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How to Achieve a High Score and Pass the Wonderlic Test?

Practicing time-constrained simulations with accurate test-like questions can help improve your response time and ace the exam.

Keep in mind, only a small amount of assessment test takers manage to finish every question on the test.

Wonderlic questions aren't hard, time is the biggest hurdle; the better your response time, the more chances you have to achieve a high score and pass the test.

The JobTestPrep pack includes practice tests for every question type you may encounter on the test, ensuring you won't be caught off guard.

For more information on how to achieve a perfect score on the Wonderlic test watch the following video:

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How Does Wonderlic Assessment Scoring Work?

wonderlic score report

Candidates' scores are derived from their overall response pattern, with each question weighted based on its level of difficulty and taking into account the likelihood of guessing.

This produces a far more precise estimate of applicants’ cognitive ability than a score based only on the total number of correct answers.

Wonderlic considers a score of 31 as a strong fit, 23-25 as a moderate fit, and below 22 as a poor fit.

Click to see the official Wonderlic score report on Wonderlic's site.

What Does the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test Consist of?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (formerly known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test) is an assessment used to measure the cognitive ability and problem-solving skills of candidates in a variety of fields.

Here are the main test categories:

  • 40% English (Verbal Reasoning)
  • 40% Math (Numerical Reasoning)
  • 10% Logic (Abstract Reasoning)
  • 5% Clerical Questions
  • 5% General Knowledge


Abstract reasoning
Finding errors Spatial reasoning Grammar Word problems
Recognizing dates 3D shapes & titles Analogies Number series
General facts Pattern recognition Vocabulary Fraction value
    Synonyms & Antonyms Number patterns
    Sentence structure  
    Word scrambles  
    Deductive reasoning  

Wonderlic Cognitive Assessment Sample Questions 

Try to answer a question from each category to get a sense of what the assessment test is about and what role time plays in it.

Can You Get It Right with Only 14 Seconds per question?

Set up a stopwatch to see how much time it will take you.

Wonderlic Test Math Free Sample Question and Answer

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation.

A Car Travels 18 Miles in 90 Minutes, how Many Miles Does It Travel in One Hour?

  • 6
  • 8
  • 11
  • 12
  • 16
  • none of these


Do You Need More Practice with Math Questions? Our Preparation Kit includes additional practice drills with questions that are similar to those that will appear on the exam in all subjects.

Wonderlic Test English Free Sample Question and Answer

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation.

In the following set of words, which word is different from the others?

  • basketball
  • referee
  • baseball
  • running
  • tennis


Have Trouble in English? We have prepared a detailed study guide to help you remember the grammar rules you learned in high school.

Wonderlic Test Logical Reasoning Free Sample Question and Answer

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation.

Wonderlic Logical Sample Question

1, 4 and 5

Wonderlic Logical Sample Question Answer

Logical Reasoning Exercises Confuse You? With 9 full-length Wonderlic-style tests you’ll fire the answers like a machine gun.

Wonderlic Test General Knowledge Free Sample Question and Answer

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation.

How Many of The Five Pairs Listed Below Are Exact Duplicates?

MANUEL, K.D.            MANUEL, K.D.

LEE, S.H.                     LEE, S.H.


ARLEN, B.V.                ARLHEN, B.V.

LUKATCH, D.B.           LUKATCH, B.B.



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Four Golden Time Management Rules 

Make Sure You Don't Dwell on Any One Question Too Long
Don't know the answer? It’s perfectly fine. guess and move on! 
The challenge is recognizing when skipping a question is a strategy and when it’s a mistake. Only first-hand experience and practicing real-time simulations can teach you that.

Review Your Answer and Make Sure It Is Accurate
Trying to beat the clock and finishing questions too quickly can lead to fatal mistakes. People with little or no experience in test-taking are prone to making the mistake of focusing their efforts and attention on the wrong parts of the test. They inevitably get stuck on questions for too long, skip easy-to-answer questions, or answer questions too quickly.

In the Beginning, Work Fast, Then Slow Down.
Being quick with the first questions could give you an edge.

Be aware of the fact that the questions on the WBST test increase in difficulty over time, so if you invest all your time on a few initial questions you’ll end up leaving the challenging ones on the table.

Manage Your Expectations
It may surprise you but, the employer does not expect you to answer every question on the test. A very small number of testees can be proud of such an achievement; what's important is that the questions you do answer are correct.


Practicing Accurate Simulations Will Help You Answer Questions Quickly

Practicing simulations with questions that are similar to the ones that will appear on the exam, can play a big role in your ability to respond quickly; your brain will get used to seeing the same patterns making your response time almost automatic.

What if I were to tell you that just before taking the Wonderlic test, you would get the 50 questions along with the test answers?

I can’t give you the exact questions, but what I can do is give you Wonderlic practice test questions that will look and feel EXACTLY like the test you are about to take.

Your success rate would be 100%, wouldn’t it? Well, maybe 95% if your memory is not that great. But still, you would ace the test, no problems.

Practice Your Time Management Skills Against Real-Time Simulations

”Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Chekhov

You can learn all the time management tips in the world, but if you don’t put them to practice, it will be hard to really know how well you’ll function during the assessment test.

Time-constrained tests are hard! 14 seconds per question is a stressful experience, you can easily lose your concentration or waste too much time on certain questions.

We offer nine full-length Wonderlic style prep tests, a diagnostic prep test that will help pinpoint your weakness, and extra practice drills on all subjects.

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The Best Strategy to Prepare for The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

There are several strategies you can use to prepare for the Wonderlic Test:

  • Buying a premium preparation kit like the JobTestPrep Cognitive Ability test prep kit.
  • Buying a book.
  • Practice online for free.

The table below outlines the main differences between purchasing a prep kit vs. buying a prep book or practicing for free online.

Wonderlic Practice Kits  JobTestPrep Practice Prep Books Practice Sites
Money-Back Guarantee  Yes  No  No
Online Practice Tests  Yes  No  No
Step by Step Explanations  Yes  Yes  No
Personalized Score Reports  Yes  No  No
24/7 Customer Support  Yes  No  no

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The Big Day is Just Around The Corner? Four Tips to Pass With Success

  • Review Test Questions Before Submitting. When doing practice simulation Identify problematic topics that you have trouble with and often answer incorrectly; when doing the test, review them just to make sure.
  • Get Used to Calculating With A Pen And Pencil. You won’t be allowed to use a calculator during the exam. So be sure you can do math the old way.
  • Let Your Brain Rest. Tired people make mistakes so avoid studying hard the day before the exam, if you won’t let your brain rest, you won’t be sharp enough to complete it successfully.
  • Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep. Sleep plays an important role in your ability to focus and respond quickly to test questions, so the night before, make the pillow your new best friend and Netflix your worst enemy.


What Companies Use Wonderlic Tests?
What Is the Wonderlic Test for Students?

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is an admissions test used by many higher education programs, notably in the health occupations of nursing and radiology, as well as in law enforcement to test corrections officers.


Are There Any Other Wonderlic Pre-Employment Tests?

There are 2 other Wonderlic pre-employment tests.

One is the Wonderlic Basic Skills test which is meant to test a candidate's basic skills in English and in Math.

The other is the WonScore test that combines the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test with Personality and Motivation exams.



What Is a Pre-Employment Aptitude Test?

A pre-employment aptitude test is a test that measures general cognition to see how well your brain processes information using Numerical, Verbal, Logical, and Abstract Reasoning exams.


What Is a Good Score on The Wonderlic?

Every company and job position requires a different minimum passing score on the Wonderlic exam.

The average Wonderlic Test score is usually 20 to 21, roughly equivalent to an IQ of 100. The maximum and mininum scores are 50 and 10 respectively.


Can You Use a Calculator for Wonderlic Test?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring one into the test with you.

What Are the Questions on The Wonderlic Test?

Here are the questions types of the Wonderlic Personnel Test (also called the Cognitive Ability Test):

Spatial Reasoning
Speed Questions
Verbal Reasoning Questions
Math Word Problems

Check this page if you want to learn more about Wonderlic Test questions.

Is Wonderlic an IQ Test?

This test focuses on your cognitive abilities and is basically a mini IQ Test.

Because of it, applicants think they can't change their score, but this cant be further from the truth.






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