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In the fields of law enforcement and emergency services, it is essential to have basic skills in order to carryout daily tasks such as reading reports, following written directions and suspect descriptions. The Nelson-Denny test is comprised of basic reading material geared to entry-level police work and academy training.

The purpose of the Nelson-Denny Reading exam is to ensure that those who are hired to enforce the laws possess the reading level necessary to effectively do the job. The greatest difficulty in succeeding on the NDRT is the time limitation. The entire test, consisting of a total of approximately 128 items, is limited to 35 minutes.

JobTestPrep is here to help you improve your speed and score on the exam. While we do not provide an exact test simulation, our PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent comprehensive practice for every type of question that may appear on the actual test. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with the types of questions and exam format. As you work through test sample questions, you refresh your vocabulary and gain a greater comfort level with the process of reading passages, recalling information and drawing conclusions from the written material.

Nelson-Denny Exam Format

Expect a multiple-choice format for each of the two main sections: vocabulary and reading comprehension. 

In each section, the questions are followed by five alternatives. You are tasked with selecting the best answer to each item. The Nelson-Denny test assessment involves the ranking of each candidate’s rate of reading, vocabulary skills and reading comprehension ability.

Your score is based solely on correct responses. Since there is no penalty for wrong answers, it is to your benefit to answer every question; guess if necessary. Each correct item in the vocabulary section counts as one point, whereas each correct Reading Comprehension question is tallied as two points. The final score is the sum of the results of both parts.

Nelson-Denny Vocabulary Test Content

The Vocabulary section is comprised of 80 to 100 items to be answered in 15 minutes. A word will be presented either alone, or in the context of a phrase or sentence. From the set of alternatives that follow the question, select the one response that best fits the definition of the initial word.

Nelson-Denny Test Content

Expect five to eight reading passages and between 36 to 38 questions. The time frame for this portion of the NDRT is 20 minutes. Each passage is approximately a half-page in length.

Two basic assessments are included in the Reading Comprehension portion of the NDRT:

  • Ability to understand the literal meaning of the written material
  • Ability to draw conclusions from the information contained in the passage.

The items require a recall of facts, analysis, summary or conclusion based solely on the facts included in the scenario presented.

Prepare for the Nelson Denny Test

JobTestPrep provides you with the tools needed for comprehensive exam preparation including Nelson-Denny practice tests, detailed questions analysis, study guides, extensive list of vocabulary words and exam strategies. JobTestPrep will soon offer a thorough exam prep program for the Nelson-Denny test for law enforcement, aimed at optimizing your test score.

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