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Important Facts About the Test

Getting ready for a job interview? Many companies and placement agencies require candidates to take a Microsoft Word assessment test as part of their recruitment process. The Microsoft Word test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft Office Word software at various levels. It can be formatted as a multiple choice test or an interactive test.

The interactive test simulates the usage of a real Microsoft Word program. You will be asked to complete different tasks on a Microsoft Word document, or a Microsoft Word simulation interface.

The multiple-choice test requires no actual work on Microsoft Word. It does, however, expect you to know many of the software’s characteristics by heart. This may be confusing for even the most advanced Microsoft Word users.

In most cases, the Microsoft Word assessment test is only one of a series of tests you will be asked to complete as part of the application process. The others will usually include a Microsoft Excel assessment and a typing skills test. Click here for more information on the Excel assessment test.

The basic (beginner) test is designed for an average user. It tests the usage of simple Microsoft Word insert tools, general commands such as printing and saving options and layouts. The advanced test requires higher expertise on such operations as macro creation, advanced filtering and formatting.

JobTestPrep offers a range of preparations options for Microsoft Word assessment tests, according to test type, expertise level and the Microsoft Word edition ('10/'13). We also offer a general test practice for candidates who do not know which test format to expect. This will allow the best fit for the actual test, and will provide you with suitable practice. 

Inside Info and Tips

  • You will not always know which kind of test you are about to take. Multiple choice tests may be perceived as easier than interactive tests. But remember, because you can't look at the software during the test, you must know the program’s functions and layout by heart – where every option is located on your screen and what every part of the screen is called.
  • The test includes a diverse variety of topics, and items are usually pulled randomly from a large question bank. This means you will probably not be tested on the same questions a friend of yours received the day before and you will have to practice thoroughly in order to cover all topics.
  • The interactive tests are usually conducted on an interface similar to the actual program, or one some kind of shadow software. Unlike when working on the actual software, these interfaces leave no room for errors. Shortcuts are not always acceptable, and there are no partial answers.

Make sure you refresh your skills before you take the test. Take a Microsoft Word practice test to ensure you are familiar with the various commands as well as any possible alternative ways to execute them.

Microsoft Office Bundle

In most cases, your assessment will include both Excel and Word tests. If this is the case for you, check out our new combo pack to help you improve your performances in both Excel and Word as well as save you money.

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