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What Is the Kenexa Prove It Accounting Test?

Accounting tests are used by many companies to assess applicants' accounting skills. While many financial and accounting firms utilize these tests, they areprimarily used by agencies or assessment companies (such as Robert Half, AppleOne, Randstad, Kforce, and Aerotek).

Prove It is part of the Kenexa assessment company, which produces a variety of skills tests. One of the most common Kenexa Prove It tests is the Prove It Accounting Test.

Kenexa Prove It provides a variety of accounting tests, including ones for specific positions. In addition, it offers tests adapted to a specific company's needs as well as to the skills required by the position. Kenexa also offers a list of custom tests in different languages to fit a variety of locations.

These tests are usually comprised of around 40 multiple-choice questions that focus on job-specific requirements and responsibilities. The difficultly level of these assessments varies depending on both the specific job and the job level.

To help you successfully prepare for the Kenexa Prove It Accounting Test, JobTestPrep offers Prove It–style Accounting Test PrepPacks™.

Though Kenexa offers over 75 different accounting tests, you are most likely to be tested on the following:

  • Kenexa Prove It Accounts Payable Test – This test examines the knowledge of an accounts payable clerk or an officer who has the responsibility of processing accounts payable. It focuses on the basic accounting concepts used in the processing of accounts payable. The test contains three main topics: the processing of invoices, purchase orders, and checks.
  • Kenexa Prove It Accounts Receivable Test – This test is appropriate for an accounts receivable clerk position. It includes seven topics: Cash Flow, Credit to Customer, A/R Principles, Invoice/Billing Concepts, Collections, Journal Entries, and Applying Payments.
  • Kenexa Prove It Bookkeeping Test – This test is used to evaluate a candidate's knowledge of bookkeeping. It checks a candidate's familiarity with basic accounting concepts and processes, assesses his or her general knowledge of recording common business transactions, and evaluates the candidate's ability to handle other bookkeeping functions.

JobTestPrep offers the Kenexa Prove It Accounting Bundle Pack, which includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and two general accounting tests.

In most cases, you will be asked to take a variety of Kenexa tests. These might include an aptitude test and/or other Kenexa Prove It skills tests, such as the Prove It Microsoft Office tests, the Prove It Typing Test, and the Prove It Data Entry Test. Of these, the most common are the Microsoft Office tests, which include Excel and Word assessments. To ensure proper preparation, check out our combination practice pack for both Excel and Word.

How a Kenexa Accounting PrepPack™ Helps You

When you are competing with 100 other highly qualified candidates for one job, the best way to stand out is to get the highest score on the assessment test. The only way to do that is to prepare in advance for it. Our PrepPacks™ are relevant only to the USA companies and include practice tests and test-like questions with the answers fully explained.

Here are some free sample questions resembling the style of questions on a real Prove It Accounting Test. Answers will be provided at the end of the sample.

What Do Those Who Score High Receive?

The hiring process for many accounting positions includes an accounting test or assessment. Here are some of the positions a quality score on the Kenexa Prove It Test makes you a primary candidate for:

Bookkeeping clerk

Credit analysis manager

Accounting clerk

Tax accountant

Auditing clerk

Government accountant

Accounts receivable clerk


Billing clerk

Budget analyst

Accounts payable clerk

Forensic accountant


Accounting software developer

Payroll clerk

Cost accountant

Each of these positions may require a different type of test or ones of varying difficulty. The tests you encounter may have been created internally by the hiring company itself or are standardized tests provided by an external assessment company, such as the Kenexa Prove It tests.

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