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About the Wonderlic Personnel Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (CAT). This exam is not a measure of how smart you are, but rather how well you play the game. This test is all about knowing the right strategies for getting the highest score possible, while at the same time completing all the given questions.

In this way, your future employer will be able to glean how you will fare tackling tough jobs under strict time limits. Let’s now take a deeper look into the test’s questions, format, and score. 

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4 Types of Wonderlic Personnel Test Questions


✻ Spatial Reasoning
Spatial reasoning questions assess your ability in utilizing logic to discern various patterns. This ability is important in a wide range of fields, such as architecture, design, engineering, and various military positions. You can also apply this skill in day-to-day office jobs. How so? A person with strong spatial reasoning skills will generally have the capacity to approach complex situations and find unique solutions in a way that others may not be able to do.


✻ Speed
Speed questions are generally easy but are thrown at you very quickly. For instance, a question might be as simple as “what is not a food item?” When answering this question, you will have to choose from a list of four possibilities, such as cake, banana, dessert, and desert. While we all know that dessert is a food course and desert is a hot area, it can be easy to confuse them under pressure.


✻ Verbal
Verbal reasoning questions are used to measure candidates' capabilities in an office environment. These questions are important because they assess skills which are related to the comprehension and understanding of language. For instance, you may be tested on anagrams, antonyms vs. synonyms, metaphors, and common or colloquial sayings.  Additionally, you might be given a sentence such as: “An arm has two monkeys." After reading this statement, you will be asked if the sentence can be arranged into a proper sentence.


✻ Word Problems
Questions in this math word problem segment will contain a mix of both long and short word problems. For instance, a question might relate to clothing production in a factory, consider this example: "A food factory has two machines which produce a combined 300 boxes a cereal per hour on a regular day.  One of the machines is broken and the second is only in operation for 30 minutes before it breaks as well. How many boxes of cereal were created before the second machine broke?"  Wonderlic Sample Test 


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Wonderlic Sample Questions

The questions below come from a selection of the Wonderlic Personnel Test (also called the Cognitive Ability Test). Try them to see where you stand so you can find out where to focus your preparation efforts:  

Five cookies cost $0.30. How much will 30 cookies cost?

a) $1.50
b) $1.80
c) $2.80
d) $5.00

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The correct answer is B.

The question asks for the price of 30 cookies, and only gives us the price of 5 cookies.

There are 6 sets of 5 cookies in 30 cookies, hence we need to multiply the price of 5 cookies by 6.

The price of 5 cookies is 0.30 dollars, so 0.30 multiplied by 6 is 1.80.

SCRUPULOUS is the opposite of:

a) Rigorous
b) Punctual
c) Negligent
d) Meticulous

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The correct answer is C.
The word scrupulous means "thorough" or "careful". Since the question asks for the opposite of scrupulous, the correct answer is negligent.

A train travels 100 feet every two seconds. How far will it travel in 36 seconds?

a) 1670 ft
b) 1836 ft
c) 286 ft
d) None of the above

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The correct answer is D.

Because the train passes 100 feet in two seconds, and there is 18 sets of two seconds in 36 seconds, the train will pass 100 X 18 feet in 36 seconds.

100 times 18 is 1800, a number which doesn't appear in the alternatives, thus the correct answer is none of the above.

How many of the five pairs listed below are exact duplicates?

Truman. H.W. Trumen, H.W.
Salif, O.L. Salif, O.J.
Grinberg, A.L. Grinberg, A.L.
Havanos, B.G. Havanos, B.G.
Lichtenstein, D.W. Lichtunstein, D.W.

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

See Answer

The correct answer is B.

Only two pairs are exact duplicates - the third and the fourth line.

There are four differences between the columns. The first two differences are in the first line. The first difference regards the spelling of the words – the left word is spelled Truman (with an A) and the other Trumen (with an E).

The second difference regards the punctuation marks – the word Truman ends with a period, while the word Trumen ends with a comma. The third difference is in the second line, as the left column contains the phrase "O.J." whereas the right one contains the phrase "O.L".

The fourth difference is in the last line and is hidden in between the T and N of the words. The left word is spelled Lichtenstein with an E, whereas the right word is spelled Lichtunstein with a U.


The meanings of these words are:

a) Similar
b) Contradictory
c) Neither similar nor contradictory

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The correct answer is A.

To antecede and to precede both mean to be earlier than something.

Determine whether the third statement is correct or not, based on the first and second statements provided.

⋙ All dogs have brown tails.
⋙ Brownie has a brown tail.
⋙ Brownie is a dog.

a) Yes
b) No
c) Cannot say

See Answer

The correct answer is C.

Despite the fact that all dogs have brown tails, not all creatures who have brown tails are necessarily dogs.



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Wonderlic Online Test Scores

Every company and job position requires a different minimum passing score on the Wonderlic exam. Listed below are some common professions and their required Wonderlic scores (according to Wonderlic data). However, it’s important to note that you should find out what your specific company, position, or department requires of its candidates.


Wonderlic Practice Test

Wonderlic Test Tips

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