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Colorado Police Exams

Each police department requires their own exam. Even though some departments use the same test you will need to check with your department to see which exam they require. Below is a list of Colorado police departments and their exams.


The exam which is required by the Aurora Police Department is the Ergometrics Frontline Video Exam and the Frontline Reading Test. The Reading test assesses competency to read at a minimum level determined by the department. The Video Exam assesses skills in Judgement, Human Interaction, Responding Calmly to Provocation, Unbiased Enforcement, Ethics and Social Maturity, Handling Authority, Gaining Cooperation and Observation and Analysis.


To join the Denver Colorado police department, you have to take two exams. You will need to take a written exam and a video exam. The written exam is the entry-level police written test by Fire & Police Selection, Inc. The video exam is the FrontLine National Video-Based Human Relations and Judgment Test.

The written test is a computerized test that measures your writing ability skills and human relation skills. You will have 3 hours to complete the entire Written Test. You need a passing score of 65.

  • The writing ability section of the exam is comprised of 44 questions. This includes topics in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and ease of understanding.
  • The human relation skills are comprised of 62 questions. It tests your ability to work under stressful conditions, integrity, ethics, decision-making, self-control, maintain confidentiality, interpersonal skills, teamwork, ability to follow rules, and demonstrate respect for others.

The video test will be given immediately after the written test. The video test measures skills in human interactions, responding calmly to provocation, unbiased enforcement, situational judgment, ethics, social maturity, and handling authority. The video test is scored, but it is not a pass/fail test. The Video Test is worth a maximum of 100% of the total exam score.

State Trooper

In order to become a Colorado State Trooper you must take the CWH Next Generation Entry Level Law Enforcement Aptitude Test. This written exam is comprised of 136 multiple choice questions. The questions include basic skills in reading comprehension and grammar, situational judgment, and conditional reasoning. You will be given 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the test.

Take a look at other States Police Exams and Assessment Companies that provide Police Exams.

Exams by Assessment Company

Exams by State

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