Ohio Law Enforcement Selection Test (OH-SELECT) Preparation

OH-SELECT Test Format

The Ohio Law Enforcement Selection Inventory (OH-SELECT) was designed by IO Solutions to select law enforcement officers in Ohio. The exam consists of 185 multiple-choice questions or rating scales. There are two parts to the exam.

The first part of the exam assesses your cognitive abilities required for the job. It consists of 60 multiple choice questions and 12 sections.

The second part of the exam contains 125 statements on a rating scale. This part of the exam assesses various attitudes and personality characteristics.

You will be allowed a total of 2 hours to complete both sections of the OH-SELECT exam. By becoming familiar with the exam and all the sections you are setting yourself up to succeed.

Test Sections

The OH-SELECT test contains 13 sections. The first 12 sections measure cognitive skills required to be a successful police officer. The last section, personality traits, measures various attitudes and characteristics that you need for the job.

  • Verbal Comprehension: This section will test your ability to read and comprehend written words and sentences.
  • Verbal Expression: In this section of the test you will be asked to choose the correct spelling of a word, detect misspelled words in a sentence, select the proper punctuation in a sentence and choose the correct phrase to complete a sentence.
  • Problem Sensitivity: In this section of the OH-SELECT, you will be asked to read a short passage. You will need to determine what is most likely to be the main problem in the situation that is presented in the passage.
  • Deductive Reasoning: When you take the OH-SELECT, you may be asked to read a passage that explains a hypothetical department’s policies and procedures. You will then be given a specific situation related to the policies, and you will have to decide the best course of action.
  • Inductive Reasoning: In this section of the exam, you will be given tables of information, bar graphs or pie charts. You will be asked to make general conclusions based on the information provided in these tables and charts.
  • Information Ordering:  You will be asked to place five or six statements in either chronological or logical order. You will also be asked which statements come before or after other given statements.
  • Number Facility: This section tests your ability to calculate answers in simple arithmetic problems; using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: This math section involves more complex skills, such as determining averages, percentages or proportions
  • Spatial Orientation: This section of the OH-SELECT tests your ability to tell where you are in relation to the location of some object or to tell where the object is in relation to you.
  • Visualization: This section of the exam assesses your ability to imagine how something will look when it is moved around or when its parts are removed or rearranged.
  • Flexibility of Closure: This section tests your ability to identify or detect a known object, such as a number or a picture, which is hidden among similar objects.
  • Selective Attention: This section of the exam tests your ability to concentrate on a task without getting distracted.
  • Personality Traits: This section will consist of statements where you will have to chose one of five answers; strongly agree, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree, strongly disagree.

OH-SELECT Test Prep with JobTestPrep

The OH-SELECT police exam assesses your cognitive abilities, various attitudes and personality characteristics that are required for the job. To increase your chances of being hired as a law enforcement officer in Ohio, you must aim to get a high score. In order to do so, you must prepare for the exam. We provide practice tests and study guides to prepare you for the OH-SELECT test so you will increase your chances of gaining a high score. Start preparing for the OH-SELECT test today.

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