WorkKeys Applied Technology Test Preparation

What You'll Get

  • Two Applied Mathematics practice tests
  • Two Reading for Information practice tests
  • Two Locating Information practice tests
  • Two Applied Technology practice tests
  • 11 extra mathematics practice tests
  • 14 extra reading comprehension practice tests
  • Two video tutorials
  • Four basic math study guides
  • Secured payment


WorkKeys Applied Technology Test

The WorkKeys Applied Technology assessment measures the skill people use when they solve problems with machines and equipment found in the workplace. This test focuses on reasoning, not math.

The skills include four areas of technology: electricity, mechanics, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics. You will need to know the basic principles of each area. The Applied Technology Test like Mechanical Reasoning Tests measures skills that are most commonly used in energy and manufacturing industries.

Applied Technology Test Content

The Reading for Information test consists of 34 items. The length depends on the test version. For the WorkKeys Internet Version the test is 55 minutes, whereas the Paper-and-pencil version is 45 minutes. There are 4 levels of difficulty. Level 3 is the least complex and Level 6 is the most complex. The levels build on each other, each incorporating the skills assessed in the previous level.

Applied Technology Test Preparation

JobTestPrep's WorkKeys PrepPack™ will prepare you for the exam and will increase your chances of acing the exam.

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