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Whether for a data entry job online or offline, data entry tests are designed to assess a candidate's ability to enter data (numbers and letters) quickly and accurately.

During data entry tests, candidates are asked to enter written, verbal, or audio data quickly and accurately. Additionally, they are given tables of information and must compare them to each other, cross checking for errors. The information that is compared and entered is typically in the context of item numbers, model numbers, a particular range of numbers (i.e. units/quantity or data with positive or negative numbers), and occasionally letters (i.e. IDs, addresses, pertinent information).

Data Entry Test Content

Data entry tests primarily focus on speed and accuracy, but some tests also assess a specific aspect of data entry. For example, some tests concentrate on alphanumeric data entry, numeric entering, data entry keystrokes, or 10 key data entry. Our Data Entry PrepPack™ will prepare you for each of the following tests. Start practicing today to ensure your success. 

  • Alphanumeric Data Entry – This type of test assesses a candidate's entry of letters and number. One example is dispatcher exams. Dispatchers have to enter caller information, addresses, emergency codes, and more.
  • Numeric Entering – This test primarily focuses on number entering. An example of this type of data entry work can be seen in accounting. Accountants constantly input numbers to produce financial results, reports, and more.
  • Data Entry Keystrokes – This can include letters, numbers, symbols, and spacing. Some examples of this type of data entry job are writers, bloggers, clerical clerks, and typists. Whether these data entry employees work online or offline, they use data entry keystrokes to complete their work. Sometimes writers and bloggers are asked to produce articles that are a particular length—spacing and punctuation included—so it is important for them to be able to produce quality work in a limited amount of time.
  • 10 Key Data Entry – While similar to numeric data entering, because it encompasses only numbers, on this particular data entry test, candidates are only allowed to use the group of keys on the right side of the keyboard.
  • Cross Referencing – This type of test requires candidates to read or listen (via audio) to information and input the data into the correct fields. 

Data Entry Test Format

Other than speed and accuracy, some tests assess additional job-related skills. These skills are primarily concentrated around three elements: 

  • Stress Management – This assesses a candidate's interaction and ability to work with multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Listening and Communication – This assesses a candidate's ability to focus on caller's needs while remaining calm and using the appropriate terminology. Additionally, it assesses a candidate's ability to provide direct and helpful solutions for callers.
  • Problem Solving – This assesses a candidate's way of problem-solving. This can include the way candidates acquire information from callers and various systems, the way they work through problems, and the way they explain the solution(s) to callers.

Although all these job-related aspects are assessed, it is important to note that candidates are often expected to perform these skills simultaneously and accurately.

Data Entry Test Duration

Tests that specifically assess data entry skills last between three to five minutes per section. However, it's important to note that most candidates are not able to finish entering or reviewing the content in time. The test is specifically designed this way.

Tests that assess data entry skills, in addition to other job-related skills (multitasking, analysis, listening and communications, problem-solving, attention to detail, etc.), can last up to 30 minutes.

Kenexa Prove It Data Entry Test

Kenexa, one of the world's largest assessment test providers, administers two distinct data entry tests.

Data Entry Alphanumeric Test

This test requires you to type data into a simulation of a database. It requires you to type both letters and numbers. The goal of this test is to measure your data entry speed and accuracy. It includes five records (each record on a different page), with eight fields apiece, which you are requested to fill by typing the letters or numbers presented at the side of the screen.

Data Entry 10-Key Test

This test requires you to type numbers into a simulation of a spreadsheet. The goal of this test is to measure your speed and accuracy when entering numeric data. The test includes five records (each record on a different row within the same page). There are eight fields on each record, which you are requested to fill by typing the numbers that present below. The "+" key or the "Enter" key will navigate you between fields. Each field contains between 4–6 numbers in an inconsistent order.

Data Entry Jobs

Many professional jobs use a form of data entry. Therefore, it's important to keep your typing and data entry skills up to par. Some jobs that use data entry are:

Accounting Clerks Assistants 911 Dispatchers
Typists Transcribers Customer Service Representatives
Administrative Positions Clerical Assistants Call Center Personnel

Even though these jobs share similar responsibilities, it is important to know the specific job qualifications expected of you during your time of employment.

Data Entry vs. Data Processing

While data entering and data processing might appear similar, they are different. Data entry focuses primarily on entering data and information. Data processing, on the other hand, involves collecting information and data and then analyzing, assessing, and determining what useful or helpful information can be extracted from the data. However, both jobs require employees to either enter or accurately assess data.

Prepare for a Data Entry Exam with JobTestPrep

Similar to typists, data entry clerks input information, data, and more into a variety of software, systems, and programs. Depending on the job, data entry clerks must possess higher levels of accuracy and typing speeds. To help prepare you for future data entry employment, JobTestPrep has created a PrepPack™ that includes data entry practice tests, test information and content, and job information. Start practicing now. 

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