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  • 2 Full-length Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test - II practice tests
  • 21 Additional mechanical aptitude drills
  • Our Mechanical Concepts Study Guide: gears, levers, pulleys & more
  • Electrical concepts: circuits, sequences, and signal flow
  • Explanations, solving tips, and a score report for all questions
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The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT), developed by Pearson Assessments, is a popular assessment used in several fields, including technical and industrial occupations. The test was developed to measure a person’s aptitude for understanding and applying mechanical principles. From this, an employer may infer future performance in jobs that require these skills.

The BMCT assesses one’s mechanical aptitude, spatial visualization, application of physics, and deduction of "how things work". Additionally, there are two types of tests, the BMCT and the BMCT II. The BMCT is made up of 68 questions and has two forms of the test: Form S and Form T.

BMCT Sample Questions


The correct answer is B – a diode.

A diode is an electrical component which is mainly used to restrict electrical flow to one direction - similar to a check valve in water flow - by having high resistance in one direction and low resistance in the other.


When the brakes are applied segment 2 will become hotter than 1 as it is the area where the brake touches the wheel. Applying the brake to the wheel will generate friction and cause segment 2 to heat up.


The correct answer is (B).

A convex mirror scatters the rays of light and increases the field of view of the observer. In this case, there is only one option for mirroring the image: it will appear straight and smaller.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Format

There are two tests that differ from each other; BMCT and BMCT II:

BMCT: consists of 68 multiple-choice questions and has a 30-minute time limit. It can be administered on paper or online and is available in two forms, Form S and Form T.

BMCT II: consists of 55 multiple-choice questions and has a 25-minute time limit. It is administered online only.

For those who plan to take the BMCT II, it is important to be familiar with basic concepts in physics as well as physics terminology.

For comparison sake the BMCT I, there are 136 items split into 18 categories of mechanical principles:

Category Number of Items
Acoustics 3
Belt Drive 2
Center of Gravity 7
Centrifugal Force 5
Electricity 6
Gears 10
Gravity and Velocity 9
Heat 8
Hydraulics 16
Inertia 5
Levers 8
Optics 6
Planes and Slopes 2
Pulley Systems 10
Resolution and Forces 6
Shape and Volume 7
Structures 12
Miscellaneous 14


On the BMCT II, there are 55 items split into 12 categories of mechanical principles:

Category Number of Items
Pulleys and Levers 7
Hydraulics 6
Resolution of Forces, Centrifugal Force, and Inertia 6
Structures, Planes, and Slopes 6
Gears and Belt Drives 5
Miscellaneous 6
Gravity and Velocity 4
Acoustics and Optics 3
Center of Gravity 3
Electricity 3
Heat 3
Shape and Volume 3

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Tips

The following are test-taking tips for the BMCT:

  • Always look for the underlying physical principle in the question and how it can be applied to other questions (e.g. law of the lever, gear ratio).
  • Unless otherwise mentioned, neglect all “real world minutiae” – self-weight of elements, air resistance, friction, material strength, etc. Only physical principles matter.
  • If you’re not sure of an effect, go to the extremes (e.g. if you’re asked whether it’s harder to row with a long or a short paddle, think of a 1km vs a 1cm paddle).
  • If you’re still not sure, envision yourself in the situation. In mechanical reasoning, more than any other subject, intuition is your friend.
  • If the illustration shows two elements which seem to be identical, it is safe to assume they are identical.
  • Before taking the test, make sure you get a good night’s rest and eat an energizing breakfast to help you concentrate.
  • Read the test instructions and questions carefully before answering and answer questions at a steady, efficient pace.
  • Prepare before taking your test with our exclusive BMCT PrepPack™.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension FAQ's

Below are frequently asked questions, which address inquiries often made about the BMCT.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Well on the Test?

Scoring high on the BMCT displays good spatial perception and mechanical reasoning ability. It also displays your knowledge of basic mechanical operations and physical laws, as well as an aptitude for learning mechanical processes and tasks. This, in turn, shows employers that you are a qualified candidate, thus heightening your chances of getting the job you applied for.

What Are the Challenges to Passing?

The BMCT is a timed test. On the BMCT II, you need to answer 55 questions in 25 minutes, which adds pressure and may make it more difficult for you to focus on answering the questions. By practicing for the test, you can improve your timing on the exam.

Who Is Required to Take the BMCT?

Individuals who work in the following industries may be required to take the BMCT:

  • Engineer
  • Automotive mechanic
  • Equipment operators/transportation trades (truck driver)
  • Automotive and aircraft mechanic
  • Industrial/technical sales representative
  • Installation/maintenance/repair
  • Skilled tradesperson (welder, electrician, carpenter)
  • Mechanical trades

Companies Who Use the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT)

Below is a table of the most popular companies and organizations that utilize the BMCT:

Company Positions
Delta Airlines Mechanic
Keyence Sales, technical, engineer
BWXT Supervisor, engineer, welder
Cutco Manufacturing
Perry Technical Institute Electrician & technician
DuPont Operator
Tyson Maintenance
Culver Careers Technician & sales
Union Gas Service representative
Savant Sourcing Quality inspector
Coca-Cola Maintenance mechanic
INEOS Process operator
Valero Operator
Paragon Pacific Account Executive
Rock Tenn Maintenance Mechanic
Cutco Manufacturing
Sunsource Technical Sales

It's important to note that while these companies may require you to take the Bennett Mechanical test, they may also require you to take another assessment, interview, or participate in group exercises.

Prepare for the BMCT with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep's 2019 edition Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test PrepPack™ covers mechanical aptitude topics seen on both the BMCT & BMCT II. The Bennett–style practice tests can be taken in real-time simulation mode (to reflect similar test conditions) or in step-by-step mode. Reading our detailed answer explanations will increase your understanding of the test's style and content to do well on the exam. Start preparing today!

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