Prepare for your entry-level DDI assessment test

What You'll Get

  • 5 situational judgment tests
  • Complete situational judgment study guide
  • Complete multi-format personality profiling test 
  • Comprehensive personality test study guide
  • Profession-specific guides (outlining the personality profiles needed for the most common jobs)
  • Motivation and culture fit tests guide
  • 19 ART tests by difficulty levels
  • 2 ART tests that simulate real test conditions
  • 9 Bonus Inductive Reasoning Drills
  • Study Guide
  • Secured payment
  • Money back guarantee- terms and conditions apply


If you are reading this, then there is a high chance that you need to take and pass a DDI entry-level assessment test. Don't risk missing out on a job opportunity because your score was lower than other candidates—get prepared the easy way with our comprehensive online DDI PrepPack™ specifically designed to help you outscore other applicants. 

Access five situational judgment tests, a thorough personality test, and custom study guides geared towards helping you navigate and improve your score on your entry-level DDI assessment test. 

DDI Personality Tests

When taking your DDI assessment test you may come across their Readiness Assessment that serves as DDI's personality test for many entry-level positions. JobTestPrep can help you prepare with our online personality test practice, personalized reports, and study guides.

About JobTestPrep's Personality Test

Our personality practice test contains four sections. Each of the four sections features the types of questions seen below: 

  • true/false
  • agree/disagree/neither
  • Likert Scale (one to four, one to seven)
  • a statement followed by least/most 

A total of 219 questions are included in the practice test, as well as a profession-specific personality assessment report that will give you the feedback you need to achieve a high score on your DDI personality test. Additionally, we have a study guide that describes the traits that employers look for when hiring. Our practice personality test will help ensure that you make a great impression during the hiring process, and give you the peace of mind necessary to apply with confidence.

DDI Situational Judgement Tests

Demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the job by preparing for and scoring high on your DDI situational judgment testAdministrative SJTs are used to determine a candidates ability to exhibit the work-related judgment and behavioral traits required to be successful in a position. Our situational judgment test practice will enhance your understanding of the scenarios, questions, responses, and administrative competencies essential to passing your DDI entry-level exam.

About Situational Judgement Tests

Most DDI entry-level SJTs consists of 25–50 scenarios, followed by one to three questions with three to five response choices. You will either need to choose the most or least appropriate response to a problem or to rank all of the given responses in their order of effectiveness. There is usually no time limit to answer the questions. The test may be video-based or paper and pencil. 

Some of the main characteristics that situational judgment tests assess are:

  • ability to plan and organize workload
  • dependability
  • integrity
  • ability to effectively handle the needs of callers, visitors, and coworkers
  • adaptability
  • initiative

Pass Your DDI Entry-Level Assessment

Don't go into your DDI entry-level assessment test unprepared. Make sure that you have an edge on other candidates by preparing with our comprehensive DDI PrepPack™, and set yourself apart from the crowd. 

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