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What is the US Capitol Police Exam?

The US Capitol Police (USCP) is a federal law enforcement agency. They protect the Congress, its legislative processes, members, employees, visitors, and facilities from crime, disruption, or terrorism in Washington D.C. 

The National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST) is the written assessment used to evaluate candidates for the Capitol Police. It encompasses the fundamental knowledge needed for a candidate to succeed as a Capitol Police Officer.

The NPOST is a 75-minutes preliminary skills assessment commonly utilized by numerous American law enforcement bodies for their written exams for prospective police officers that typically involves the following sections:

  • Math - 20 questions, 20 minutes, basic arithmetic without calculators.
  • Reading - 25 questions, 25 minutes, interpreting and answering questions on policies or procedures.
  • Grammar - 20 questions, 15 minutes, selecting appropriate words to complete sentences or spotting misspellings.
  • Report Writing - 10 questions, 15 minutes, analyzing a police report and crafting concise, accurate sentences.

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U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Application Procedure

The USCP application procedure is designed to meticulously vet candidates for the role of Capitol Police Officer. It encompasses several stages and may last approximately six months.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Job Application Submission: Candidates must apply through the USAJobs platform.

  2. Background Verification: An assessment of the candidate's criminal history and credit status is conducted.

  3. Assessment Center Invitation: Eligible candidates are invited to partake in further evaluation.

  4. Written Examination: Applicants are required to take the Police Officer Selection Test (POST/NPOST), which covers basic math, reading comprehension, and English grammar. A passing score is at least 70 in each section.

  5. Physical Readiness Test (PRT): The test includes the Illinois Agility Test, a bench press subtest, and a 1.5-mile run to gauge physical fitness.

  6. Pre-Interview Process: A one-on-one interview to confirm submitted details and evaluate the candidate's suitability for the role.

  7. Applicant Orientation: An informational session on the USCP's mission and the various specializations and opportunities available within the force.

  8. Conditional Offer of Employment: Candidates may receive a conditional offer based on the completion of subsequent assessments.

  9. Screening Exams: This stage includes:

    • A polygraph test
    • A medical examination
    • A psychological evaluation
    • An extensive background check
  10. Structured Interview Panel: Candidates face a panel interview for further assessment of their qualifications.

  11. Selection & Training: Those who successfully pass all stages are selected and undergo formal training.



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