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The WorkKeys Scores Explained

The WorkKeys scores are calculated by the number of correct answers in each of the test’s sections.
There is no penalty for incorrect answers, and they are not taken into account.
The sum of the correct answers is converted into a combined score that ranges between 1 and 36. The combined ACT WorkKeys scores comprise two components: ACT Level Score and Scaled Score.

ACT WorkKeys Level Score

The ACT WorkKeys level score ranges from 3 to 7.

In each section of the test, questions vary by level, with each new level representing a set of skills that aren't evaluated in the preceding levels. Your level score reflects the difficulty levels you've passed in each of the test's sections and indicates your skills and abilities. Put differently, your level score is a reflection of the skills you currently possess. It is meant to be stable over time and is not quite so affected by random factors and fluctuations, such as feeling unwell or tired on the day of the test, as your scale score.

This score is used for recruitment, selection, hiring, and promotion purposes.  

ACT Scaled Scores

The ACT WorkKeys grading scale ranges from 65 to 90.

The ACT scaled score is meant to track growth and is compared to the scale scores received in previous WorkKeys assessments you took. This way, even if you were not able to improve your level score by acquiring new skills, you can still show an improvement.

The ACT WorkKeys scaled score is used as an evaluation criterion for the succession of educational programs and how they benefit your learning progression.

How can I improve my scores on the WorkKeys Test?


ACT WorkKeys Assessment Score Report

Your WorkKeys assessment score will usually be available within two to three weeks of taking it, but it may take longer, up to eight weeks.

At some test centers, the scores of tests that were administrated online can be available within as little as one or two business days.

You will receive your business writing test score about two weeks after the results of the other sections of the test.

Your results will be presented as a score report showcasing the skill level you passed on each test section.

The display of the report can differ, depending on where you took the test and if it was administrated by computer or pencil-and-paper, but it will include the following elements –

  • Test name – the name of the assessment you took.
  • Level score – the score you received according to the difficulty levels you passed.
  • Possible range – the number of difficulty levels in the assessment.
  • ACT Scaled score – the score you received that is used for training and for tracking learning growth. This shows you where you rank on the ACT grading scale. 
  • What your score means – information about the skills measured in the assessment.

ACT National Career Readiness Certificate

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is an official document that confirms you have the skills needed in the workplace.

To receive the NCRC, you need a level score of at least 3 on the Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents sections of the assessment.

The certificate is issued at four levels, depending on the difficulty levels you passed in each of the sections –

  • Bronze – score 3 or higher
  • Silver – score 4 or higher
  • Gold – score 5 or higher
  • Platinum – score 6 or higher (ACT max score)

Once you receive your WorkKeys test scores and NCRC, you can add them to your resume and applications to show your recruiters your skill set.


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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are Good Work Key Test Scores?

As in most tests, the higher the score, the better. The WorkKeys overall score ranges between 1 to 36, and it comprises two sections – a level score between 3-7 and an ACT scaled score between 65 to 90. A good level score will grant you the NCRC, issued in four levels, according to the difficulty levels you passed in each of the test’s sections.

What Is the Max Score on ACT?

The highest WorkKeys score is 36 in the overall calculation, 7 in the level score, and 90 in the ACT grading scale. The highest level of NCRC you can receive is platinum, which indicates that you passed the highest difficulty levels of each assessment you took.

What Does a Platinum WorkKeys Score Mean?

The NCRC is issued in four levels, where bronze is the lowest and platinum is the highest.

A platinum WorkKeys score means that you passed the highest difficulty levels in each of the WorkKeys test sections you took and got the ACT max score.

What Is a Passing Score on the ACT?

The passing score on ACT is 3 on the ACT grading scale.

What Happens if You Fail the WorkKeys Test?

If you fail to reach the ACT pass score, you can retake the test and any of its sections. You must wait 48 hours to schedule your test.

How to Pass the WorkKeys Test

To get passing Work Key test scores, you must be well-prepared for each section and unique challenges.

With JobTestPrep's WorkKeys assessment test PrepPack, you will receive all the necessary tools to ace the test and receive the National Career Readiness Certificate, with practice tests for every section, detailed solutions, and study guides.

Do WorkKeys Test Scores Expire?

No, the WorkKeys scores does not expire. However, it is recommended that you retake the test and renew your NCRC every five years because the test's requirements, sections, and scoring methods can change over time.

How Long Does it Take to Get WorkKeys Test Scores Back?

The WorkKeys results are usually available within two to three weeks and up to eight weeks. At some test centers, results of computer-assisted tests can be available within one to two business days.

Note that the results of the business writing test will arrive about two weeks after the results of the sections with multiple-choice questions.

Learn More About WorkKeys

At JobTestPrep, we have researched the WorkKeys assessments in-depth to provide you with all the information and prep you need to get a maximum score on the ACT. Check out our designated pages below:

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