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What Is the NCJOSI Test?

The NCJOSI is a multiple-choice timed test created by assessment company IO Solutions, spanning around 2.5 hours. The test includes a cognitive section covering a wide range of subjects, as well as a behavioral section. There are two versions of the NCJOSI test:


The short explanation is that the NCJOSI 2 is longer and includes more categories, and NCJOSI 1 is shorter with less categories, but with a stricter time limit. 

The NCJOSI and NCJOSI2 both have two sections—a cognitive ability section and a behavioral section.

The NCJOSI 2 cognitive ability section includes 10 subject areas. In contrast, the NCJOSI 1 only contains four subject areas in the cognitive ability section. The NCJOSI 1 also has fewer questions and a shorter time limit. You should contact your local department to find out which NCJOSI they require you to take, though you might not get an answer.

Tip: There is no penalty for wrong answers. Therefore, be sure to answer every question, even guessing if necessary. The higher your score, the greater your chances of making your employment goal a reality. 

NCJOSI AND NCJOSI 2 - Cognitive Section


The first version of the cognitive section consists of 45 multiple-choice questions and is composed of the following ability areas:

  • Problem Solving Ability – This ability entails deciding upon the best course of action or choosing the most proper solution to a problem in a given situation based on the information presented.

Problem Solving Sample Question

Officer Nathan received a series of reports from witnesses of vandalism near the South–Side Train Station. The description of each suspect is as follows:

Report 1: female, Black, 12- 15 years old, long, black hair, 4’ 8”, 100 pounds, red jacket, black shorts.

Report 2: female, White, 14 years old, under five feet tall, short, dark hair, red jacket, black shorts.

Report 3: female, Black, 15 years old, 4’10”, 110 pounds, ponytail coming out of the back of a baseball cap, gloves, black jeans.

On April 30, a girl was apprehended for vandalism near the South–Side Train Station. The description of the suspect is as follows:

Report 4: female, Black, 14 years old, 4’9”, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue pants, green sweater, running shoes.

Based on the information given in the first three reports, the suspect in report 4 should also be considered a suspect in:

A. Report 1
B. Report 2
C. Reports 1+3
D. Reports 1+2+3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is C.

The suspect in Report 4 is described as being female, Black, 14 years old, 4’9” and 105 pounds. The rest of the description is irrelevant as it relates to features which are very easily changeable.

Report 2 does not match Report 4 because the suspect is White.

Reports 1 and 3 both closely match Report 4, making C the correct answer.

Problem Solving Ability is a rather unique question category, testing your policing skills quite directly.

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  • Reading Comprehension (or Verbal Comprehension) – This section measures the ability to comprehend written language, an ability most important for a job in law enforcement. You will find job-related passages, each followed by questions requiring analysis, conclusion, or information derived from the passage.

Reading Comprehension Sample Question

Up until recently, the village of Ramdegi was a bustling farming community in central India's famous Tiger Reserve. Today, the village's human population stands at exactly zero. As part of an on-going effort to reduce human conflict with wildlife, the Indian government has been encouraging communities living in and around nature reserves to relocate for the sake of peaceful coexistence. Last month, everyone in Ramdegi did just that: some 200 families agreed to accept incentive packages and move beyond the reserve's borders, freeing the land to be reclaimed by the surrounding biodiversity.

A little over a month after the last human departed, Ramdegi is now home to herds of deer, antelope and boars - grazing on the meadows that were once cropland and cattle farms. Even a tiger has been spotted prowling the grounds of the empty village, free from dangerous and often deadly conflicts with humans that have driven the species to “endangered” status.

Which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the 2nd paragraph?

A. It underlines the process of regeneration of the village's lands.
B. It describes the new inhabitants of the village.
C. It compares the number of predators to the number of herbivores.
D. It outlines the reasons for the village's relocation.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is B.

The second paragraph describes the village following the departure of its human inhabitants. It does not outline the reasons for the relocation of the former inhabitant (this is given in the second paragraph), nor does it compare different types of animals or talk about regeneration of the land. Paragraph 3 merely describes the new village inhabitants - animals. Therefore, answer choice B is correct.

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  • Mathematics – This section assesses your speed and accuracy in the use of basic arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Expect to encounter basic word and number problems involving various calculations, such as percentage, ratio, perimeter, area, and circumference.

Mathematics Sample Question

An oven can bake 8 pies of thin crust pizza per hour, or 2 pies of deep dish pizza pies per hour. How many hours will it take to prepare an order of 16 thin crust pies and 4 pies of deep dish?

A. 4 hours
B. 2.5 hours
C. 2 hours
D. 1 hour
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is A.

Time = work/rate

In order to calculate how long it would take to prepare 16 thin crusts, we need to divide 16 by the rate of thin crusts per hour.
16 thin crust pies/8 thin crust pies per hour = 2 hours
Similarly, to calculate how long it would take to prepare 4 deep dish pies, we need to divide 4 by the rate of deep dish pies per hour.
4 deep dish pies/2 deep dish pies per hour = 2 hours
The number of hours it will take to complete the order is 2 hours + 2 hours = 4 hours.

Therefore, the correct answer is A.

Click here for our main page on police test math sections.

  • Writing Ability – This is defined as the ability to communicate a message in written format in a clear and coherent way using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also includes the ability to summarize and relay information and details in concise sentences. This is an ability officers use when writing important memos, incident reports, and case summaries.

Writing Ability Sample Question

The following sentence has one or two words missing.
Choose the answer choice which provides the best options to fill the gaps.

The forensics expert brought another ___ of ____ to the crime scene.

A. pear, clubs
B. sat, guns
C. peer, arms
D. pair, gloves
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is D.

When two words are missing we need to go over the answer choices carefully and find the choice which offers correct answers for both of the missing words. Upon reading the sentence it becomes clear that both missing words are likely nouns.
A is incorrect - a pear is a fruit and clubs are either heavy sticks, usually thicker on one end, which can be used violently, or associations or organizations to which people can belong. The two words do not make sense in the context of the sentence.
B is incorrect - “sat” is the past tense form of the verb “sit”. It is also a homonym of the word “set” which means “pair”. The word “sat” does not fit in the sentence and the phrase “sat of guns” does not make sense.
C is incorrect - a peer is a person who belongs to the same demographic as someone else. The combination of words does not make sense.
Since no other option is viable, D is the correct answer, and it does make sense that a forensics expert would bring another “pair of gloves” to a crime scene.

For this reason the answer is D.



The second version of the NCJOSI has a cognitive section that contains approximately 80 questions. It covers the following abilities:

  • Verbal Comprehension – This section measures your ability to comprehend written language.

Verbal Comprehension Sample Question 

Work related relocation is not a matter of levity. The decision whether to relocate involves a complex set of variables, mostly of a financial nature. Pay is one of the most important ones. Undoubtedly, the new salary should allow maintenance of the lifestyle the candidate is used to in their current location. It is also advisable to compare the cost of living and real estate prices in the candidate’s current city with those of the new one. Beyond housing costs, one should include the price of groceries, restaurant meals and petrol.

When considering a work- related relocation, the growth of the candidate’s career should be thoughtfully considered. If the new position offers a noteworthy professional promotion, it can be the right long-term move, counter-weighing a possible pay cut or higher cost of living.

Which one of the following best describes the relationship between the two passages?

A. The first passage strengthens the claim made in the second passage.
B. The second passage weakens the claim made in the first passage.
C. The first passage weakens the claim made in the second passage.
D. The second passage strengthens the claim made in the first passage.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is B.

In order to decide which claim strengthens/weakens the other claim, it is advisable to recognize the claim made in each passage regarding the subject of work-related relocation. Passage 1: Pay is the most important aspect to consider Passage 2: Professional promotion is an aspect to thoughtfully consider. It can reduce the importance of pay (”counter-weighing a possible pay cut”).
One can therefore say that the second paragraph weakens the claim made by the first paragraph, since it argues that pay is not always the most important aspect to consider; so, B is the correct answer.

    • Verbal Expression – This aptitude refers to the ability to communicate information and ideas. Incomplete sentences are presented and you must select the answer options that correctly completes the sentence. Some items require the identification of an incorrectly spelt word. Grammar, vocabulary, word order, and spelling are four of the elements tested.

Verbal Expression Sample Question

Which of the following sentences is grammatically incorrect?

A. The delivery must be made before the principal arrives in the morning.
B. If you don't charge your phone at night, it will not work in the morning.
C. When the team returns from practice, there is a lot of work that needs to be completed.
D. The information can be found between the books, the websites, and the journals.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is D.

When you have three or more objects, the word "among" should be used. "Between" should only be used when referring to two objects; for example, "He walked between the house and the shed."

For this reason The grammatically incorrect answer is D.

      • Problem Sensitivity – Your task is to identify problems presented in a written passage. Some questions involve the selection of the most appropriate action to take in order to alleviate the difficulty.

Problem Sensitivity Sample Question

Officer Richard received a series of reports from victims who were held up in their gas stations Downtown. The description of each suspect is as follows:

Report 1: male, Black, about 18 years old, 5’8”, 150 pounds, short brown hair, gray pants, blue sweater, black boots, headband.

Report 2: male, Black, 20 years old, 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, brown hair, gray pants, blue T – shirt, running shoes.

Report 3: male, White, 18 years old, 5’9”, 145 pounds, baseball cap, dark pants and shoes, hooded sweatshirt, necklace.

On April 2nd, a male held up a gas station Downtown. A victim managed to sneak out of the gas station and call 911, and the suspect was apprehended: The description of the suspect is as follows:

Report 4: male, Black 18 – 21 years old, 5’8”, 145 pounds, brown hair, blue pants, gray sweater, running shoes.

Based on the description given above of the suspects in the first three reports, the suspect in report 4 should also be considered a suspect in report(s):

A. Report 1
B. Report 2
C. Reports 1+2
D. Reports 1+3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is A.

Let’s first examine the relevant features of the suspect from Report 4. The suspect is male, Black, 18 – 21 years old, 5’8”and 145 pounds. Report 3 does not match 4 because the suspect is White. Report 2 does not match Report 4 because the discrepancy in height is too large. Report 1 does closely match Report 4.

Therefore, The correct answer is A.

      • Deductive Reasoning – This type of logic concerns the application of rules and regulations to the various aspects of a situation. Expect to see passages containing departmental policies. Each passage is followed by multiple situations. Your job is to apply the policies when determining the best course of action to take for each situation.


Deductive Reasoning Sample Question

Review the information below and answer the question that follows.

Conventional Fire Appliances

Description: The conventional fire apparatus can also be called a fire appliance, fire tender, or fire engine. It includes a water pump and hose.

Foam Tenders

Description:Foam tenders carry large amounts of foam to be used during incidents in which water is ineffective or cannot be used to tackle a blaze. This includes fires that involve flammable liquids.

Hydraulic Platforms

Description:A hydraulic platform is a specialized aerial work platform designed for firefighting use. These platforms provide high level access and elevated water pump positions. With a platform, firefighters don't have to climb the aerial and be exposed to fire ground elements. In addition, platforms have a higher capacity at the tip.

Turntable Ladders

Description: A turntable ladder is perhaps the best-known form of special purpose aerial apparatus. It is used to gain access to fires occurring at a great height through the use of a large telescopic ladder. These ladders are a bit shorter and more maneuverable than platforms. The ladder is able to provide a continuous stream of access to and from a roof or elevated place.

Tanker Trucks

Description: A tanker truck is a specialist fire appliance with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to an emergency to make it available for extinguishing operations. These are especially useful in rural areas where fire hydrants are not available and natural water resources are insufficient or difficult to exploit.

Question: For which of the following scenarios would a Tanker Truck be most suitable?

A. Someone set fire to a pile of tires on the side of a city's main street
B. An oil spillage caused a fire in a barn
C. A fire broke out inside the storage room of a large computer company due to a power shortage
D. A large fire erupted on the local governor's remote property on an extremely hot day
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is D.

In order to answer the question, it is required to first refer back to the text and understand what a Tanker Truck is suitable for. Then, compare answer choices to one another and find the best solution.

A Tanker Truck is used to transport large amounts of water to areas where local resources are not available or insufficient to combat a fire. As the property described in answer choice D is said to be remote, and the fire is large, the Tanker Truck is quite suitable for this scenario.

Answer choice A is incorrect. Cities usually have fire hydrants available for firefighting purposes. If a fire erupts on the side of a city's main street, there is no need to transport large amounts of water specifically to combat it. The conventional fire apparatus should be sufficient to handle it.
Answer choice B is incorrect. Usually fires that involve flammable liquids are handled using Foam Tenders. Water might not be the best suitable option in this case, and therefore the Tanker Truck is not a good option. Note: The fire occurred at a barn, which could be assumed to belong to a farm. As farms are usually remote, it can be deduced that the Tanker Truck was needed. However, the crucial detail pertaining to the cause of the fire makes this answer choice less suitable than answer choice D.
Answer choice C is incorrect. Electrical fires should not be put out using water. Therefore, the Tanker Truck is not suitable for this task, and the correct answer is D since as previously mentioned the Tanker Truck is suitable for the scenario described.

        • Inductive Reasoning – The questions present a scenario, a string of events, or a set of objects. The task is to find the common element, concept, or rule that connects the information/set. Expect to encounter passages, tables, or charts. In daily police work, inductive reasoning is used when reviewing multiple crimes of a similar nature and determining a suspect who is likely to have perpetrated some or all of the criminal actions.
        • Information Ordering – This aptitude involves the ability to apply rules to a scenario for the purpose of logically sequencing information. Questions include the sequencing of procedures by placing five or six statements in their proper order. Select the response that contains the correct sentence sequence.
        • Spatial Orientation – The ability to determine your location within a given city/building/set of structures is the basis of this skill. The NCJOSI tests this aptitude through the use of maps and layouts. Exam items involve directional questions and the identification of the "most direct route."

Spatial Orientation Sample Question

The map below is a scheme of subway lines in the city.

Each line is marked by a different color and is associated with a different letter. Stations are numbered by their location on the line(s). The numbering of the stations progresses from the beginning of the line to its end. Lines always begin at the northernmost station, except for lines G and M which begin at the westernmost station. Codes associated with some of the stations have been written below them.

A station can have more than one code associated with it, as some stations have more than one line passing through them.

Police Exam Sample Questioin

Question: Ms. Sol Aroches needs to commute from station M3 to station O3. Which of the following routes would be the least efficient (passes through the most stations)?

1. M3 → M2 → B8 → C3 → O3
2. M3 → C4 → O4 → O3.
3. M3 → B10 → B5 → O3
4. M3 → M5 → O3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is 1.

Note that you are asked to find the least efficient route- this means you must look for the answer with the most stations passed through.

The route that gets you from M3 to O3 in the most steps is route 1.

Click here for our main page on police exam spatial reasoning sections.

        • Visualization – This aptitude assesses the skill of mental imagery, tasking you with identifying the original object, pattern, or person after changes in appearance have been made. An original geometric pattern/portrait is presented. You must choose one out of four images that match the original image. The choices may be rotated to a different angle or have some superficial features changed.
        • Selective Attention – Concentration, regardless of distractions, is the focus in Selective Attention.This skill is particularly useful in performing security checks amid commotion and in the recalling of license numbers. Expect a complicated line of letters, numbers, and symbols. You must select the alternative that exactly matches that line.

Selective Attention Sample Question

Determine which of the options is an exact copy of:


A. %$ESDG4K@)_)*++&)\.
B. %$FSDG4K@)_)*++&)\.
C. %$FSDG4K@)_)*++&)l\.
D. %$FSDGK4@)_)*++&)\.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is B.

Mistakes are marked in bold:

A. %$ESDG4K@)_)*++&)\.
B. %$FSDG4K@)_)*++&)\.
C. %$FSDG4K@)_)*++&)|\.
D. %$FSDGK4@)_)*++&)\.


        • Flexibility of Closure – Finding a face in a crowd is the subject matter of this aptitude. It is assessed through the identification of a key pattern buried within a larger, more cluttered pattern.

Or, click here for a page full of more NCJOSI practice questions!

Behavioral and Attitudinal Attributes Section - NCJOSI Personality Test

The NCJOSI personality test section consists of 42 statements in the first version of the NCJOSI and 120 in the second version of the NCJOSI. Each statement is followed by a five-point agreement scale: Strongly Agree (1); Agree (2); Not Sure (3); Disagree (4); Strongly Disagree (5). Mark the number that best reflects your attitudes, actions, preferences, and opinions. Be sure to answer every item.

NCJOSI Personality Questions

Here are several examples of questions you might encounter in the NCJOSI personality test section.

You may be asked to rank statements like:

"I don’t hesitate to speak of my personal strengths and achievements"

"When I'm under a lot of pressure, from time to time feel like I'm falling apart"

"I try to stay away from films that are disturbing or frightening"

On the aforementioned 1-5 scale. You may be asking yourself: "How is my film preference related to being  a police officer?" But if your answer to this question and several others align to show that you may not be very brave, that may disqualify you from the hiring process.

How To Pass the NCJOSI

Becoming a police officer isn't easy, and the key to passing the NCJOSI is preparation plain and simple. But no less important is the quality of the practice materials you use, and this is where JobTestPrep comes into play. 

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Where You Can Expect the NCJOSI

The NCJOSI test is administered to police applicants in many states:

Alaska Arkansas Illinois Maine
New Jersey Pennsylvania Missouri  


Police Departments Using the NJCOSI Test
Abington Township Police Department Ada County Sheriff's Office
Anchorage Police Department (APD) Bergen County Police Academy
Camden County Police Academy Essex County College Public Safety Academy
Greenville Police Department Hilliard Police Department
Illinois State Police Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)
Leander Police Department Missouri State Highway Patrol
Monmouth County Police Academy Morris County Public Safety Academy
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Police Department New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP)
Norman Police Department (Oklahoma) Pennsylvania State Police
Portland Police Department, Maine River Vale NJ Police Department
South Brunswick Police Department St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office
Thornton Police Department Wall Township Police Department
Wayne Police Department Yakima Police Department

Practice free questions for any police written exam with our Police Practice Test in the US or check out our NTN and New York Police Exam pages for more information.

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