Pass the 2022 LEC Test with Tailored LEC Test Prep

What is the LEC Test?

The Law Enforcement Council of Connecticut (LEC) test is the initial screening stage for the Connecticut’s Police Force.

To pass the test and move on to the next stage, you should get a score of 70% or more.

What Is the LEC Test Content?

The test is administered online, via, and contains multiple-choice questions that will assess your following abilities:

High-School Level Math

Your ability to perform basic mathematic calculations on a high-school level (polynomials, functions, and equations).

Sample LEC Math Question

25x2-9y2 = ?

  1. (5x-3y)(5x+3y)
  2. 16(x-y)2
  3. (5x-3y)2
  4. 2(x-y)2

Language and Grammar

Your ability to use English properly and formulate correct sentences.

Sample LEC Language and Grammar Question

They seem to be grimly ____ to cling on to this ____ belief.

  1. Determination, errorneous
  2. Determined, erroneous
  3. Determined, eronerous
  4. None of the above

Reading Comprehension

Your ability to correctly interpret facts and ideas in texts.

Sample LEC Reading Comprehension Question

Over a billion people use Facebook, and Facebook allows them to place advertisements in order to reach just about any group of people imaginable. Some people prefer to advertise on Google, where they can find more active buyers. Yet, the advantage of Facebook is that it is a very popular network, enabling you to reach any segment of people, anywhere, within a very short setup time.

Anyone can create a Facebook advertisement by following three simple steps. First, you must register as a user on Facebook, if you don't already have an account. Next, you need to set up a Facebook profile page to represent your company or service. On your Page, you can promote items or services, interact with established customers, and create opportunities to reach new customers.

Finally, you advertise by reaching out to your customers with posts. Posts can be anything ranging from a notice of a summer sale to the announcement of a new product line.

Which one of these could NOT be regarded as a logical conclusion of the text?

  1. You cannot advertise on Facebook without an account.
  2. Google reaches more active buyers than Facebook.
  3. Facebook is popular among young people.
  4. You can communicate with customers by writing posts.

Who Takes the LEC Test?

Unlike the CPCA Test, used for various positions like certified police officers, animal control officers and dispatchers, the LCE Test is used exclusively as an entry-level positions, for people who wish to become police officers for the first time.

What Score Do You Need to Pass the CPCA Test?

The required score to pass the LCE Test is 70%. However, you should also consider the competition, and that candidates with higher scores will be preferred to lower-score candidates.

How to Pass the LCE Police Officer Exam?

Here are the three most crucial elements to focus on in order to pass the CPCA Test:

Learn How to Solve LCE Test questions

Many candidates mistakenly believe that in order to succeed on the LCE Test, they need to get a complete understanding of grammar, math, etc. That approach is usually detrimental rather than helpful.

To make the best of your time, and eventually get a higher score on the test, focus only on solving questions that appear on the actual LCE Exam.


Learn Proper Time Management

As in any psychometric test, time is a crucial factor in the LCE Test.

To make it to the top LCE test scorers, practice questions "vertically" (that is, many questions of the same type in a short amount of time). This strategy will get you used to fast-paced solving.


Learn from Your Mistakes

Unfortunately,, the LCE Test provider does not provide you with an LCE score analysis.

But you definitely want to know where you have mistaken BEFORE you take the actual test.

While practicing, read each explanation thoroughly, even if you got it right. That will help you to solve both better and quicker. It will also allow you to understand your weaker areas so you can prioritize your practice there.

What Are the Next Stages of the Connecticut Police Selection Process?

If you have successfully passed the LCE Test, you will move on to a multi-tiered selection process, which includes the following stages:

  • CHIP (Complete Health & Injury Prevention) Test – Physical ability assessment conducted by CertyFit.
  • Polygraph test
  • Background investigation
  • Psychological examination
  • Oral examination


I failed the LCE Test. How long should I wait before I can take it again?

If you failed (less than 70%) the LCE Test, you must wait 6 monhs before re-taking it. If you passed, you will have to wait 1 year before you can improve your score. In any case, you will be required to pay the testing fee again.

For how long is the LCE score valid?

The LCE Test score is valid for one year. To renew your eligibility afterwards, you need to re-take the exam and pay the testing fee.

Must I Pass the CHIP Test Before taking the LCE Test?

No. The CHIP physical ability assessment is part of the selection process which comes AFTER the LCE Test.



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