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Here you'll find information on the Administrative Situational Judgment Test including the objective, format, and competencies required for the test. Let's begin.

What Is the Objective of The Administrative Situational Judgment Test?

The objective of Administrative SJT is to exhibit the work-related judgment and behavioral traits of applicants. The test is often used in the initial phase of the hiring process, as a threshold to proceeding further in the recruitment procedure. Our focus at JobTestPrep is to enhance your comprehension of the scenarios, questions, response choices and administrative competencies essential to the success of your test result.

Here are some examples of professionals that purchased the JobTestPrep Administrative Prep:

  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Support Clerk.
  • Receptionist.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Taxpayer Services Agent.

Free Administrative SJT Practice Question

Stan works as an administrator at an investment bank. In three months, the branch will change its banking information system.
What would be the best response Stan could take in order to respond to this change?

A. Refer clients and staff members to employees with more experience in the system.

B. Stan should turn to his supervisor every time he has an important question.

C. Stan should take the time to take the online course and read the system guide.

D. Stan should contact the IT department with any questions he might have regarding the new information system.


Primary: Adaptability
Secondary Competencies: Problem solving

Correct response: C
By taking the online course (response C), Stan is preparing for the upcoming change. He is likely to gain tools that can help him deal effectively with problems that may occur while working with the new system. This is a responsible and well-thought response which shows adaptability. This response demonstrates a willingness to take steps toward adapting to a new situation, as well as good problem solving skills, by choosing a strategy that is likely to prevent and solve future problems.

Referring clients to more experienced staff (response A) could solve some of the problems clients might encounter. However, Stan is not taking an active part in the solution, and is not, in fact, doing his job. There is also no strategy or plan for him to become familiar with the new system. Thus, he remains incapable of doing his job. Here, Stan is showing that he has no willingness or ability to adapt to the new situation. Forcing his colleagues to add an additional workload to their busy schedule shows flawed problem solving.

Turning to his supervisor at every step of the way (response B) shows Stan lacks the ability to adapt independently to new situations. This signals that he has a problem with adaptability. It's also likely that the supervisor is not really needed for every step of the way, so this is flawed problem solving.

Contacting the IT department (response D) whenever a problem occurs could provide an effective solution to various problems. However, it doesn't show how Stan is preparing for the change. It is also likely that by preparing and taking the online course (response C), Stan could solve many problems by himself and prevent other problems from ever happening. In order to be effective, Stan needs to actively acquire the information and integrate it into his work. This response lacks the adaptability shown in response C.

Administrative SJT Format

The Administration SJT consists of 25-50 scenarios, each followed by one to three questions with 3-5 response choices. You will either need to choose the most or least appropriate action in solving the problems or have to rank or rate all of the given responses in the order of their effectiveness. There is usually no time limit to answer the questions. The test may be video-based or pencil-and-paper. The scenarios found on the test are all reflective of actual difficulties experienced daily by administrative personnel.


Administrative SJT Competencies

Learning the competencies involved in successfully administering an office is an important part of your preparation process. Some of the main administrative characteristics sought by employers and that should be exhibited through your Administrative SJT answers are:

  • Ability to plan and organize the workload
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Effectively handling the needs of callers, visitors and coworkers
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative

Prepare for the Administrative SJT

When preparing with JobTestPrep, you will analyze the administrative competencies highlighted in each practice test scenario and the logic behind the most and least appropriate response. Start preparing for the Administrative SJT today and improve your score.

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