Cracking the Code: A Detailed Guide to Wonderlic Test Scores
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The Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions designed to measure cognitive ability in areas like math, logic, and reasoning. Test-takers have just 12 minutes to answer as many questions as possible, with the goal being to demonstrate strong decision-making and problem-solving skills under pressure.

Each correct answer is worth one point, allowing for scores that range from a low of zero to the highest possible score of 50. Typically, individuals manage to correctly respond to approximately 50% of the items, resulting in an average score on the Wonderlic test of around 20.

Understanding Wonderlic Score Percentile Benchmarks

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Due to the unique scoring system, the meaning of any given Wonderlic score varies depending on factors like the intended career field. However, some key benchmarks stand out:

  • 10 points or less: Bottom 5% of test-takers.
  • 15 points: Bottom 20%.
  • 20 points: Average score.
  • 21 points: 50th percentile.
  • 24 points: Minimum target score for NFL quarterbacks.
  • 27 points: Top 25% of test-takers.
  • 30 points or more: Demonstrates superior cognitive aptitude.
  • 35 points: Near "genius" territory.
  • 40 points: Top 1% of test-takers.
  • 50 points: Extreme rarity achieved by 1 in 30,000 test-takers.

For more scoring methods, you can observe our CCAT Scores Guide or ASVAB Scores Guide.

What Is a Good Score for The Wonderlic Test?

Technically there is no official pass/fail score on the Wonderlic. Rather, the score indicates your aptitude relative to your peers. Most employers set their own minimum target score as a benchmark.

So while a score of 10 may be fine for general manual labor jobs, managerial positions and careers like engineering generally look for applicants scoring above 25.

So, What Score Do You Need to Pass the Wonderlic Test?

As a rule of thumb, aim to score at least a 21 to demonstrate better-than-average abilities. Certain fields like law, medicine, and finance prefer applicants in the 30+ range. Quarterbacks and other top NFL prospects will want to score a minimum of 24 to be taken seriously.

Scoring a 40 or higher is exceptionally rare and means you are in elite territory, regardless of your chosen career.

Wonderlic Scores By Profession

As mentioned previously the relevance of a score often relates to the specific job or position an individual is applying for.

Below you’ll find common average Wonderlic scores by different professions:


Profession Average Score
Warehouseman 15
Security Guard/Welder 17
Skilled Craftsman 18
Cashier/Firefighter 21
Bank Teller 22
Nurse 23
Salesperson 25
Electronics Technician 26
Investment Analyst 27
Teacher/Reporter 29
Engineer/Programmer 29
Manager/Accountant 29
Electrical Engineer 30
Chemist 31
Systems Analyst 32

For score results related to NFL players, visit the JobTestPrep NFL Wonderlic Scores page.

Lowest to Highest Wonderlic Scores

Accounting for variances, here's a general framework that breaks down worst to best wonderlic scores.

  • 10 or Less: Significantly below average cognitive abilities
  • 10-14: Limited skills; may indicate struggles with complex tasks
  • 15-19: Low average range; minimum target for less complex vocations
  • 20-26: Average wonderlic range; sufficient for most careers
  • 27-29: Above-average scores
  • 30-35: High scores indicating strong aptitude
  • 36-39: Superior scores; very high cognitive abilities
  • 40-50: Extremely rare genius-level top Wonderlic scores.

With a scaled score range of 0-50 and mere minutes to complete 50 questions, Wonderlic scores must be interpreted relative to factors like intended career field and elite benchmarks. While there is no official pass score, meeting the minimum target for your vocation is key. Know your target score, practice under timed conditions, and implement proven test strategies to give yourself the best shot at showcasing your true abilities when it counts the most.

Wonderlic Score to IQ 

People often ask if Wonderlic test scores if Wonderlic test scores are similar to those from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV), a common IQ test used by psychologists. The key point here is that the Wonderlic test isn't the same as an IQ test. However, there are ways to estimate an IQ score from a Wonderlic score. One method is to take the Wonderlic score and multiply it by 5 to get a rough IQ score so if for example an above-average IQ score is 110 and above in Wonderlic it is 22 and above.

But remember, such direct conversion methods aren't perfect, and experts don't always agree on them. The two tests look at different kinds of thinking skills. The Wonderlic test checks things like verbal, numerical, and spatial skills, and how quickly and well you can think. An IQ test looks at a wider range of thinking skills. So, while there are ways to compare scores, it's best to look at each test on its own.

Insider Tips for Achieving Your Best Possible Wonderlic Score

Scoring well on the Wonderlic requires speed, accuracy, and strong critical thinking skills. Follow these expert tips to get your best score:

  • Practice tests under timed conditions to master pace and improve your solving ability, you can start with some wonderlic practice questions.
  • Review wrong answers to identify weak areas.
  • Learn proven test-taking strategies.
  • Arrive well-rested and focused.
  • Carefully read each question before answering.
  • Skip tricky questions and return later if needed.
  • Use quick elimination strategies to narrow choices.
  • Make educated guesses rather than leave them blank.
  • With some diligent preparation using expert guidance and test techniques, it is very possible to significantly boost your Wonderlic score.


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