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What's Included

Prepare for these Job Function Tests with the Bundle

  • Customer Service: Clerical Abilities, Reading Comprehension, Situational Judgment, Interview Preparation, Typing Test, Personality Profiling, Math Word Problems, Vocabulary, Error Checking
  • Actuary: Numerical Skills Test, Logical Reasoning Test, Personality Test Preparation, Interview Guide
  • Claims Adjuster: Numerical Skills Test, Logical Reasoning Test, Personality Test Preparation, Interview Guide
  • Executive Assistant: Vocabulary, Study guides, Clerical Aptitude Guides, Error Checking Practice, Written Communication Practice, Basic Math, Memory Practice, Typing Test, Personality Profiling, Situational Judgment Practice, Study Guides, Interview Preparation, English Comprehension


If you are applying for a job an insurance company such as Allstate or State Farm, you will need to pass a rigorous vetting process which includes interviews and assessment test. JobTestPrep's Insurance Company Bundle can help you get ready so you feel confident on test day. 

What Is the Hiring Process at Insurance Companies?

You should expect to go through a multi-step process to get hired at an insurance company. You will have to successfully pass interviews as well as assessment tests of various types. 

  1. Apply online: Fill out an online application form, and submit your CV and cover letter. Be sure to tailor your cover letter to the description of the job posted on the site.
  2. Complete a short phone or video interview: The purpose of this interview is to screen candidates and make sure that you possess the basic requirements for the position. You will be asked questions about your work history and your motivation for seeking that particular position.
  3. Take an online assessment: Online assessments evaluate your work-related skills and behaviors. You may need to take a test which examines your analytical skills. In addition, many candidates are required to take a personality test. Personality tests assess whether or not your behavior will allow you to excel at the position to which you are applying.
  4. Complete an in-person interview: You should be ready to answer questions about your work history, your job-related skills, and your expectations regarding the new position. You may also be asked questions designed to assess your analytical thinking skills or technical questions that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge. Therefore, it is key that you practice beforehand so you are not caught off-guard at your interview.

Hiring Process for Insurance Companies

What Test Do I Have To Take?

  • All positions: Personality Test
  • Actuary: Analytical/Logical Reasoning Test
  • Claims Adjuster: Logical Reasoning Test
  • Customer Service: Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
  • Executive Assistant: Clerical Skills Test

What Positions Can This Bundle Prepare Me For?

Jobs in Insurance Companies
Actuary Claims Adjuster Customer Service Executive Assistant
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