Hawaii Police Exams

Hawaii is the only state that does not currently have a statewide police standards board. Each agency and jurisdictions requirements to become a Hawaii police officer vary. However, most law enforcement agencies in Hawaii have similar basic standards. Also each police department in Hawaii may choose the entry level exam they require you to take in order to become an officer. Even though the exams may be different they all measures basic skills and abilities required to be a successful police officer.

Sample Questions

Reviewing sample questions is another way to prepare for the exam. By trying our sample questions in commonly found test sections you can get a glimpse of what actual test questions will be like on the exam.

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HI Police Exam Prep with JobTestPrep

We designed custom made police practice tests to make it feel like you are taking the actual exam. Familiarizing yourself with the test will prepare you for the exam, and will increase your chances of acing the exam. Try our Police Premium Pack which includes over 1,500 questions and answers along with a personality test to prepare for the highly competitive selection process.

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