Test Practice for the Kenexa Prove It Typing Test

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  • A platform simulating the same style and difficulty level of the actual exam
  • 42 different texts modeled for a variety of job positions
  • A score report similar to that given for the real test
  • The opportunity to choose the test length 
  • The opportunity to see your results in real time
  • Compatible with Chrome, FireFox, and Edge
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A vast number of jobs today require a certain level of typing skills. Indeed, a candidate’s typing skills have become more and more relevant for employers as a prerequisite for hiring. The Kenexa Prove It typing test is one of the most popular Kenexa Prove It tests. It is part of the assessment process for technical, industrial, medical, and clerical positions. To help you prepare for the Kenexa Prove It typing test, JobTestPrep offers a Prove It style typing test practice pack designed to assist you in achieving your required score.

Prove It Typing Test - Important Facts

As part of the application process, you will receive an email with a link to start an online Prove It typing test. In most cases, you will also be asked to take a variety of different Kenexa Prove It tests. These might include other Kenexa skills tests, such as the Prove It Microsoft Office test, the Prove It data entry test and the Prove It accounting test. Of those, the most common is the Microsoft Office test, which will usually include both Excel and Word assessments.

JobTestPrep is now offering free practice for the Prove It Typing Test as part of a combo pack that also includes preparation for both the Prove It Excel Test and the Prove It Word Test. This combo pack will help you improve your typing skills and your performance in both Excel and Word, as well as save you money. Now available combo packs for Office 2010, Office 2013, and Office 2016.

The goal of the Kenexa Prove It typing test is to measure the speed and accuracy of a test-taker's typing. During the test, you will be presented with a passage which you will be asked to re-type as accurately and as quickly as you can. The time will start running as soon as you click "begin".

The assessment will contain one passage of up to 4000 characters, including spaces and any html formatting code. This comes out usually to between 300-350 words. Most companies create a specific text with content related to the job, while some other companies use a general format.

The test's time frame is 3 to 5 minutes. Your score will reflect the average number of words per minute (WPM) you typed.

Prove It Typing Test Results

The results are calculated according to three parameters: Raw words per minute, average mistakes per minute and adjusted words per minute.
Though accuracy is crucial, the most important component of this test is speed.

The minimum typing speed required varies from job to job. Many employers define 40 wpm as the minimum speed for a job; this is also the average typing speed. However, some professions, in which typing skills are an essential part of the work, require faster typing speeds (between 60-80 wpm).

Examples of Professions that Require High-Level Typing Skills:

How to Improve Your Typing Speed?

  • It is recommended to practice on a platform that simulates the real test interface and its time pressure.
  • Pay attention to capital letters and punctuation.
  • Maintain a comfortable posture: your shoulders should be relaxed, your feet flat on the floor, and your back straight. Good posture enables you to save energy and feel relaxed during the test.
  • If you have enough time before the test, try to improve your ability to type without looking at the keyboard. It might cause more mistakes initially, but you will quickly learn the positions of the keys and begin to type faster and more accurately.
  • Typing is based on muscle memory. As such, your muscles will need some time and practice to adjust to the new techniques you are learning or improving on.

Prepare for Your Prove It Typing Test

JobTestPrep has created a customized Prove It-style typing test practice package to help get you ready for the exam. Our platform simulates the same style and difficulty level you'll encounter on the actual test. It includes a variety of texts on multiple topics that are adjusted to different job positions. This allows you to choose the test length and to see your results in real time. Our platform also utilizes the same results' terms that are used to calculate your score on the actual exam. This enables you to assess your current ability and to decide how much effort and practice you want to invest. Prepare with JobTestPrep to ensure you make it to the top of the candidates list.

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