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The Adaptive Reasoning Test is a timed test of up to 15 questions.You will have 2.5 minutes to solve each question; once you finish a question the 2.5 minutes resets. The ART is unproctored, meaning you take it yourself online.

The ART relies on your figural reasoning skills and your cognitive ability to decode a sequence of figures and shapes with underlying patterns. The Adaptive Reasoning Test is completely text-free, using images for both its questions and answer choices.

For each question you answer, the ART adapts the difficulty of the next question accordingly, hence the Adaptive Reasoning Test. This means that if you solve a pattern sequence correctly, the following sequence will be more challenging. Likewise, if you solve a pattern sequence incorrectly, the following sequence will be easier.

About Adaptive Reasoning Tests

What makes the ART unique is its adaptive quality, customizing each test to your skill level by responding to your correct and incorrect answers. The ART tests your figural reasoning, which is your ability to reason, draw valid conclusions, and then make relevant decisions from abstract information such as images and patterns.

Your abstract reasoning and decision-making skills predict your job success, as they are relevant to many working environments and career fields. The ART is chiefly used to screen candidates for jobs that require fast-paced decision making.

Prepare for the ART at JobTestPrep

Our arsenal of image-based Figural Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Inductive Reasoning tests all use symbols and sequences to sharpen your skills for the Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART). Decoding relationships between shapes and patterns is the point of the ART exam. Let JobTestPrep guide you with our extensive library of practice exams and drills. Prepare for your best score with JobTestPrep.

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