements than its local or city government civil service offices. However, all municipal exams, such as the Columbus Civil Service Test or Cleveland Civil Service Test, are administered by the state’s Civil Service Commission, so the exams themselves for the same position (whether state or local) are generally the same or very similar.

Learn more about Ohio city civil service exams

Columbus  |  Cleveland

Ohio Civil Service Test Scores

Successful completion of the Civil Service Test of Ohio will get your name placed on the eligibility list (the list of candidates who passed). The highest scorers who fall within the range of the top 25% hold the greatest chance of being contacted by the hiring agency to continue in the employment process.

Ohio Civil Service Exam - Practice Tests

The Ohio Civil Service Exams are a competition, allowing every candidate a fair chance to prove his/her worth and merit through a high civil service exam grade. At JobTestPrep, we give you all the resources and materials you need in order to refine your skills and boost your confidence when facing your exam. Our team of experts has created an Ohio Civil Service practice test pack, complete with practice exams, answers, and detailed explanations to help you better understand and improve your score. 

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