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Do you want to work at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority? For most jobs at the MTA, applicants need to pass both interviews and MTA employment exams. Learn more about the hiring process for jobs at the MTA, and get on your way to a new job today.

What is the Hiring Process at the MTA, MaBSTOA, and NYCT?

Many candidates are curious about the various steps that they will have to take to get hired at the MTA. Below we have outlined all of the stages of the hiring process, as well as tips for passing each one exam with ease.

Apply Online

You can apply for jobs at the MTA via their website. You need to have an email address in order to apply via the online system. Be sure to check the requirements for the job you are applying to before sending in your application.

For example, many jobs require a high school education (or a GED), and bus and train operator positions require a valid New York State driver's license. You can review your application before submitting it to ensure that you have included all the necessary parts, your contact information is correct, and you don't have any spelling mistakes.

MTA Employment Exams

Every position at the MTA has a different assessment test.

MTA Police Exam

The MTA Police Exam includes 200 questions and has a time limit of two and half hours. This test covers a wide variety of subjects, including logical reasoning (inductive and deductive reasoning), spatial orientation, verbal information processing, and visualization.

MTA Conductor Exam

This test evaluates the skills that MTA Conductors must use in their daily tasks. This includes understanding and utilizing information, solving problems and making decisions, displaying good interpersonal skills, knowing the major points of interest in New York City, and understanding military time.

MTA Bus Operator Exam

The exam for bus operators is called the BOSS and it is essentially a psychological or personality test. It is comprised of 200 questions which help to determine whether a candidate possesses the necessary personality traits to be a successful bus operator. Key qualities include patience, helpfulness, and keeping calm under stressful conditions.

MTA Bridge and Tunnel Officer Exam

This exam tests basic math skills, logical reasoning skills, problem sensitivity, and verbal reasoning skills, among others. Because the questions are of many different types, it is helpful to practice beforehand to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

MTA Toll Collector Exam

This test evaluates your basic math and arithmetic skills, your reading comprehension skills, and your ability to provide quality customer service.

MTA Station Agent Exam

Learn more about the requirements of this challenging test and try some sample questions in our MTA Station Agent Exam page

For sample questions and lots of info about assessments related to the MTA exams, check out our civil service exam page.

Drug Test and Medical Exam

Most jobs require a drug test, and others require candidates to pass a physical as well. 


This is the final stage of the hiring process and only candidates who successfully pass all of the previous stages will be invited to an interview. Be sure to dress neatly and professionally for your interview, even if the dress code for your desired job is casual. 

Additional Tests

For some positions, such as police officer, additional exams are required. These include job-specific exams which test job-related skills, knowledge tests following a course, and personality tests.


How Can I Prepare for the MTA Hiring Process?

JobTestPrep can help you ace every part of the hiring process. It is critical that you do well on your assessment tests because candidates are contacted for interviews based on how well they do on the exam. For example, even if two candidates both pass the test, the candidate with a higher grade will be contacted weeks or months earlier than the candidate who scored lower. JobTestPrep's tailored MTA study materials, which include realistic practice exams and study guides, can help you become familiar with the test's content and format, allowing you to go into your exam feeling confident and ready to succeed.

MTA Jobs

JobTestPrep's study guides, practice tests, and answer explanations can help you prepare for the application process for any of the following positions. 

Jobs at the MTA
Train Conductor Bus Operator Bridge and Tunnel Officer
Toll Collector Police Officer Detective
Bus Maintainer
Exam No. 8101
Light Maintainer
Exam No. 7608
Bus Maintenance Supervisor
Exam No. 8303
Car Maintainer
Exam No. 8710
Maintainer Supervisor
Exam No. 8401
Power Maintainer
Exam No. 8701
Supervisor Associate Cashier
Exam No. 8709
Structure Maintainer
Exam No. 8605
Cleaner Maintainer's Helper
Exam No. 7103
Track Worker
Exam No. 8704
Plant & Equipment Maintainer
Exam No. 8103
Car Inspector
Exam No. 8607
Electronic Equipment Maintainer
Exam No. 8618
Power Distribution Maintainer
Exam No. 8608
Storeroom Supervisor
Exam No. 7202
Tower Operator
Exam No. 6715
Transit Electro-Mechanical
Exam No. 7607-7712
Track Equipment Maintainer
Exam No. 7611
Structure Maintainer
Exam No. 8609
Line Supervisor
Exam No. 8102
Telephone Maintainer
Exam No. 8613
Elevator Specialist
Exam No. 8610
Revenue Equipment Maintainer
Exam No. 8615
Elevator and Escalator Maintainer
Exam No. 8619
Assistant Transit Management Analyst
Exam No. 8621
Transit Property Protection Agent
Exam No. 8623
Transit Electrical Helper
Exam No. 1601
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