Full Data Entry Practice Guide: Alphanumeric, KPH, and more


What Is a Data Entry Test?

In Data Entry assessments, test-taker's skills are examined by prospective employers that want to evaluate them for various data entry jobs. These skills include computer competence, speed typing, attention to detail, and analytical problem-solving abilities.

The following job positions require taking the Data Entry Typing exam:

  • Medical Clerks.
  • Secretaries and Bank tellers.
  • Accountants.
  • 911 Call-Out Responders.
  • Management Consultants.
  • Admin Assistants.

JobTestPrep’s PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent preparation for every type of data entry question format that you may encounter on the actual test. Our data entry online practice resources will significantly increase your chances of acing the data entry speed and accuracy questions.

Data Entry Test Format

Other than speed and accuracy, some tests assess additional job-related skills. These skills are primarily concentrated around three elements:

  • Stress Management – This element assesses a candidate's interaction and ability to work with multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Listening and Communication – This element assesses a candidate's ability to focus on the caller's needs while remaining calm and using the appropriate terminology. Additionally, it assesses a candidate's ability to provide direct and helpful solutions for callers.
  • Problem Solving – This element assesses a candidate's way of problem-solving. This can include the way candidates acquire information from callers and various systems, the way they work through problems, and the way they explain the solution(s) to callers.

Common Data Entry Practice Test Questions

Entering data into a computer can be considered a data entry task.

Data entry typing tests are set in interviews for a wide variety of jobs requiring different types of data entry.

The following are the most common data entry questions.

Alphanumeric Data Entry

Alphanumeric data entry sample question

Source: Free Alphanumeric Data Entry test example question taken from the prep kit.

When answering an alphanumeric practice question, a split screen will appear. You will see a form on one side with information about a specific person such as:

  • Full name.
  • Address.
  • Zip code.
  • Title.
  • Credit Card Company.
  • Nationality.
  • Color.

In the other section of the screen, you will need to enter information about the person accurately. Each title has a blank space beside it, where the data needs to be entered correctly.

Numerical Data Entry

A numerical data entry typing test measures a candidate's ability to enter numerical data. It is a crucial skill in financial professions like accounting, banking, and other positions that require the proper input of numbers on a daily basis.

Nuemerical data entry sample question

Source: Example of a data entry numerical practice question taken from the prep kit.

In the following drill, you will be presented with a table full of numbers. There will be fill-in blanks, and you should fill them in according to the table. Using the table copy and paste the exact number into the blanks

Cross-Referencing Data Entry

This type of test requires candidates to read information and input the data into the correct fields.

The goal is to fill in the information in the exact same way it is written in the table, including capital letters, punctuation, etc.

Cross-Referencing Data Entry


Source: Example of a data entry Cross Referencing practice question taken from the prep kit.

ID Test Data Entry

A split screen will be presented to you during the following drill. One side of the card shows a specific person's library card. The following information is contained on this card and You should fill this information in the correct blanks:

  • Full name.
  • Reading class.
  • Birth date.
  • Membership.
  • Expiration date of the membership.
id test data entry sample question

Forms Data Entry

A split screen will be presented to you during the following drill. You will see a donation form for a specific person on one side. The goal is to fill in the following information:

  • Full name.
  • Address.
  • Gender.
  • Payment type (answer should include the $ sign).
  • Credit card company.
  • Nationality.
  • Amount of money.
  • Notes.
forms data entry sample question

Audio Data Entry

In the following sample question, an audio file narrating the life of a random person will be presented to you. There is a lot of detail in the information presented, and the audio file is delivered at a relatively high speed. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the information mentioned in the recording and enter it into the correct spaces.

audio data entry sample question

Data Entry Keystrokes Per Hour (KPH) Test

This KPH typing test measures the speed at which you type letters, numbers, symbols, and spacing. Some examples of this type of data entry jobs are writers, bloggers, clerks, and typists.

Whether these data entry employees work online or offline, they use data entry keystrokes to complete their work.

Sometimes writers and bloggers are asked to produce articles that are a particular length—spacing and punctuation included—so it is important for them to be able to produce quality work in a limited amount of time.

10 Key Data Entry

The 10 Key Data Entry test is similar to numeric data entering, because it encompasses only numbers, on this particular data entry test, candidates are only allowed to use the group of keys on the right side of the keyboard.

10 key data entry sample question

How to Practice and Pass the Data Entry Test?

It is imperative to practice data entry typing skills with targeted tools. This is because passing a data entry speed test within the given time frame is the key to getting better results compared to other applicants.

For example, if you're applying for an accounting position or other financial positions such as a bank teller you should prepare using numerical and alphanumeric data entry online practice tests.

If you are not sure which test type your employer is setting you, ask in advance.

Many of the Kenexa data entry speed tests will be a part of a broader psychometric testing process.

Therefore, it may be worth paying for a package of practice tests that include other testing types, for example, aptitude tests.

Kenexa Data Entry Test

Almost all major accounting, consulting, banking, and management firms use Kenexa tests,

The data entry speed tests are part of the full psychometric tests that employers can tailor to assess specific job skills.

ProveIT is Kenexa's leading data entry speed test. It consists of two tests:

  1. The Kenexa's Data Entry Alphanumeric Speed Test that requires candidates to enter data from a PDF into a simulated database.
  2. The Data Entry 10 Key exam that requires the testee to enter numbers into a simulation spreadsheet.

Besides the Kenexa Typing Test, Kenexa offers Microsoft Office tests as well as Kenexa Accounting tests for broader evaluations of data entry skills.

Kenexa data entry tests are usually administered in conjunction with other data entry tests.

If you're applying for a financial position and interested in a Kenexa preparation, check out the following link.

CritiCall and Dispatcher Data Entry Tests

CritiCall Data Entry tests assess your ability to enter names, license plate numbers, VIN numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and a variety of other alphanumeric characters. The tasks listed above are frequently performed by 911 operators and other similar positions.

There are two CritiCall Data Entry versions:

  1. A split screen with data on one side and empty fields on the other.
  2. A detailed audio recording of an emergency call with a person providing all the details.

The accuracy and speed with which you enter the data will be graded.

The score will be lowered if a decision-making message is not responded to within 15 seconds of its appearance.

Learn more about the CritiCall preparation pack here.

IKM Data Entry Test

if you’re asked to do an IKM data entry assessment the company offers a wide range of data entry tests including:

  • Typing Test – Applicants have to transcribe text from a copy.
  • Technical Typing Test - Participants have to type a document that contains technology-related terminology.
    Ten Key Tests.
  • Filing – Candidates are required to choose the correct filing location based on dates, numbers, corporate names, and company names.
  • Data Entry – Numeric (F) Candidates are asked to enter numerical information.
  • Data Entry – Alphanumeric (F) Applicants are required to enter personal information and addresses.
  • Administrative Assistant - This assessment measures the core competencies required of an Administrative Assistant based on ability and personality tests.


Is Data Entry a Hard Skill to Learn?

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to quickly and accurately enter data into a computer if you have no previous experience. The good thing is there are no surprises when it comes to these types of tests. Therefore, if you're doing well while practicing, you'll be successful on the actual exam as well.

Do You Need Any Qualifications to Work in Data Entry?

There are no specific qualifications required, but you need knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • An understanding of Microsoft Excel or similar database programs.
  • Knowledge and use of Microsoft Word.
  • A high level of typing and transcription skills.
  • Data collection and research skills.

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