Washington State Civil Service Exam Prep 2023

About the Exam

In order to obtain a Washington State government job, certain state agencies and departments require potential employees to take and successfully pass a Washington State civil service exam.

Employers that do require a civil service test may choose to offer these exams as computer-administered or written pen-and-paper. Generally, questions are in multiple-choice format. The content and subjects found on Washington State civil service tests differ based on the position being applied for, and the knowledge and skills required to succeed on the job.

If the Washington state job you are interested in does require this sort of pre-employment testing, this will be clearly stated on the job listing featuring the vacancy.

Washington State Civil Service Careers

Opportunities for Washington State employment in civil service range between hundreds of different positions and job titles. Certain local Washington government jobs also require candidates to undergo the civil service testing process; municipalities such as in Vancouver and Seattle offer civil service exams similar to those administered by the state.

Federal jobs in Washington State offer almost all the same opportunities and positions as found on the state and local level; however, these require candidates to take and pass the Federal Civil Service Exam.

Visit the official state website to find vacancies that interest you and begin practicing Civil Service Exams by Profession.

Applying for a Washington State Job

Applications for Washington state job openings (or local ones) can generally be filled out and submitted online or you can print out and mail in the forms. Be sure to complete the entire application process before the deadline posted on the job announcement, and to carefully read all of the job’s minimum requirements to ascertain that you are indeed qualified for the position.

If the agency determines that a candidate is eligible, an admission notice will be sent inviting the candidate to take their particular WA State civil service exam.

Prepare Online for Your Exam

Why is scoring high on WA State civil service exams so important? In most agencies in Washington State, only the top ten highest scorers are considered eligible for job vacancies; the other candidates who pass but fall beneath this ranking may be considered for future openings.

JobTestPrep’s team of experts has worked hard to ensure that our civil service practice tests will give you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to successfully pass your exam.

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