Coca Cola Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Depending on the position you are applying to, you may be asked to take different assessment tests. If you are applying for a maintenance position, then you may be asked to take a mechanical aptitude test, to see if you understand the basics of your position. If the job you are applying for has to do with customer care you may be asked to take a situational judgment test to assess how you would do in real world situations and how you would react to customers and clients. The assessment tests are given by Aon Hewitt.

JobTestPrep is offering a Coca Cola Preparation Package in order to help you get ready for the job you want. The package includes practice tests, step-by-step explanations and tips.

Coca Cola Mechanical Aptitude Test

During the online test stage of Coca Cola's recruitment process, you might encounter a mechanical aptitude test. This test is meant to assess your knowledge of machinery and physical concepts, and usually consists of multiple choice questions relating to an included diagram. To strengthen your skills and to improve your chances of achieving your desired job, utilize JobTestPrep's mechanical aptitude test practice.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Coca Cola Situational Judgment Test

The situational judgment test is used an an indicator of your ability to solve common problematic scenarios you might encounter in your desired job. The test consists of passages of text describing a work-related scenario, after which you must choose which of the options presented would be the most effective way to handle the situation. Start practicing for your situational judgement test with our SJT practice test, customized for customer service roles.

Situational Judgement Test

Coca Cola Accounting Test

During the online test stage of Coca Cola's recruitment process, you might also encounter an accounting test. This test is meant to measure your skills in receivable, accounts payable, and bookkeeping assignments. To learn more about this test and to practice online, utilise our Accounting Practice Test.

Accounting Practice Test

About Coca Cola

Coca Cola, or Coke, is the largest beverage company globally. They own 4 out of the 5 best selling soft drinks as well as sell juices and energy drinks. Coca Cola has around 130,000 employees just in the United States. There are manufacturing plants in almost every country around the world.

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