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NFL Players By Positions

Below, we present a breakdown of NFL players' Wonderlic scores by position, accompanied by insights into each role and the importance of strong cognitive skills for optimal on-field performance.


Wide Receivers

Wide receivers are key players in a football team's offense, primarily responsible for catching passes from the quarterback. Their main objectives are to gain significant yardage and to score touchdowns by utilizing their speed, agility, and precise route-running abilities. Wide receivers line up near the sidelines, at the edges of the offensive formation, which is where the term "wide" in their position name comes from.

Intelligence and cognitive ability can certainly be assets for this role—especially in understanding complex playbooks, quickly adjusting routes based on defensive schemes, and making split-second decisions on the field.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Wide Receiver position and their Wonderlic score:

Certainly, here is the provided list of players and their scores formatted in the same style as the second table: 


Player Score
Kevin Curtis 48
Eric Decker 43
Calvin Johnson 41
Cooper Kupp 37
Demaryius Thomas 34
Jared Abbrederis 32
Corey Davis 31
Jordan Matthews 29
Jordy Nelson 28
Mike Evans 25
Jeremy Maclin 25
Robert Woods 23
Santonio Holmes 23
Andre Johnson 23
Malcolm Kelly 22
Jalen Strong 22
Curtis Samuel 22
Amari Cooper 21
Dorial Green-Beckham 20
Ardarius Stewart 20
Keenan Allen 19
Marvin Harrison 19
Emmanuel Sanders 18
Larry Fitzgerald 18
Dexter McCluster 18
Mike Williams 17
Jalen Saunders 16
John Ross 16
Dez Bryant 16
Terry Glenn 15
Julio Jones 15
Josh Brown 15
Chad Jackson 15
Michael Crabtree 15
Devante Parker 15
Jon Baldwin 14
Darrius Heyward-Bey 14
Sammie Coates 14
Martavis Bryant 14
Reggie Wayne 13
Eddie Kennison 12
Percy Harvin 12
Randy Moss 12
Keyshawn Johnson 11
Torry Holt 11
Eric Moulds 11
Cordarrelle Patterson 11
Hakeem Nicks 11
AJ Green 10
Charles Rogers 10
Kelvin Benjamin 7


Tight End

The Tight End is a position in American football on the offense. The role of a Tight End is versatile, involving both receiving passes and blocking for the run game. Tight Ends line up on the line of scrimmage, close to the offensive tackles, but they can also be positioned slightly off the line to catch passes. They are known for their combination of size and speed, which allows them to serve as both an extra receiver and an additional blocker depending on the play call. 

Tight ends require a good understanding of the game, including playbooks, strategies, and the ability to read defenses. Their role is multifaceted, involving both receiving passes and blocking for the run game, which demands adaptability and quick decision-making. They need to understand complex plays, react quickly to changing situations during a game, and have good communication skills to coordinate with the quarterback and other teammates. High cognitive ability helps a tight end to analyze defenses, make split-second decisions on routes, and understand their role in various play calls, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the offense.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Tight End position and their Wonderlic score:

Player Score
Benjamin Watson 48
Eric Saubert 35
Jake Butt 32
O.J. Howard 27
Evan Engram 26
Colt Lyerla 24
David Njoku 24
Gerald Everett 24
Adam Shaheen 24
Eric Ebron 16
Rickey Dudley 14


In the NFL, the "S" position stands for "Safety." The Safety position is a part of the defensive backfield, which also includes Cornerbacks. Safeties are generally positioned 10-15 yards from the line of scrimmage, and their primary responsibilities include defending against pass plays by covering wide receivers or tight ends, providing deep support to prevent long pass completions, and stopping the run.

Their role on the field demands not only physical skills but also mental acuity for several reasons: 

  • Read and React: Safeties must quickly read the offense's formation and movements post-snap to determine whether a play is a run or a pass. This requires understanding offensive strategies and the ability to anticipate plays based on formations and player movements.
  • Decision Making: During a play, safeties have to make split-second decisions. For example, deciding whether to move forward to support the run defense, stay in their zone to defend a pass, or provide help over the top against deep threats.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Safety position and their Wonderlic score:

Player Score
Marcus Williams 34
Chidobe Awuzie 34
Dez Southward 31
Jabrill Peppers 26
Justin Evans 25
Terrence Brooks 23
Josh Jones 17
Jimmie Ward 17
Malik Hooker 17
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 15
Deone Bucannon 15
Jerome Woods 14
Mo Alexander 14
Budda Baker 14
Lamarcus Joyner 13
Jamal Adams 11
Edward Prather 5

Offensive Linemen

The Offensive Line (OL) position in the National Football League (NFL) is a critical component of the football team's offense. The OL consists of five players: two tackles (left and right), two guards (left and right), and a center. These players line up directly in front of the quarterback and running backs at the start of a play. The primary responsibilities of the offensive line include protecting the quarterback from defensive players (pass blocking) and clearing paths for running backs (run blocking). Here's why good cognitive abilities are crucial for performing well as an offensive lineman:

  • Adaptation: Linemen need to adapt their blocking assignments based on the defensive alignment and any pre-snap adjustments the defense makes. This requires a deep understanding of football strategy and the ability to process information rapidly.
  • Communication and Coordination: The offensive line must operate as a cohesive unit. Each lineman's ability to anticipate the actions of their teammates and work in unison is vital for the success of offensive plays.
  • Adjustment: Linemen often have to make on-the-fly adjustments based on the unfolding of the play, requiring quick thinking and adaptability.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Offensive Linemen (OL) position and their Wonderlic score:

Player  Score
Matt Birk 46
Jeff Hartings 38
Gabe Ikard 38
Jack Mewhort 36
John Michaels 35
Jonathan Ogden 35
Jake Matthews 32
Russell Bodine 31
Nico Siragusa 31
Chase Roullier 31
David Yankey 30
Joel Bitonio 29
Dan Feeney 29
Taylor Moton 29
Ethan Pocic 29
Julie'n Davenport 28
Cameron Tom 28
Zach Martin 27
Ja'Wuan James 25
Dorian Johnson 24
Roderick Johnson 23
Forrest Lamp 23
Greg Robinson 22
Jamain Stephens 22
Jermane Mayberry 21
Taylor Lewan 21
Pat Elflein 21
Marcus Martin 20
Ryan Ramczyk 20
Cam Robinson 16
Seantrel Henderson 15
Willie Anderson 14
Dion Dawkins 12
Garett Bolles 9


Linebackers are defensive players positioned behind the defensive line. They play a crucial role in stopping the opposing team's offense. LBs have diverse responsibilities, including run defense, pass coverage, blitzing the quarterback, and reading the offense's plays. They must quickly analyze the unfolding game, make critical decisions, and communicate effectively with teammates.

Linebackers need good cognitive ability skills to :

  • Read and React: Linebackers often need to read the offensive formation, anticipate the play, and react accordingly. They must decipher the quarterback's intentions, detect fake plays, and respond rapidly. This requires strong cognitive abilities such as pattern recognition, situational awareness, and quick decision-making.
  • Coverage and Communication: LBs are frequently involved in pass coverage, which demands the ability to track multiple receivers, understand route combinations, and communicate with fellow defenders to ensure proper coverage assignments.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Linebackers position and their Wonderlic score:

Linebackers (LB) Scores
Player Score
Mike Mamula 49
Pete Kendall 41
Luke Kuechly 34
Shayne Skov 34
Chris Borland 32
Max Bullough 31
Terrell Suggs 31
Keenan Robinson 29
T.J. Watt 29
Anthony Walker 29
Anthony Barr 28
Raekwon McMillan 28
John Mobley 27
Clay Matthews 27
Alex Anzalone 26
Regan Upshaw 24
Kevin Pierre-Louis 24
Terrell Manning 23
Charles Harris 23
Alex Moulden 23
Brian Cushing 23
Vince Biegel 23
Jarrad Davis 23
Reggie Brown 22
Zach Cunningham 22
Kevin Hardy 21
Jarrad Davis 21
Haason Reddick 21
Ryan Shazier 20
Demarcus Lawrence 20
Prince Shembo 19
Melvin Ingram 18
Khalil Mack 17
Kyle Van Noy 16
Lavonte David 16
Ray Lewis 13
Reggie Ragland 10
Carroll Phillips 10
Reuben Foster 9
Bobby Wagner 8


Defensive Lineman

Defensive Linemen(DL) are the players positioned in the front line of the defense, typically consisting of Defensive Tackles (DT) and Defensive Ends (DE). They play a pivotal role in stopping the opponent's offense by disrupting plays, pressuring the quarterback, and defending against both run-and-pass plays.

Two reasons for the importance of cognitive skills in DLs:

  • Reading Blocks and Gaps: DLs need to read the movement of offensive linemen, identify blocking schemes, and locate gaps in the offensive line. Strong cognitive abilities allow them to make split-second decisions on whether to penetrate a gap or maintain gap integrity, depending on the play.
  • Counter Moves and Strategy: DLs engage in one-on-one battles with offensive linemen. They need to employ a variety of pass-rush techniques, counter moves, and hand placement strategies to defeat blockers. Cognitive skills help DLs adapt to their opponent's moves, analyze their weaknesses, and make strategic decisions during these battles.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Defensive Linemen position and their Wonderlic score:

Player  Score
Larry Ogunjobi 36
Chris Wormley 29
Caleb Brantley 29
Jonathan Allen 27
Aaron Donald 25
Dalvin Tomlinson 25
Louis Nix 23
Timmy Jernigan 20
Eddie Vanderdoes 20
Daniel McCullers 17
Adolphus Washington 16
Ra'Shede Hageman 13
Daryl Gardener 11
Joey Bosa 37
Mychal Kendricks 14

Defensive Ends

The Defensive End (DE) position in the National Football League (NFL) is a crucial role on the defensive line. The primary responsibility of a defensive end is to rush the passer and stop the run. These athletes are typically among the larger, stronger players on the field, and they require a unique combination of physical prowess and mental acuity to excel in their role.

Here are 2 reasons why good cognitive ability skills are essential for a Defensive End:

  • Quick Decision Making: Defensive ends need to make split-second decisions during plays. They must quickly analyze offensive formations, read the quarterback's movements, and decide whether to contain the run or rush the passer. Good cognitive skills allow a DE to make these decisions swiftly and effectively.
  • Play Anticipation: Understanding the tendencies of the opponents and predicting the play can give a defensive end an edge over the offensive linemen. Cognitive skills enable a DE to remember patterns, anticipate plays, and position themselves optimally to disrupt the offense.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Defensive End (DE) position and their Wonderlic score:

Player  Score
Chris Long 34
Kareem Martin 31
Myles Garrett 31
JJ Watt 31
Trent Murphy 28
Brent Urgan 27
Marcus Jones 24
Solomon Thomas 24
Stephon Tuitt 23
Taco Charlton 22
Duane Clemons 20
Tim Williams 20
Cedric Jones 19
Malik McDowell 15
Jadeveon Clowney 14
Simeon Rice 13
Kony Ealy 10
DeForest Buckner 9



The Cornerback (CB) position in the National Football League (NFL) is a pivotal defensive role, primarily tasked with defending against the passing game. Cornerbacks are often matched against the opposing team's best wide receivers, requiring them to possess a blend of speed, agility, and physicality. Beyond these physical traits, a high level of cognitive ability is crucial for a cornerback to excel on the field.

Here are two reasons why good cognitive ability skills are essential for a Cornerback:

  • Pattern Recognition: Successful cornerbacks recognize patterns in the offense's play-calling. This skill enables them to predict routes and play developments, improving their chances of breaking up passes or securing turnovers.
  • Adaptability and Learning: The ability to adapt to different offensive schemes and receiver skill sets is vital. Cornerbacks face a variety of receivers with different strengths and styles. Cognitive skills help them learn from previous encounters, adapt their techniques, and apply new strategies effectively.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Cornerback (CB) position and their Wonderlic score:

Player Score
Sojourn Shelton 14
Ahkello Witherspoon 29
Ross Cockrell 27
Bradley Roby 25
Aaron Colvin 25
Richard Sherman 24
Marshon Lattimore 23
Fabian Moreau 23
Walt Harris 21
Marlon Humphrey 20
Jason Verrett 17
Gareon Conley 17
Justin Gilbert 14
Stanley Jean-Baptiste 12
Kyle Fuller 11
Derrelle Revis 10
Morris Claiborne 4

Running Back

The "RB" stands for Running Back, which is a key offensive position in American football, including the NFL (National Football League). The primary roles and characteristics of a running back include:

Ball Carrying: Running backs are often the primary ball carriers on rushing plays. They receive handoffs from the quarterback and attempt to advance the ball downfield through the opposing team's defense.

Blocking: Running backs are also responsible for blocking duties, protecting the quarterback on passing plays or creating space for other running backs or wide receivers during running plays or screen passes.

The role requires not only physical skills but also a high level of mental acumen for several reasons Running backs must have a thorough understanding of their team's playbook, including the details of various running, blocking, and receiving routes. Also 

Here is a list of NFL players who play the Running Back position and their Wonderlic score:

Player Score
Leonard Fournette 11
Zach Zenner 35
Dare Ogunbowale 35
Ezekiel Elliott 32
Danny Woodhead 29
Charles Scott 26
Giovani Bernard 25
Anthony Dixon 25
Arian Foster 25
Jerick McKinnon 24
CJ Spiller 10
Chris Johnson 10
Carlos Hyde 9
Travis Henry 9
Kadeem Carey 9
Lache Seastrunk 9
Tavon Austin 7
Frank Gore 6
Darren Davis 4
Alvin Kamara 24
Jahvid Best 24
Lawrence Phillips 23
Andre Williams 23
Jeremy Hill 22
Christian McCaffrey 21
Donnel Pumphrey 21
Jonathan Stewart 20
Melvin Gordon 20
Corey Clement 20
Dri Archer 19
Marcus Lattimore 18
Matt Forte 18
Le'Veon Bell 17
Eddie Lacy 17
Ryan Mathews 16
LeGarrette Blount 16
Devontae Booker 15
Devon Johnson 15
Marshawn Lynch 14
Eddie George 14
De'Anthony Thomas 14
Joe Mixon 12
Tim Biakabutuka 12
George Atkinson 12
Matt Dayes 12
Todd Gurley 12
Christine Michael 11
Dalvin Cook 11
Leonard Fournette 11
CJ Spiller 10
Chris Johnson 10
Carlos Hyde 9
Travis Henry 9
Kadeem Carey 9
Lache Seastrunk 9
Tavon Austin 7
Frank Gore 6
Darren Davis 4



The quarterback (QB) position is one of the most critical and high-profile roles in American football, particularly in the National Football League (NFL). A quarterback is often considered the leader of the team's offense and plays a pivotal role in both the strategy and execution of the game. Here's why good cognitive abilities are crucial for performing well as a quarterback:

  • Complexity: NFL playbooks are incredibly complex and detailed, containing hundreds of plays that require memorization and understanding. A quarterback must know the routes for receivers, protection schemes for the offensive line, and the responsibilities of every player on any given play.
  • Pre-Snap Analysis: Before the ball is snapped, a quarterback must assess the defensive alignment and anticipate their strategies. This involves recognizing formations, understanding defensive tendencies, and predicting potential blitzes or coverages.
  • Fast Decision Making: NFL games are fast-paced, and quarterbacks have only seconds to make decisions that can change the outcome of the game. They need to quickly process information, weigh options, and choose the best course of action.

Here is a list of NFL players who play the quarterback (QB) position and their Wonderlic score:

Player  Score
Ryan Fitzpatrick 48
Greg McElroy 48
Jason Maas 43
Blaine Gabbert 42
Drew Henson 42
Ryan Nassib 41
Bruce Eugene 41
Hugh Millen 41
Carson Wentz 40
Alex Smith 40
Darrell Hackney 40
Jeff Matthews 40
Sean Mannion 40
Nate Stanley 40
Eli Manning 39
Todd Husak 39
Brian Griese 39
Matthew Stafford 38
Colin Kaepernick 38
Matt Flynn 38
Omar Jacobs 38
Charlie Frye 38
Craig Crenzel 38
Scott Frost 38
Kevin Hogan 38
Scott Tolzien 38
Josh Allen 37
Akili Smith 37
Tony Romo 37
Andrew Luck 37
Travis Lulay 37
Marques Hagans 37
Chuck Hartlieb 37
Jared Goff 36
Sam Bradford 36
Justin Holland 36
Drew Bledsoe 36
Jason Garrett 36
Anthony Dilweg 36
Jared Zabransky 36
Aaron Rodgers 35
Matt Leinart 35
Christian Ponder 35
Kellen Clemens 35
Wes Pate 35
Zak Kustok 35
JT O'Sullivan 35
Ryan Lindley 35
Travis Brown 35
John Dutton 35
Steve From 35
Drew Stanton 35
Jake Fromm 35
Craig Ochs 34
Sam Keller 34
Cory Pyles 34
Ryan Tannehill 34
Brad Kaaya 34
Joe Burrow 34
Tom Brady 33
Nathan Peterman 33
Charlie Whitehurst 33
Josh Betts 33
Justin Fuente 33
Mike Elkins 33
Steve Young 33
Marcus Mariota 33
Kirk Cousins 33
Johnny Manziel 32
Matt Ryan 32
Gibran Hamdan 32
Joey Harrington 32
Patrick Ramsey 32
Jesse Palmer 32
Sage Rosenfels 32
Walter Church 32
Giovanni Carmazzi 32
Sam Keenan 32
Kevin Daft 32
Brian Brohm 32
Josh Woodrum 32
Matt Schaub 31
Andrew Walter 31
JP Losman 31
Dave Ragone 31
Kliff Kingsbury 31
Greg Noll 31
Justin Coleman 31
Todd Bandhauer 31
Cody Fajardo 31
Rick Mirer 31
Trent Edwards 31
Connor Halliday 31
Bryce Petty 31
Quincy Carter 30
Phillip Rivers 30
Ricky Stanzi 30
Ingle Martin 30
Josh Haldi 30
Stefan LeFors 30
Trevor Knight 30
Gino Guidugli 30
Matt Mauck 30
Scott Rislov 30
Daniel Cobb 30
Josh McCown 30
Darnell Kennedy 30
Matt Barkley 30
Josh Siple 30
Bill Burke 30
David Klingler 30
John Beck 30
Zach Mettenberger 30
Josh Rosen 29
Troy Aikman 29
Brady Quinn 29
John Elway 29
Andy Dalton 29
Rex Grossman 29
Chris Weinke 29
Marc Bulger 29
Jeff Driskel 29
Nick Foles 29
Josh Dobbs 29
Brian Cook Click 29
Matt Hasselbeck 29
Bill Musgrave 29
Dennis Dixon 29
Jimmy Garoppolo 29
Logan Thomas 29
Keith Wenning 29
Tom Savage 29
Aaron Murray 29
Jake Luton 29
Sam Darnold 28
Blake Bortles 28
Mark Sanchez 28
Juston Wood 28
Brooks Bollinger 28
Seth Burford 28
George Godsey 28
Drew Brees 28
Caitlin Down 28
Peyton Manning 28
Kevin Kolb 28
Matt Gutierrez 28
Deshone Kizer 28
EJ Manuel 28
Russell Wilson 28
Nate Sudfeld 28
Landry Jones 28
Josh Freeman 27
Joe Flacco 27
Dustin Long 27
Kyle Boller 27
Brian St. Pierre 27
Kirk Farmer 27
Jason Guesser 27
Brandon Dillman 27
Jameis Winston 27
Jonathan Smith 27
Aaron Smith 27
Mike McMahon 27
David Rivers 27
Josh Booty 27
Tim McKay 27
Chris Greeson 27
Ryan Leaf 27
Kelly Stouffer 27
Rich Gannon 27
Alex Brink 27
Brandon Weeden 27
Jordan Love 27
Carson Palmer 26
Jay Cutler 26
Kyle Orton 26
C.J. Beathard 26
Ryan Mallett 26
Dan Orlovsky 26
Brett Hundley 26
Adrian McPherson 26
Kellen Moore 26
Jason White 26
Timmy Chang 26
Jason Fife 26
Jared Lorenzen 26
Major Applewhite 26
Tim Lester 26
Akili Smith 26
Rodney Peete 26
Mike Glennon 26
Baker Mayfield 25
Ben Roethlisberger 25
Chad Pennington 25
Colt McCoy 25
Cardale Jones 25
Shane Carden 25
Ben Dougherty 25
Casey Bramlett 25
Bradley Van Pelt 25
Byron Leftwich 25
Ken Dorsey 25
Dak Prescott 25
David Neal 25
Randy Fasani 25
Davis Webb 25
Mitchell Trubisky 25
Shaun Hill 25
Connor Cook 25
Brock Osweiler 25
Shane Griggs 25
Josh Harris 25
Spurgeon Wynn 25
Brock Huard 25
Joe Jermaine 25
Shaun King 25
Justin Herbert 39
Anthony Gordon 25
Brian Lewerke 25
JaMarcus Russell 24
Jacoby Brissett 24
Tyler Bray 24
Geno Smith 24
Brad Smith 24
Brodie Croyle 24
Chris Ricks 24
Luke McCown 24
John Navarre 24
Zac Dysert 24
Josh Blankenship 24
Eric Crouch 24
David Carr 24
Scott Mitchell 24
Christian Hackenberg 24
Patrick Mahomes 24
Marquis Tuiasosopo 24
Billy Joe Tolliver 24
Kevin O'Connell 24
Josh Johnson 24
Colt Brennan 24
John Skelton 24
Robert Griffin III 24
Jimmy Clausen 23
Jason Campbell 23
Jeff Smoker 23
Robert Kent 23
Dave Bryant 23
Greg Zalman 23
Tim Hasselbeck 23
Jordan Palmer 23
Justin Rascati 23
Graham Harrell 23
Jason Thomas 23
Connor Shaw 23
Jacob Eason 23
James Morgan 23
Tim Tebow 22
Brett Favre 22
Mark Brunell 22
Trent Dilfer 22
Matt Scott 22
Chad Henne 22
BJ Symons 22
Scott McMullen 22
Chris Simms 22
Chad Kelly 22
Ronald Curry 22
Ben Leard 22
Bart Hendricks 22
Chris Chaloupka 22
Gramley 22
Tim Couch 22
Mike Teel 22
Mark Brunell 22
Brett Favre 22
Chris Miller 22
Erik Ainge 22
Jevan Snead 22
AJ McCarron 22
Cam Newton 21
Reggie Mitchell 21
Marc Garcia 21
Scott Covington 21
Don Majkowski 21
Jeff Rowe 21
Tyler Thigpen 21
Jerod Evans 21
Deshaun Watson 20
Teddy Bridgewater 20
Jake Locker 20
Derek Carr 20
Cody Pickett 20
Tyler Wilson 20
Andrew Hall 20
Casey Clausen 20
Ryan Little 20
John Welsh 20
Michael Vick 20
Dylan Smith 20
Richart Casey 20
Jonathan Beasley 20
Scott Tries Back 20
Luke Getsy 20
Andre' Woodson 20
Garrett Grayson 20
Anthony Boone 20
Reggie McNeal 19
Bruce Gradkowski 19
Tarvaris Jackson 19
DJ Shockley 19
Derek Anderson 19
Matt Jones 19
Brian Randall 19
Jared Allen 19
AJ Feeley 19
Tua Tagovailoa 19
Daunte Culpepper 18
Eric Meyer 18
Cleo Lemon 18
Jarius Jackson 18
Joe Hamilton 18
Kevin Frederick 18
Tyler Palko 18
Paxton Lynch 18
Jalen Hurts 18
Rod Rutherford 17
Antwaan Randle El 17
Rohan Davey 17
Woodrow Dantzler 17
Aaron Brooks 17
Jeff Blake 17
Vinny Testaverde 17
Terry Bradshaw 16
Kent Smith 16
Dante Kanner 16
Chris Redman 16
Anthony Wright 16
Heath Shuler 16
Dan Marino 16
Elvis Grbac 16
Randall Cunningham 15
Jim Kelly 15
Vince Young 15
Jim Sorgi 15
Steve McNair 15
Terry Bradshaw 15
Troy Smith 15
David Garrard 14
Seneca Wallace 14
Wayne Madkin 14
Ortega Jenkins 14
Donovan McNabb 14
John David Booty 14
Charlie Batch 14
Kordell Stewart 14
Lamar Jackson 13
Rasheed Marshall 13
Brock Berlin 13
Brad Banks 13
Neil O'Donnell 13
Ted White 12
Tobi Karrode 12
Marcus Smith 11
Ell Robertson 11
Romario Miller 11
Tee Martin 11
Michael Bishop 10
Jeff George 10
Chris Leak 8
Vince Evans 8
Terrelle Pryor 7
Oscar Davenport 6


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