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 The objective of Administrative SJT is to exhibit the work-related judgment and behavioral traits of applicants. The test is often used in the initial phase of the hiring process, as a threshold to proceeding further in the recruitment procedure. Our focus at JobTestPrep is to enhance your comprehension of the scenarios, questions, response choices and administrative competencies essential to the success of your test result.

Administrative SJT Format

The Administration SJT consists of 25-50 scenarios, each followed by one to three questions with 3-5 response choices. You will either need to choose the most or least appropriate action in solving the problems or have to rank or rate all of the given responses in the order of their effectiveness. There is usually no time limit to answer the questions. The test may be video-based or pencil-and-paper. The scenarios found on the test are all reflective of actual difficulties experienced daily by administrative personnel.

Administrative SJT Competencies

Learning the competencies involved in successfully administering an office is an important part of your preparation process. Some of the main administrative characteristics sought by employers and that should be exhibited through your Administrative SJT answers are:

  • Ability to plan and organize the workload
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Effectively handling the needs of callers, visitors and coworkers
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative

Prepare for the Administrative SJT

When preparing with JobTestPrep, you will analyze the administrative competencies highlighted in each practice test scenario and the logic behind the most and least appropriate response. Start preparing for the Administrative SJT today and improve your score.

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