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Georgia Police Exams

To become a police officer in Georgia, you must take a written exam. The Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training (GA POST) requires you to take the ASSET or COMPASS tests. Whereas, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police recommends the Morris & McDaniel police exam.

Georgia POST Exams

The GA POST tests are provided by ACT. The difference between the two exams is that the ASSET is a pencil and paper exam, whereas the COMPASS is a computer-based exam. You may use an approved ACT calculator on the exam.

The ASSET test consists of two parts: Basic Skills, and Advanced Mathematics. The first part consists of three sections-reading, writing, and numerical reasoning. You will be given 25 minutes to complete each section, for a total of 75 minutes.

  • Reading: measures your ability to find specific information in text and to make logical inferences that extend beyond the text information. You will need a score of 38 to pass.
  • Writing: measures your understanding of appropriate usage in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing strategy, and writing style. To pass you will need a score of 35.
  • Numerical Reasoning: assesses your knowledge and skills in the performance of basic math operations using whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. This test may also measures pre-algebra knowledge and skills such as your understanding of prime numbers, absolute values, scientific notation, and square roots. A passing score in this section is 35.

The COMPASS test consists of three sections- reading, writing and numerical reasoning. This exam has no time limit.

  • Reading: has two categories: referring and reasoning. Referring questions are based on information that is found in a reading passage. Reasoning assesses your ability to make inferences, developing critical understanding of a text and determining specific meaning of words based on the surrounding context. You will need a score of 70 to pass.
  • Writing: In this section you will presented with one or more passages each containing several errors. When an error occurs, you will need to click on that section of the passage and several alternative segments of the text will appear and you will have to select, what you think is the correct replacement. The section assesses your knowledge and skills in usage and mechanics as well as skills in writing strategy, organization and style. A passing score in this section is 32.
  • Numerical: tests your skills in numerical skills/pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. To pass you will need a score of 26.

Some departments may specify which exam they would like you to take. Some departments also accept the SAT, ACT, CPE exams. Please refer to your local department to find out which exam you will need to take.

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GA Police Exam Prep with JobTestPrep

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