The McCann police test is made up of two booklets. Booklet I consists of 30 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. Booklet II consists of 70 questions with a time limit of 135 minutes. The questions will be one of five formats. Regular format, understand and interpreting police text format, the police judgement format, the observation test format and the map reading format.

Booklet I

The Observation Test is designed to measure your ability to observe facts and to draw direct inferences from the facts you observe. In this section you will be given a picture. You will be allowed to study the picture for 10 minutes. After which the picture will be taken away and you will then be asked questions based on the picture.

Booklet II

The Regular Format asks a question based on a “stem” (a statement). You will then have to choose an answer that is the best reason or most advisable course of action.

The Understanding and Interpreting Police Text format, also referred to as the interpreting text material section of the test, asks questions based on a quote. The question may ask you to interpret the quotation or draw a conclusion from it.

The Police Judgement format also referred to as reasoning ability questions consist of five different kinds of questions designed to measure your ability in applying reasoning in a police situation. These questions measure your ability to recognize relationships between facts, to recognize the relevance or lack of relevance of facts, the ability to make deductive judgments from the facts given, and to reach correct conclusions.

In the Map Reading section, you will be given a map and will then be asked questions based on the map. For example, a question may ask you how to get from point 'a' to point 'b' the quickest way following the laws of traffic, it will then give you directions of how to get from point 'a' to point 'b'.

All questions on the McCann police test measures abilities which are important to be a successful police officer. Most of the questions deal with situations that you will encounter as a police officer. Remember no prior experience in police work is needed to take the exam, however, reviewing practice tests will help you prepare for the exam.

McCann Police Test Preparation

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