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What Is the NCJOSI Test?

This is a multiple-choice timed test, spanning around 2.5 hours. The I/O Solutions Police Exam covers 4-10 aptitude areas and includes a personality assessment.

There is no penalty for wrong answers. Therefore, be sure to answer every question, even guessing if necessary. The higher your score, the greater your chances of making your employment goal a reality. JobTestPrep provides a complete NCJOSI exam prep program.

NCJOSI cognitive Cognitive Section

There are two versions of the NCJOSI test.


The NCJOSI I has two sections—a cognitive ability section and a behavioral section. The cognitive ability section includes 10 subject areas. In contrast, the NCJOSI II only contains four subject areas in the cognitive ability section. The NCJOSI II also has fewer questions and a shorter time limit. You should contact your local department to find out which NCJOSI they require you to take.


The first version of the cognitive section consists of 45 multiple-choice questions and is composed of the following ability areas:

  • Problem Solving Ability – This ability entails deciding upon the best course of action or choosing the most proper solution to a problem in a given situation based on the information presented.
  • Reading Comprehension (or Verbal Comprehension) – This section measures the ability to comprehend written language, an ability most important for a job in law enforcement. You will find job-related passages, each followed by questions requiring analysis, conclusion, or information derived from the passage.
  • Mathematics – This section assesses your speed and accuracy in the use of basic arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Expect to encounter basic word and number problems involving various calculations, such as percentage, ratio, perimeter, area, and circumference.
  • Writing Ability – This is defined as the ability to communicate a message in written format in a clear and coherent way using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also includes the ability to summarize and relay information and details in concise sentences. This is an ability officers use when writing important memos, incident reports, and case summaries.


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The second version of the NCJOSI has a cognitive section that contains approximately 80 questions. It covers the following abilities:

  • Verbal Comprehension – This section measures your ability to comprehend written language.
  • Verbal Expression – This aptitude refers to the ability to communicate information and ideas. Incomplete sentences are presented and you must select the answer options that correctly completes the sentence. Some items require the identification of an incorrectly spelt word. Grammar, vocabulary, word order, and spelling are four of the elements tested.
  • Problem Sensitivity – Your task is to identify problems presented in a written passage. Some questions involve the selection of the most appropriate action to take in order to alleviate the difficulty.
  • Deductive Reasoning – This type of logic concerns the application of rules and regulations to the various aspects of a situation. Expect to see passages containing departmental policies. Each passage is followed by multiple situations. Your job is to apply the policies when determining the best course of action to take for each situation.
  • Inductive Reasoning – The questions present a scenario, a string of events, or a set of objects. The task is to find the common element, concept, or rule that connects the information/set. Expect to encounter passages, tables, or charts. In daily police work, inductive reasoning is used when reviewing multiple crimes of a similar nature and determining a suspect who is likely to have perpetrated some or all of the criminal actions.
  • Information Ordering – This aptitude involves the ability to apply rules to a scenario for the purpose of logically sequencing information. Questions include the sequencing of procedures by placing five or six statements in their proper order. Select the response that contains the correct sentence sequence.
  • Spatial Orientation – The ability to determine your location within a given city/building/set of structures is the basis of this skill. The NCJOSI tests this aptitude through the use of maps and layouts. Exam items involve directional questions and the identification of the "most direct route."
  • Visualization – This aptitude assesses the skill of mental imagery, tasking you with identifying the original object, pattern, or person after changes in appearance have been made. An original geometric pattern/portrait is presented. You must choose one out of four images that match the original image. The choices may be rotated to a different angle or have some superficial features changed.
  • Selective Attention – Concentration, regardless of distractions, is the focus in Selective Attention.This skill is particularly useful in performing security checks amid commotion and in the recalling of license numbers. Expect a complicated line of letters, numbers, and symbols. You must select the alternative that exactly matches that line.
  • Flexibility of Closure – Finding a face in a crowd is the subject matter of this aptitude. It is assessed through the identification of a key pattern buried within a larger, more cluttered pattern.

behavioral ncjosiBehavioral and Attitudinal Attributes Section

This section consists of 42 statements in the first version of the NCJOSI and 120 in the second version of the NCJOSI. Each statement is followed by a five-point agreement scale: Strongly Agree (1); Agree (2); Not Sure (3); Disagree (4); Strongly Disagree (5). Mark the number that best reflects your attitudes, actions, preferences, and opinions. Be sure to answer every item.

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"There are two versions of the test, one takes 2,5 hours to complete the other one takes 1,5 hours to complete. There is no way to tell which version will you be required to take. The shorter version presents you with a total of 85 questions. The first section contains math word problems and has approximately 25 questions. This is followed by a reading comprehension part, then you should complete spelling and punctuation tasks. Finally, you are presented with the Trade Assessment section which is like a personality test and has 40 questions. The questions are testing your judgement, your character, and your ability to work as part of a team. The PrepPack offers you practice materials to prepare you for any of the two tests. Get ready with our Ncjosi enhanced study guides and customized preparation resources."

Where You Can Expect the NCJOSI

The NCJOSI test is administered to police applicants in many states:

Alaska Arkansas Illinois Maine
New Jersey Pennsylvania Missouri  


Police Departments Using the NJCOSI Test
Abington Township Police Department Ada County Sheriff's Office
Anchorage Police Department (APD) Bergen County Police Academy
Camden County Police Academy Essex County College Public Safety Academy
Greenville Police Department Hilliard Police Department
Illinois State Police Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)
Leander Police Department Missouri State Highway Patrol
Monmouth County Police Academy Morris County Public Safety Academy
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Police Department New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP)
Norman Police Department (Oklahoma) Pennsylvania State Police
Portland Police Department, Maine River Vale NJ Police Department
South Brunswick Police Department St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office
Thornton Police Department Wall Township Police Department
Wayne Police Department Yakima Police Department


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