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What is a Police Officer Exam?

Police exams assess the most important cognitive abilities necessary for success in entry-level police officer jobs. This includes reading, writing making conclusions, following directions and memorizing information.


What Is Included in the Police Practice Packs?

The subjects and sections of your particular state or local police entrance exam are included on the job listing for that specific position. Click here to learn more about question types that commonly appear on the police written exam.

Police Officer Exam Content

To be initially accepted into the police department you must pass the entry-level police officer exam. The exam includes the following subjects:

  • Reading Comprehension – These questions assess how well you understand written material. In this section, you are presented with a passage followed by questions that must be answered based on the information presented.

Reading Comprehension Sample Question

Read the following text, and choose the correct answer.

"In-House Water Purification Systems

Researchers from CU have developed a new technology that allows us to finally get our water purification system inside the house. The filtering technology is still Reverse Osmosis but filters will be much smaller which will allow you to fit the filtering system inside a normal size closet. In addition, a new chemical process will now prevent the release of bad odors inside the house or office. In-house water purification systems are a significant step towards giving people who do not own a yard a chance to re-use water.

The research team, supported and collaborated by AquaTech, a UK water purification company, describes the new system of in-house water purification as “possibly being the greatest leap forward since the invention of reverse osmosis systems.” AquaTech's spokeswoman Lauren Harper has announced that AT is focused on developing a device according to the new technology, hoping to make it available to the public by the next summer. This product will be called Aqua Guard Micro (AGM). AGM is supposed to replace the popular AGP in the future, and allow also residents of a tenement or an office building to purify their water.

Other companies in the UK also conspire to release an in-house device but it seems that right now AT has a slight advantage in research. In-house water purification systems account for one more major improvement: it provides a greater percentage of usable water from exploited water: AGM produces 0.75 Liters of ready to use water per Liter of water inserted in the device."

Statement: The new feature of the AGM will enable filtering water through reverse osmosis.
What is the truth value of the statement?

Cannot say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is False.

The new feature of the AGM will allow water purification systems to be installed inside houses due to smaller filters and a new chemical that prevents the release of bad odours. Reverse osmosis isn't a new feature as it was used in previous systems as well.


  • Grammar & Spelling – This section tests your knowledge of English grammar as well as your ability to spell words correctly.
  • Evaluating Conclusions in Light of Known Facts – In this section, you must determine whether a statement follows or doesn't follow the information provided to you.
  • Written Expression – These questions require you to properly structure sentences and paragraphs in order to clearly express yourself in writing.
  • Following Directions – To solve these questions, you must properly understand general rules and apply them correctly to given situations.
  • Memorization – These questions test your ability to remember information, such as pictures, numbers, or words. You are presented with a selection and given five minutes to memorize it, after which the selection is removed and you are asked questions.

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