New Jersey Law Enforcement Exam: Test Prep

The New Jersey Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) was designed by EB Jacobs to identify your knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the job. The exam is made up of three sections: Ability Test, Work Styles Questionnaire, and Life Experience Survey. The exam lasts for 3 hours.

The Ability Test section of the exam contains 48 multiple choice questions which are spread out over 6 sections: written expression, written comprehension, problem sensitivity, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and information ordering. It is recommended you spend 2 hours on this section of the exam.

The Work Styles Questionnaire is designed to assess certain motivational, value-related and attitudinal characteristics. It contains 103 statements with a rating scale of 1-5 going from strongly agree to strongly disagree. It is recommended that you split 45 minutes between this section and the Life Experience Survey section.

The Life Experience Survey consists of 68 multiple-choice questions related to your past history and experience. It is recommended that you split 45 minutes between this section and the Work Style Questionnaire section.

The selection process is highly competitive. In order to ensure your success, you must become familiar and understand the exam format to help you achieve a high score.

Ability Test Sections

Written Expression: This section will test your ability on reading and understanding written words and sentences. You will apply this skill on the job when reading policies and procedures.

Written Comprehension: This section of the LEE will test your ability to write sentences so others can understand. You will apply this skill when you need to write reports, memos, or affidavits.

Problem Sensitivity: This section tests your ability to tell if something is likely to go wrong. This may occur on the job while patrolling or interacting with individuals when you think that a situation is going to get worse.

Deductive Reasoning: This section will test your ability to apply rules to specific problems and to come up with logical answers.

Inductive Reasoning: This section will test your ability to combine separate pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. This will occur on the job when you are performing any type of investigation.

Information Ordering: This section will test your ability to correctly follow a rule or set of rules in order to arrange things in a certain order. You may use this skill when making an arrest or issuing a warrant.

NJ LEE Exam Prep with JobTestPrep

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