CWH Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Preparation

What You'll Get

  • Full personality test
  • Personality test theory guide
  • Personality test single-trait practice drills
  • Full professional personality profile for law enforcement
  • 2 Math word problems tests plus 2 extra drills
  • 2 Math study guides
  • 7 Numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 3 Police forms tests
  • 10 Reading comprehension tests plus 5 extra drills
  • Reading comprehension study guide
  • 5 Police situational judgement tests
  • Police SJT study guide
  • 2 Restatements tests
  • 4 Sentence completion tests
  • 2 Written communication tests
  • 2 Written expression tests
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CWH Research Inc. is a Colorado-based company that offers assessment solutions to police departments. It provides an entry-level law enforcement test that is referred to as the CWH Next Generation Entry-Level Law Enforcement Aptitude Test. This exam may be taken at various police departments throughout the U.S. Studying with our practice tests will increase your chances of receiving the score you need to pass the exam.

There are a few versions of the CWH Next Generation Entry Level Law Enforcement Aptitude Test. Each version varies in length and amount of questions. The exam takes anywhere between 2.5–3.5 hours. In addition, it contains between 130–170 multiple-choice questions.

CWH Test Question Types

Questions on the CWH test aim to assess skills and abilities that have been found to be important for law enforcement officers. These include practical skills (use of good judgement and problem solving), interpersonal skills (work cooperatively and get along with others), emotional outlook (how you handle problems and maintain high standards), and basic educational skills (comprehension and retaining information).

The following are question types you are likely to encounter on the CWH Aptitude Test:

  • Factual Questions or Basic Skills – These questions cover reading comprehension, writing skills (grammar, punctuation and spelling), and mathematical skills.
  • Situational Judgment Questions – These questions describe situations related to an event or subject and ask what you would do, what the person in the situation should do, or what you think about the situation. The test contains various situations that are based on typical and everyday experiences common across age, gender, ethnicity, religion, region, or other background or experience.
  • Questions about You – These questions ask you how you feel or what you think about a specific topic, or they ask you to describe yourself in various ways. The best way for you to prepare to answer questions about yourself is to think about your own experiences and skills.

Different versions of the test include different variations of the aforementioned questions types. Some other possible questions are those that aim to assess reasoning skills, problem solving ability, motivation and preparation for the job, and communication skills.

CWH Police Exam Preparation

JobTestPrep provides information on test structure and question types for all CWH Research police tests. Familiarizing yourself with the test format will improve your score and better your chances of becoming a police officer. Please note that while we do not provide an exact test simulation, our PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent comprehensive practice for every type of question that may appear on the actual test.

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If you are looking for a different test, or are not sure which test is relevant for your position, please  contact us, and we will do our best to ensure you get the most accurate preparation for your upcoming assessment.



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