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Types of Texas Civil Service Exams

There is currently no specific Civil Service Test in Texas, and many of the state’s departments are no longer part of the civil service system. Applicants interested in state and local positions, including Houston and Dallas civil service, may apply online through the municipality’s website and follow the instructions for the job hiring process.

However, candidates interested in both fire and law enforcement sector positions are required to undergo Texas Civil Service exams specific to their job interest.

Law Enforcement Job Exams in Texas

Police Officer/County Jailer

All candidates interested in attaining Texas police officer jobs are required to apply to the department of their choice and pass the administered Texas Civil Service Police Exam. The subjects of each department’s test may differ, information that can be found on their individual websites, but the Civil Service Test for Texas police officers generally includes subjects such as verbal, mathematics, memory, and reasoning skills.

Texas State Trooper

Those interested in becoming a Texas state trooper are required to follow three steps: 1) submit an online application on the state website 2) fill out a self-evaluation questionnaire- this serves as a preliminary selection test 3) pass the Texas State Trooper Test. The content of the Texas State Trooper Exam consists of reading comprehension and mathematics skills, both of which are found on the Police Civil Service Exam. You can find a PrepPack for Texas State Trooper test here

Firefighter Job Exams in Texas

In order to obtain a civil service fire department job in Texas, candidates must be able to pass the Texas Civil Service Firefighter Exam. The test generally includes topics on memory, mechanical comprehension, and spatial orientation skills - the exact subjects will be posted on the job or exam announcement.

Remember that it is important to consistently check the state or fire department website for updates because these Texas Civil Service Exams can be administered only once or twice a year. Learn more about the details of the Texas Firefighter Exams.

Texas Prerequisites and Requirements

As part of the basic qualifications, the state of Texas generally requires candidates for TX peace officer, jailer, and firefighter positions to pass a training course before applying to individual departments.

Candidates for Texas police jobs must successfully a complete licensing course approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) - names of these can be found on the TCLEOSE website. As part of the licensing process, candidates must also complete the TCLEOSE test, which consists of questions on Texas police law and procedure taught during the course.

Are You Ready to Get a Texas Civil Service Job?

The hiring and testing processes of both the Texas law enforcement and fire departments can be strict and difficult in order to ensure an unbiased selection of the most efficient and eligible candidates for these positions. JobTestPrep is now offering Civil Service practice packs, complete with practice tests, answers, and detailed explanations to help you better understand and improve your score. Try our free Civil Service sample questions.

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