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  • Four Supervisory SJT practice tests 
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To become a supervisor you may be asked to take a Supervisory Situational Judgement test. The Supervisory SJT may be included as a part of the Supervisory Assessment Test. The Supervisory Situational Judgment Test is commonly used during the recruitment process. As a supervisor you will be responsible for ensuring that projects are accomplished in the most efficient and successful way possible. You will most likely have to focus on the micro elements and handle the work progress and issues that arise within the unit. The Supervisory SJT looks for interpersonal skills, innovation, decision making abilities, organizational thinking and other leadership competencies. 

Supervisory SJT Test format

The Supervisor SJT format may differ. You will find between 25 and 50 short scenarios, each one followed by three to five different courses of action that Supervisors might take in an attempt to solve the scenario issues. As to timeframes, there usually is not time limit on Supervision SJTs. Your job on this test will involve using your best judgment as to the effectiveness and efficiency of the courses of action provided. You will be asked to accomplish one or more of the following tasks:

  • Check the course of action most or least appropriate.
  • Check the course of action that you personally would be most or least likely to effectuate.
  • Rank or rate the list of actions according to your perception of the least to most appropriate.

Sample question

Mike is a new employee you have hired just this week. He is still in his training period, and today you asked him to study some material. One hour before the end of the day, Mike steps into your office and says that he has finished reading the material and has even completed the practice. He is asking you if it’s OK if he leaves now, as he is going to a wedding this evening and doesn’t want to be late. There isn’t anything particular that you need him to do today, but work hours are important to you. What would be the best and the worst responses in this situation? Refuse this time and explain that if he has special requests, he should ask in advance.

  • Agree that he leaves since he has finished his tasks and has an unusual reason.
  • Agree that he leaves, but on the next day talk to him about working hours.
  • Allow him to leave 15 minutes before the end of the day. You want to help but you also want him to get used to regular work hours.

Curious if you got it right? Want to see more questions? The answers to this question and many more are available in our free SJT sample test.

Prepare for the Supervisory SJT

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