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How to Become a Port Authority Police Officer

As your first hurdle in the hiring process, you will encounter the PAPD Police cognitive skills test. Passing this screening exam is a requirement for the continued consideration of your job application. You can expect a multi-faceted focus on logic, situational judgment, memory, mapping, reading, writing and math. Test preparation will increase your exam potential.

Like New York Police Exams and New Jersey Police Exams, preparing for the Port Authority Police exams provide a view of the types of questions you will face on the actual test. Sample questions further offer an essential review of the cognitive aptitudes covered in the NY/NJ Port Authority Police test. If the position of police officer with the PAPD is your employment aim, it is worth your time and effort to walk into the Port Authority pre-employment skills test well-prepared.

Other elements of the selection process mirror the qualifying exams of police departments across the U.S., such as medical and psychological examinations. Passing every phase of the hiring procedure is essential to wearing the badge of a PAPD officer.

Content of the Port Authority Police Test

The PAPD exam includes 10 aptitudes that are needed for the effective performance of police work:

  • Visualization – This skill involves the identification of a person or object that has been altered or re-positioned. Visualization also concerns the ability to detect minute differences between various objects.
  • Spatial Orientation – Mapping is the gist of the spatial orientation aptitude. You can expect to be given the start and end points on a specific map. The task is to determine the best route between the two.
  • Inductive Reasoning – Your job is to determine the rule or link found in each element of a set of objects or incidents.
  • Deductive Reasoning – Here, the task is to apply a given rule to a set of circumstances.
  • Memorization – Accurate police reports depend on the ability of officers to remember details of crime scenes and scenarios. Expect to study a picture for a few minutes. After the image is removed, you will find questions requiring an analysis, summary, conclusions and recall of information based on the contents of the picture.
  • Written Expression – This assessment concerns your ability to express yourself accurately and clearly in writing. The skill-set involves English usage, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Math word problems are presented, requiring two distinct approaches: A) Determine the arithmetic functions necessary to solve the problem; and B) Apply the functions to calculate the answer.
  • Reading Comprehension – How well do your understand what you have read? That is the question evaluated through the reading comprehension items in the PAPD Police exam. A passage is presented. The tasks are to extrapolate facts, recap the information and draw conclusions based solely on the passage.
  • Problem Sensitivity – You will be asked to identify the problems contained in a series of scenarios such as witness statements and descriptions of suspects.
  • Information Ordering – Sequencing is the subject of the information-ordering skill-set. In regard to this cognitive aptitude, the PAPD test includes items that require sentence or object sequencing pursuant to either logic or given rules and procedures.

Port Authority Police Department

The PAPD is responsible for the protection of all Port Authority of NY/NJ facilities. Structures secured by the PAPD include bridges, airports, World Trade Center, seaports in and around New York City and New Jersey, tunnels, two bus terminals, and the Port Authority Trans-Hudson train system (PATH). Per year, 500 million individuals make use of PA transit points.

NY/NJ PAPD Exam Preparation

A thorough PAPD test prep includes practice tests, Port Authority Police exam study guide, question & answer analysis and helpful exam strategies. The more you work on sample questions, the greater your test speed and accuracy. Study guide and Q & A analysis provide an understanding of the focus behind exam items and expected responses. JobTestPrep is developing PAPD practice pack geared toward your PAPD exam.

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