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Important Facts about the Prove It Word Test

Microsoft Word is one of the workplace's most commonly used computer programs. As such, Word tests are often part of the job recruitment process. They can be taken at any point in the process, although most candidates will take the Microsoft Word test during their interview.

The Kenexa Prove It Microsoft Word test measures your ability to complete tasks at various levels.

You will receive an email with a link to start an online test. In most cases, you will be asked to take a battery of Microsoft Office and typing assessments, with Excel being one of them. (Check out our Kenexa Prove It Excel test practice pack here).

As with other Kenexa Microsoft Office tests, the Word assessment is entirely interactive. The test attempts to simulate how Word is used in everyday work situations. Tasks will pop up at the bottom of the screen, and you will have to complete each task prior to moving on to the next. There are no multiple-choice questions on this Prove It test.

You will be tested on one of two levels of Kenexa Word tests. The level will depend on the type of job you are applying for:

  1. The normal user Microsoft Word test (basic level) is comprised of 30 questions.
  2. The power user Microsoft Word test (advanced level) is comprised of 25 questions.

The Normal User Test

The Normal User test is much more common than the power user test. It is often used to assess applicants for entry-level or administrative positions, as these jobs require familiarity with the most common Word tasks. The normal user test is designed to assess your abilities with regard to the fundamental properties of the software. The tasks you will be asked to perform on this test will usually include text formatting, managing the page layout, using insert tools, and applying general properties such as saving and printing.

The Power User Test

This test is aimed at applicants for jobs that require the use of Word at its fullest capacity. On this test, you will be asked to perform more complex tasks, such as mail merges, advanced formatting, and using templates and tables.

A test combining both difficulty levels (with a total of 55 prompts) does exist, but it is less commonly used by employers.

Increase your chances of success during the interview process by preparing for your Microsoft Word test. JobTestPrep offers affordable advanced packs for both Word and Excel. Our packs are tailored to the expertise level and the specific edition of the software: Prove It Word 2010 and Prove It Word 2013. JobTestPrep's practice packs are guaranteed to help you secure the position you've applied for.

Inside Info and Tips

  • Unlike working on the actual software, the Kenexa Prove It! interface leaves no room for errors. Some of Word's shortcuts cannot be used, program help is not available, and there will be only one acceptable answer to questions that can usually be answered in more than one way.
  • Make sure you refresh your skills before you take the test. Practice the various commands and be familiar with more than one way of executing them.
  • Take the test when you feel ready. Make sure to review some of the material beforehand and to sit in a comfortable environment.
  • You can use a second device (cell phone or laptop) for parallel assistance, such as checking your answers or searching for help. Pay attention that even though time is not limited, it is being measured, and it therefore will influence your final score!

Preparation ahead of any test is important to ensure you are calm and confident on test day. With JobTestPrep's specially created Word practice pack, you can familiarize yourself with the tasks you are likely to encounter on your exam. JobTestPrep's practice pack will also teach you new skills and guarantee you are able to answer all the questions on your test.

Excel + Word Combo Pack

In most cases, the Prove It assessments will include both Excel and Word tests. If this is the case for you, check out our new combo pack to help you improve your performance in both Excel and Word, as well as save you money.

Now available:

Sample Microsoft Word Test Questions

Copy and paste the contents of the text box below to the top-left corner of a new Word document (left click hold and drag to mark the text → right click → choose "copy" → on the Word document, right click → choose paste.)

Attendance list


Zack Col
Sandra Cooper
Don Miller
Stacey Cobos
Dana Garsen


John Dennis
Linda Gross
Melissa Little
Jeff Silano

Basic level questions

  1. Change the Page Margins to Narrow.
  2. Sort the students' names alphabetically in ascending order.

Advanced level questions

  1. Add the Developer tab to the Ribbon.
  2. Record a Macro that will apply yellow highlighting. Name the macro: "Approved", and assign it the shortcut "Alt+k."

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