Customer Service Assessment Test - Preparation and Advice

There are many different tests under the label of customer service assessment. All of these tests measure the same characteristics, produce a higher quality of employee and aim to improve the process of hiring and promotions in the customer service field.

The focus of the customer service assessment is on strong people skills. It measures the competencies that are essential to success in the customer service industry. The customer service skills test highlights the character traits associated with high quality customer service representatives.

  • Cooperativeness
  • Assertiveness
  • Patience
  • Diplomacy
  • Customer Focus
  • Positive Attitude
  • Sales Perspective
  • Problem Solving
  • Multitasking
  • Processing Speed
  • Quality Service

The goal is to hire the individual who best fits the parameters of the job. At JobTestPrep we have worked to present you with the knowledge, practice and focus needed for a comfortable and successful test experience.

National Retail Federation (NRF) Customer Service Test

The goal of NRF is to improve customer service career accessibility for students, job applicants and customer service employees who are seeking a promotion. This retail federation has devised an employment aptitude test that leads to a retail business credential, highly respected by retail entities with available customer service positions. For those who pass the NRF test, the credential acts as a step-up in the hiring process. JobTestPrep is of enormous value in thoroughly preparing job applicants for the NRF assessment.

Customer Service Assessment Test Format and Content

You can expect to take a multiple choice test. The customer service assessment is most often formatted as an online exam, though you may find a paper and pencil assessment depending on the prospective employer. The customer service aptitude test is used in every industry where company representatives interface with clients, such as banking, restaurants, post offices and professional offices that utilize receptionists.

The customer service assessment test has two main components: Scenarios test, or a situational judgement test and a personality profiling self-assessment. Customer service test questions encompassing scenarios should be answered with regard to the actions that you would most likely take if embroiled in the given situation. By contrast, the personality test questions concern the degree of applicability of a specific statement to yourself.

Scenario Section: The scenario portion of a customer service assessment is in essence a customer service situational judgement test.  When answering questions related to specific scenarios, you are placing yourself within the situation presented and problem solving by marking the most effective solution to the difficulty established in the scenario. The situations are taken from mishaps occurring daily in the customer service position to which you are applying.

Personality Profiling: Within the assessment, you will find that the soft skills found in personality exams are liberally tested. Therefore, test questions involving control of emotions, ability to resolve conflicts effectively and handling of intimidation and criticism, will all be abundantly visible. 

During the entire exam, it is essential that you keep in mind the priority of the customer. The manner with which you would treat the prospective employer’s clients is the basis of this pre-employment aptitude test.

How to Pass a Customer Service Assessment Test

You have the opportunity through JobTestPrep to familiarize yourself with your upcoming customer service assessment by practicing on a customer service simulation test. We at JobTestPrep have developed a platform that provides you with the tools that you need for successful test results.

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