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Applying for a civil service job? If so, you will most likely encounter a civil service exam. JobTestPrep will help you prepare for various civil service exams. We have over 250 customized Civil Service Practice Packs for different civil service professions and states. Start preparing now with our civil service practice packs!
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The US government employs 22 million federal, state, and local government employees. Each month over 350,000 new positions are offered throughout the country, and the competition is substantial. Dozens of candidates apply for each position, and only a top passing score on the civil service exam will grant you a place on the civil service eligible list and get you the job you want.

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About Civil Service Jobs

If you are looking for a civil service job you will have to search government sites, since a civil servant is an employee of the government. There are a wide range of civil service jobs. Learn more about Civil Service Exams by Profession.

Applying for a Civil Service Job

It is very important to understand how to apply for a government job. While some positions only require submission of a resume and/or filling in a questionnaire, other positions require passing a written test. An applicant can find whether they need to pass a test by looking at the job posting. This will list which test, if any, is required, and will specify the different types of questions included in the exam.

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What are Civil Service Exams?

Anyone interested in a federal, state, or local government job may encounter a written test, known as civil service exam or civil service test, through the application process. The exam may include job-specific questions, but for the most part it assesses different mental abilities that are required for the specific government job you apply for.

Federal, State, or Local Civil Service Exams

Civil service exams differ between the different branches of the government, and even between states, counties, and municipalities. Some positions have unique types of tests.

For example, some federal agencies, such as the FBI and the postal services, develop and conduct their own Federal Exams.

State civil service exams usually determine the nature of the local municipal government exams, since the state determines the judicial system of all of its counties and municipalities. It is recommended to find specific exam information in the relevant civil service commission website. Check out the map below to learn more about your state civil service exam.

How to Prepare for Civil Service Exams

It is highly important to study for civil service tests. The test commonly measures cognitive abilities. You can enhance your score by learning about the test structure and question types in advance, and by completing practice tests. Get this and more with our comprehensive civil service exam practice pack.

If you have to study for more than one test, we have a Premium Membership to allow you to study for as many civil service exams you need in an organized manner with a 12 month subscription. Our Platinum Edition gives you a 6 month subscription to all of our questions by category, not as an organized unit according to the test you are specifically applying to.

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Why JobTestPrep?

As leaders in the field of online test preparation, JobTestPrep helps you achieve top-level scores on Civil Service Exams to enter your name on the eligibility lists for civil service jobs. Our team of experts developed the ideal Civil Service Exam test preparation:

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