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What is the Nassau County Police Exam?

The Nassau County Police Exam is an essential requirement for those aspiring to join the police force in Nassau County, NY, and to become a Nassau County police officer. 

The approximately 3 hours long exam, updated to include the Law Enforcement Abilities Battery (LEAB) test, evaluates candidates across multiple dimensions to guarantee the candidate possesses the necessary policing skills.

The test will assess the following abilities:

  • Cognitive Abilities (Written Comprehension, Problem Sensitivity & Logical Reasoning)

This part of the assessment evaluates cognitive skills necessary for law enforcement duties. The test comprises 30 questions, each offering four possible responses. Candidates have 75 minutes to complete this section, challenging their ability to think critically and respond accurately under time constraints.

  • Work Style Questionnaire 

This part of the exam delves into the candidates' work-related preferences and situational responses. It consists of 135 statements, and candidates are required to express their level of agreement or disagreement on a scale from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree). Although this section is not timed, it is recommended to be completed within 25 minutes. 

  • Life Experience 

Focusing on the candidates' past behaviors and experiences, this survey measures their compatibility with the demands and ethical standards of law enforcement. It includes 135 questions, designed to reveal patterns in behavior and decision-making. Despite not having time-restrictions, completing it within 75 minutes is advised.

Together, these three sub-tests of the Nassau County Police Exam present a holistic evaluation of the candidates, ensuring that only those with the necessary civil service values, cognitive skills, work ethic, and personal experiences are considered for the role of a Nassau County police officer.

Additional famous police exams in NY are the NYPD Police Exam, MTA Examand the NYS Police Test. 

Nassau County Police Exam Sample Questions

1. Ability Test - Written Comprehension

Passage: "In the city of Brooksdale, a new ordinance has been passed requiring all businesses to close by 10 PM to reduce late-night disturbances. Exceptions are granted only for emergency services and pharmacies. The local police have been instructed to enforce this ordinance strictly. However, they are also advised to show discretion in situations where businesses are in the process of closing but have not yet fully vacated their customers."

Question: As a police officer in the city of Brooksdale, what action should you take if you notice a restaurant still serving customers at 10:15 PM?

A) Issue a citation immediately for violating the ordinance.
B) Observe whether the restaurant is actively closing and decide based on its progress.
C) Allow the restaurant to continue as it is not an emergency service or pharmacy.
D) Report the restaurant to your supervisor for further instructions.

Answer:  The correct answer is B) Observe whether the restaurant is actively closing and decide based on its progress.
Justification: The passage specifies that police officers are instructed to enforce the ordinance strictly but also advises discretion in cases where businesses are in the process of closing. Immediate citation (A) or ignoring the situation (C) would not align with this guidance. Reporting to a supervisor (D) could be an eventual step but not before assessing the situation directly as instructed.

Several candidates are often required to take a personality test as well as a cognitive assessment. Check out our Police Psych Test for more information.

2. Work Styles Questionnaire

Statement: "I find that adhering strictly to rules and procedures can sometimes hinder effective problem-solving in unexpected and challenging situations."

1) Strongly Disagree
2) Disagree
3) Neutral
4) Agree
5) Strongly Agree


The most balanced and generally favorable response would be to show a degree of agreement, while not completely disregarding the importance of rules and procedures. Therefore, choosing "3) Neutral" or "4) Agree" as main options might be most appropriate. Here's why:

  • 3) Neutral: This response indicates that you understand the value of rules and procedures, but you also recognize that flexibility can be important in certain unexpected situations. It suggests that you can adapt to different circumstances while considering the importance of established protocols.

  • 4) Agree: This answer shows that you appreciate the necessity of flexibility and adaptability in law enforcement, especially when faced with unpredictable situations. It indicates that you're capable of thinking critically and making decisions that might require stepping outside standard procedures when the situation warrants it.

In law enforcement, being able to balance adherence to rules with understanding the need for quick, adaptive decision-making in varying situations is crucial. Your response should reflect an understanding of this balance.

3. Life Experience Survey

Question: During your previous employment, if you were faced with a situation where a colleague was bending the rules for personal gain, how did you respond?

A) Reported the incident to a supervisor immediately.
B) Confronted the colleague directly to discuss the issue.
C) Ignored the situation as it did not directly affect your work.
D) Consulted with another colleague to decide on the best course of action.

Answer: The most suitable answer depends on the candidate's values, ethical standards, and workplace dynamics. However, from a law enforcement perspective, the ideal response would likely be A) Report the incident to a supervisor immediately.
Justification: This choice reflects a commitment to integrity and proper protocol, which are crucial in law enforcement. The other options, while potentially valid in different contexts, may not demonstrate the same level of adherence to ethical standards critical in policing.

If you find you are looking for additional practice, you can access more Police Exam sample questions with our Free Police Practice Test.

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