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What Is the BMAR Test?

The BMAR (Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test) is a pre-employment assessment for technical positions. The test is administered by PSI and contains three sections:

  • The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT)
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Personality Profiling

The major employer currently using the BMAR test is Delta Airlines.

Delta BMAR Test

The Delta BMAR test is conducted for Delta Airlines' applicants for technical positions, such as:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Aircraft Support Mechanic

The test is the initial screening stage of Delta's hiring process. It is conducted online and evaluates a candidate's match to Delta's technical jobs.

BMAR (Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test) Sections and Content

Here is a brief overview of the 3 BMAR test sections. Further below you will find sample questions for each section.


BMAR Test Section #1 - The Bennett Mechanical Test

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test is one of the most widely used mechanical aptitude tests in the U.S. The BMAR version of the Bennett test contains around 40 basic mechanical questions.

The test covers topics such as force and torque, wheels and pulleys, velocity, gravity, gears, etc. A small portion of the test is dedicated to basic electrical concepts (series and parallel circuits, etc.)


BMAR Test Section #2 - Spatial Relations

Spatial Relations or spatial reasoning refers to the ability to understand, retain, and deduce spatial relations appearing in objects. Other names of spatial reasoning are spatial visualization, spatial ability, and spatial intelligence.

Questions in the BMAR test spatial reasoning test may include:

  • Adding Shapes
  • Rotated Shapes
  • Assembly
  • Touching Boxes
  • And more


BMAR Test Section #3 - Personality Profiling

Personality profiling tests aim to draw a candidate's personality profile on various traits the employer is interested in measuring. The test creates this personality profile by a series of self-report questions (see example below).

Since the BMAR test is used specifically for technical positions, your profile should follow that of the ideal technical worker, namely:

  • High analytical skills, thoroughness, team player, perseverance
  • Medium autonomy, participativeness
  • Low risk-taking, need for change

Your BMAR personality profile should look something like this:

Delta BMAR Test Personality Profile

Taken from JobTestPrep's Guide for the Ideal Technical Position Profile (available in the complete BMAR Prep Course)

BMAR Test Sample Questions

Here are three sample questions of the Delta BMAR Test, one of each section:


BMAR Mechanical Aptitude Sample Question

Which ball will hit the ground first? (If equal, choose C.)

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Sample
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C - both balls will hit the floor at the same time.

Free falling speed does not depend on the mass of the element, and every object falls at the exact same speed.

Now, before you ask whether a bowling ball falls down as fast as a feather, remember that this has to do with air resistance. Air resistance is not a classic physical principle and is therefore disregarded in the Bennett test.


BMAR Spatial Relations Sample Question

Which of the four possible options represents the cube in its folded form?

Delta BMAR Test Spatial Relations question
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (A).

If you fold the unfolded cube by attaching the purple and red facets, the purple facet would be to the right of the red facet. When you rotate the cube (A) 90 degrees counterclockwise, you see the top facet is light blue and the purple facet is to the right of the red facet like in the unfolded cube after it was folded.

Delta BMAR Test Spatial Relations question answer

Answer (B) isn’t correct because the purple facet and the dark blue facet are on opposite sides and can’t touch.

Answer (C) isn’t correct because the light blue facet and the yellow facet are on opposite sides and can’t touch.

Answer (D) isn’t correct because the light blue facet and the red facet are on opposite sides and can’t touch.


BMAR Personality Profiling Sample Question

I always double-check my work to be sure there are no mistakes.

1-Strongly Disagree
7-Strongly Agree
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

On the personality profiling section of the BMAR test, there is no correct answer for a single question as in the first two sections.

However, there is a "correct" profile you are required to demonstrate for the job. In the Delta BMAR test (being a test for technical positions), you are expected to demonstrate thoroughness, caution, and attention to detail.

Therefore, the answer to that question should be on the "Strongly Agree" side of the scale (6 or 7).

Practice for Delta Airlines' BMAR Test

JobTestPrep's Delta BMAR Test Practice provides you with a complete prep plan for each of the BMAR test sections.

Accurate Prep for the BMAR (Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test)

  • Covers all three sections (mechanical, spatial, personality)
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  • Spatial - Get familiar with all spatial relations question types, so you're ready for anything
  • Personality - Learn how to create the ideal technical employee profile
  • Detailed explanations to ALL practice questions
See What You Get

#1 - Mechanical Section

  • 2 Full-length Bennett Test mock tests
  • 21 additional mechanical and electrical practice tests
  • 1 mechanical and electrical study guide

#2 - Spatial Section

  • Practice tests for ALL spatial reasoning question types
  • Adding Shapes, Rotated Shapes, Assembly, etc.
  • 1 spatial reasoning study guide

#3 - Personality Profiling Section

  • A complete personality profiling practice
  • The Guide for the Ideal Technical Employee Profile
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