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What Is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test is used as an entrance exam to assess student readiness, as well as for admissions and placement purposes. The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE), Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, and Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST) are most often used for these purposes.

The higher your score from the provided mean score for your profession or job-level will greatly improve your chances for success during the recruitment testing process.

What's a Good Score on the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test is composed of 50 multiple choice questions which are used to determine a candidate’s suitability for a program or position within a company. Each correct answer that you select will add one point to your score. Receiving a score of 20 or higher is optimal to be considered for most roles. The lowest possible passing score that you can achieve is 10 points.

What Is the Average Score on the Wonderlic Test?

You will be given a total of 12 minutes to answer the 50 questions presented during the Wonderlic Test. The Wonderlic Test is used for a variety of job levels and fields by recruiters to determine an applicant’s general aptitude and intelligence regarding the role being advertised. The average score reached when taking the Wonderlic Test is 20 out of 50, however, the median score will often differ between professions.

Avg. Wonderlic Test Scores Examples By Profession
Accountant 28
Bank Teller 22
Chemist 31
Dispatcher 23
Electrician 23
Engineer 29
Firefighter 21
Investment Analyst 27
Janitor 14
Librarian 27
Nurse 23
Programmer 29
Teacher 28

What Kind of Questions Are on the Wonderlic Test?

There are many different types of questions that you will encounter when taking the Wonderlic Test. These questions will range from basic knowledge questions to more advanced questions evaluating your abstract, logical, and serial thinking.

The basic knowledge section of the test will focus on your skills in mathematics, vocabulary and grammar while the advanced section will include questions on finding similarities, error checking, complex mathematical word problems, etc. It is not permitted to use a calculator during the Wonderlic Test.

What Is the Highest Score on the Wonderlic Test?

Answering all 50 questions presented during the length of the Wonderlic test will result in receiving a perfect score as it is the highest possible score for this test. To ensure that you exceed the median score for your job level and field, we highly recommend using our Wonderlic practice tests and study guides. The higher your score is over the average score noted for your job level, the higher your chances will be of receiving an offer of employment.

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What's Included in a Wonderlic Test Practice Pack

Scoring high on a Wonderlic test is a great way to demonstrate skills and abilities that cannot be found in a transcript, resume, or interview. The Wonderlic Test may seem intimidating, but after practicing with our comprehensive Wonderlic practice packs, you will soon be at ease. Each Wonderlic practice pack includes:

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Wonderlic Sample Questions

The questions below come from a selection of Wonderlic cognitive ability tests, including the Wonderlic Personnel Test (also called the Cognitive Ability Test) and the SLE tests. Try them to see where you stand and to isolate where you need to focus your preparation efforts.

For additional sample questions, solving tips and techniques, and test information, access our free Wonderlic study guide or our free Wonderlic sample test questions guide

Who Uses the Wonderlic Test?

Below is a table of the most popular companies and organizations that utilize the Wonderlic Test. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ and ensure your success today.

Companies & Organizations
Altisource James Hardie Mercedes-Benz USA Dish Network
Point72 ThoughtWorks Berkshire Hathaway Paycom
PepsiCo Southwest Bofl Federal Bank David Weekley Homes
Progressive Queensland (QLD) Police Service EMCO Medline Industries
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Nurses Compsych Marsh and McLennan
Aptean Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Active Network Carnival Cruise Line
Orange County Campbell County School District Corrections Pet Supermarket


Get More Wonderlic Test Information

Wonderlic offers several tests that are each different in scope and material. Check out JobTestPrep's resources below for other Wonderlic tests.

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