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In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, individuals who apply for employment with the State Police, encounter a Mass Police Officer exam. EB Jacobs Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB) is the standardized test used in the Mass Police exam. EB Jacobs is a popular provider for a test battery involving cognitive abilities and personality assessments.

You can expect to find three primary sections within LEAB:

The entire examination is geared to the traits, abilities, work preferences, on-the-job judgment and personal experience that lead to a high-quality performance in the field of law enforcement. Therefore, the questions on the MA Police Civil Service Exam involve the everyday working environment of police officers.

The Mass State Police Exam Testing Dates, Fees and Eligibility

All fees are to be paid online with Visa or MasterCard. As to eligibility, the test is administered for entry-level positions, and is, therefore, open to the public. Jobs that are subject to this police exam consist of municipal and MA Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) police officer positions. You can expect to receive an email notice to appear for the exam.

Format & Content of the Massachusetts Police Officer Exam

Paper & Pencil is the format for the Mass state police test. In accordance with the scoring mechanism, a No. 2 pencil must be used when marking the Answer Sheet. Regarding the question format, you will find a multiple-choice system throughout the exam.

Scoring– Each section is scored separately; the three scores are combined to formulate the test result. Applicants must take and pass the MA police exam in order to be placed on the eligibility list for officer vacancies.

The MA State Police Ability Test 

The Ability section contains 48 questions and is composed of six parts:

  • Written Expression
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information ordering

The time frame for this section of the MA state police exam is two hours. Answer the easier questions first, then answer the harder questions without dwelling on any question. Since blank answers are considered as being incorrect for scoring purposes, it is best to answer every question; guess if necessary. On the Ability Test, you will encounter many short passages, each followed by one or more questions. Four possible responses follow each question. Read every question carefully before marking your answer.

Massachusetts State Police Exam Practice Questions

Deductive Reasoning Question: 

Read the following definition: 

"Selective enforcement is the use of judgment to decide which laws to enforce and how to enforce them."


According to the definition given, which of the following is the worst example of selective enforcement?

A. Officer Kinsley gives speeding tickets to anyone driving more than 15 miles above the speed limit.
B. Officer Jacobs does not give tickets to women.
C. Officer Codey calls the parents of all children violating the state curfew.
D. Security Guard Brian uses racial profiling to decide who to check more carefully.
Check if you got it right
The correct answer is C. 

Officer Codey is not selective in the way he enforces the law, as he calls the parents of all children violating the state curfew. 

It should be noted that since we are not told how the state curfew is supposed to be enforced officially, this may also be a case of selective enforcement. For example, if those who violate curfew are supposed to receive a fine, Officer Codey would have been using selective enforcement by letting the fine go. Nonetheless, this is still the worst example of selective enforcement among the options given, as Officer Codey remains consistent in the way in which he enforces the law. 

Inductive Reasoning Question: 

Officer Henry reported to the scene of an accident and saw the following: a jeep in the middle of an intersection with the hood smashed in and the windshield cracked, and a sedan twenty feet past the intersection with a large dent on the passenger side and the driver side smashed into a pole.

Based on the description above, which of the following is LEAST likely to have caused the accident?
A. The Jeep ran a red light
B. The sedan ran a red light
C. The Jeep tried cutting off the sedan
D. The Jeep slipped on ice and slid into oncoming traffic


See the answer
The correct answer is C.

When Officer Henry arrives at the scene he sees that the front of the Jeep is smashed in and the windshield is cracked. Based on this we can conclude the front of the Jeep collided into something else. Officer Henry also sees a large dent of the side of sedan and the other side is smashed into a pole. It is reasonable to conclude that the sedan was hit on the side and then slid and collided into the pole. 

Let’s now examine each of the answer choices:

A) If the Jeep ran a red light, it is very plausible that it would have crashed headfirst into the side of a sedan that was going through a green light. This could have caused the sedan to slide into a pole and the Jeep to stop in the middle of the intersection.

B) If the sedan ran a red light, it is very plausible that a Jeep going through a green light could have crashed headfirst into the side of the sedan, causing it to slide into a pole. 

C) If a Jeep tried cutting off a sedan, it is not likely that the front
of the Jeep would be damaged. The side of the Jeep would have hit the sedan. 

D) If a Jeep and a sedan are both driving towards each other, and the Jeep slides ninety degrees into oncoming traffic, it may crash headfirst into the side of the sedan causing it to slide into a pole. 


Written Expression Question

Read the sentences

  • The puppies were playing in the grass outside of the house before it was time for dinner.
  • The puppies are great for children to learn responsibilities.
  • The grass outside of the house needs to be cleaned.

Select the sentence that best expresses the ideas contained in the sentences above it:  
(Remember to be aware of grammatical errors, inappropriate transitions, unsupported opinions, incorrect usage, wordiness, and illogical sentence order.)

A. The house needs to be cleaned because the puppies were outside playing before dinner. Puppies are great for children to learn responsibilities.
B. Children learn responsibilities by cleaning the grass outside of the house. The puppies were outside playing before dinner.
C. Children are great for puppies to learn responsibilities. The grass outside of the house needs to be cleaned because the puppies were outside playing before dinner.
D. The grass outside of the house needs to be cleaned because the puppies were outside playing before dinner. Puppies are great for children to learn responsibilities.
Check your answer

The correct answer is D.


Answer A is incorrect because the house does not need to be cleaned; the grass needs to be cleaned.

Answer B is incorrect because the facts do not state that children learn responsibilities from cleaning the grass.

Answer C is incorrect because the facts do not mention anything about children being great for puppies, but rather that puppies are great for children.

Answer D is correct because it best expresses the ideas in the sentences above.

Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ)

WSQ is a personality profiling test. Among other traits, it assesses your goals, teamwork, leadership propensity, sensitivity to negative remarks, and decision-making ability. You will read a statement, then select the rating that most closely reflects your views. There are five ratings to choose from: Strongly Disagree (1) through Strongly Agree (5). You must answer every question or the disqualification of your application may be the result.

There are 103 short statements within the WSQ. The time frame of WSQ together with LES total 45 minutes.

Life Experience Survey (LES)

In this section, you will encounter 68 questions covering a wide range of topics. Each question is followed by five alternatives. The job is to pick the response that best describes you and your past experiences. The assessments contained in LES concern characteristics such as work ethic and community-based involvement.

Preparing for the MA Police Officer Exam

Studies have concluded that working on practice tests, analyzing questions and answers, reviewing exam tips, and scanning study guides all result in a more comfortable, and therefore more successful, testing experience. You have the affordable opportunity to gain a comprehensive exam preparation, custom-made for the Massachusetts Police Officer Exam, through JobTestPrep.

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