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Robert Half specializes in providing accounting, finance, legal, office, administrative, technical, IT, creative, and marketing staff to a range of companies and organizations. Start preparing for your role with Robert Half today with JobTestPrep's practice resources. Read on to learn more about the Robert Half hiring process, assessment tests, interview, and job opportunities.

Robert Half Hiring Process

It's important to note that while this Robert Half PrepPack™ is great for the general Robert Half hiring process and assessments, it's been specifically created for administrative (office assistants and administrative assistants) and accounting (financial analyst, controller, analysts, accounting consultants, accountants, staff accountants, accounts payable, and senior accountants) positions. 

Robert Half Application Process

The first step of the application process is to submit your resume online. It will automatically be sent to the office nearest your location, ensuring that you will be matched with a position in your geographic area. If your resume matches a local job opening, you will be contacted to come in for an interview and a skills test.

Robert Half Interview Questions

 Common Robert Half interview questions are:

  • What are your accomplishment(s) at your current or last job?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What are your expectations for the job position? 
  • What is your proficiency in Excel?
  • What are your career goals? 

Preparation is the key to acing your interview, so practice your interview skills with our interview preparation package. With this package, you will be able to assess your words and body language as they both are important aspects of an interview.

Robert Half IKM Assessment Tests

Robert Half wants to ensure that your job assignment is appropriate to your skill set, and that it's interesting to you on a personal and professional level as well. The Robert Half assessment, provided by Kenexa Prove It, will evaluate: 

Typing skills –  Typing tests are used to measure how quickly and accurately you can type in a given amount of time.

Data entry skills – Data entry tests are used to evaluate your cross referencing, attention to detail, and accuracy skills. 

IKM Accounting skills – Accounting tests measure your proficiency in the field.  

Microsoft Word – The Microsoft Word test measures your competency of Microsoft tools, general commands (printing, saving options, and layouts), macro creation, and advanced filtering and formatting.

Microsoft Excel – The Microsoft Excel tests measures your competency of simple Excel functions, commands, pivot table, macro creation, filtering, and functions such as SumIf, Vlookup, and concatenate.

Additional assessments include Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint.

It's important to note that not all of the aforementioned tests will be given to every candidate, as it's dependent on the job and position.


Robert Half Accountemps IKM Assessment Test

Another way to apply for the aforementioned job positions is through a staffing agency and division of Robert Half, Accountemps. To hire skilled professionals for some of the largest companies in the accounting and finance world, Accountemps utilizes recruiting technology and matching algorithms.

Some of the main programs and technologies utilized by Accountemps are social media platforms and applicant tracking systems. This means that you can apply for jobs positions through mediums like LinkedIn, or have your application pre-screened by an ATS. Furthermore, if you pass the initial stages, it's possible you will be required to complete the same pre-employment assessment tests that are mentioned above. 

It's vital that you thoroughly prepare for each stage of the hiring process, as it can be very competitive. Learn more about recruitment platforms, applicant tracking systems, and how to beat them on our dedicated page. 

Job Opportunities at Robert Half

Robert Half’s Staffing Companies offer jobs for many different professions:

  • Accounting Clerk – requiring 3+ years of AP/AR experience
  • Buyer – requiring a Bachelors’ degree in supply chain, logistics, or business
  • Bookkeeper – requiring at least three years of experience and preferably having an Associates’ degree in accounting
  • Medical Billing Specialist – requiring a medical background and 2+ years of experience
  • Financial Analyst – requiring experience in various related fields such as account reconciliation, benchmarking, and others. 

It's important to note that competition is very strong for all of these positions, as well as for the other positions that Robert Half staffs.


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