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What is a Police Officer Exam?

Police exams assess the most important cognitive abilities necessary for success in entry-level police officer jobs. This includes reading, writing making conclusions, following directions and memorizing information.


What Is Included in the Police Test Prep?

The subjects and sections of your particular state or local police entrance exam are included on the job listing for that specific position. Click here to learn more about question types that commonly appear on the police written exam.

Police Officer Exam Content

To be initially accepted into the police department you must pass the police written test, also known as the police written exam. This police test includes the following subjects:

  • Reading Comprehension – These questions assess how well you understand written material. A police officer is expected to understand various types of documents including instructional content and reports, which is why this appears in the police written test.

In this section, you are presented with a passage followed by questions that must be answered based on the information presented.

Reading Comprehension Sample Question 1

Read the following text, and choose the correct answer.

"In-House Water Purification Systems

Researchers from CU have developed a new technology that allows us to finally get our water purification system inside the house. The filtering technology is still Reverse Osmosis but filters will be much smaller which will allow you to fit the filtering system inside a normal size closet. In addition, a new chemical process will now prevent the release of bad odors inside the house or office. In-house water purification systems are a significant step towards giving people who do not own a yard a chance to re-use water.

The research team, supported and collaborated by AquaTech, a UK water purification company, describes the new system of in-house water purification as “possibly being the greatest leap forward since the invention of reverse osmosis systems.” AquaTech's spokeswoman Lauren Harper has announced that AT is focused on developing a device according to the new technology, hoping to make it available to the public by the next summer. This product will be called Aqua Guard Micro (AGM). AGM is supposed to replace the popular AGP in the future, and allow also residents of a tenement or an office building to purify their water.

Other companies in the UK also conspire to release an in-house device but it seems that right now AT has a slight advantage in research. In-house water purification systems account for one more major improvement: it provides a greater percentage of usable water from exploited water: AGM produces 0.75 Liters of ready to use water per Liter of water inserted in the device."

Statement: The new feature of the AGM will enable filtering water through reverse osmosis.
What is the truth value of the statement?

A. True

B. False

C. Cannot Say



The new feature of the AGM will allow water purification systems to be installed inside houses due to smaller filters and a new chemical that prevents the release of bad odours. Reverse osmosis isn't a new feature as it was used in previous systems as well.

Therefore, the answer is B.


Reading Comprehension Sample Question 2


A prolonged labor market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise and many workers are becoming excluded from the labor market. The shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labor market conditions in states hit by the debt crisis. The depressed employment situation has been accompanied by growing job precariousness for those who have a job. The incidence of part-time work has risen significantly as has that of temporary employment.

Given the significant slowdown in economic growth, job loss can increase severely as businesses tend to decrease expenditure, leading to higher unemployment. At the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and this, in turn, has reduced the growth in self-employment.

Measures that will increase employment and speed up economic growth should be taken promptly. Given the impossibility of financing expenditures with deficits, one can realistically suggest budget-neutral increases in training programs and subsidies to businesses. This must be coupled with government programs to facilitate credit to small- and medium- sized businesses, financed with increases in taxes in other areas such as environmental or tourist taxes that will not distort the economy adversely.

Which of the following is NOT given as a cause of the labor market recession?

A. The application of austerity measures

B. Reduced business expenditures

C. The proliferation of part-time jobs

D. Employment instability

E. Lack of financial support for small and medium-sized businesses

F. Increased unemployment



The question asks us to identify 5 causes (or potential causes) of the recession and 1 that is not a cause. Let us go over the distractors and find the corresponding sections in the text that relate to them:

A. Given as a cause: ’the shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labor market conditions’.
B. Given as a cause: ’job loss can increase severely as businesses tend to decrease expenditure’.
C. Given as a symptom: ’the depressed employment situation has been accompanied by… part-time work has risen significantly..’. In other words the proliferation of part-time jobs is a symptom of increased unemployment, not a cause of it.
D. Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labor market recession is in the making as...many workers are becoming excluded from the labor market’.
E. Given as a result and a consequent cause: ’at the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and in turn reduced the growth in self-employment,’ which in turn negatively effects the labor market.
F. Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labor market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise’.
The only answer that is not a cause or a potential cause of the labor crisis is: answer C.

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  • Grammar & Spelling – This section tests your knowledge of English grammar as well as your ability to spell words correctly.

Grammar & Spelling Sample Question 1

Which of these options is not grammatically correct?

A. The delivery must be made before the principal arrives in the morning.

B. If you don't charge your phone at night, it will not work in the morning.

C. When the team returns from practice, a lot of work needs to be completed

D. The information can be found between books, websites and journals.



When you have three or more objects, the word "among" should be used. "Between" should only be used when referring to two objects; for example, "He walked between the house and the shed."

Therefore, the answer is D. None of the others have grammatical mistakes.


Grammar & Spelling Sample Question 2

The following sentence has two or more words missing.
In the Arctic, the sparse population living in ____ communities across ____ distances means it can be hard to relieve a ship in distress. In addition, there are fears over how to cope with an environmental ____ .

Choose the answer choice which provides the best options to fill the gaps.

A. minuscule, immense, disaster

B. miniscule, immense, dissaster

C. miniscul, imense, disaster

D. minuscule, immence, disasster

E. minnuscule, imensse, disaster  



The correct spelling is "minuscule", "immense", "disaster". The rest of the options are misspelt.

Therefore, the right answer is A.


The officer test prep materials offered include grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation & capitalization practice tests- 12 in total. These will help you join the ranks of police officers by passing the hiring process.


  • Deductive Reasoning & Inductive Reasoning – In this section, you must apply rules and or regulations to specific situations, and arrive at the logical conclusions. You may also be asked to identify rules or concepts to fit a given situation.

Deductive Reasoning Sample Question 1

Read the text, and answer the following question.

Burns are classified as first-, second-, or third-degree, depending on how severe they are and how deeply they penetrate the skin's surface.

First-Degree Burns (Superficial)
Superficial first-degree burns affect only the epidermis, or outer layer of skin. In most cases, superficial first-degree burns are caused by mild sunburns or flash burns. The burn site is red, painful, and dry, but it will have no blisters. Long-term tissue damage is rare and usually consists of an increase or decrease in the skin color. Pain usually lasts 48 to 72 hours and then subsides.
Healing occurs in 3-5 days, with the injured epithelium peeling away from the healthy skin.
Treatment to manage the pain may include cold compresses, lotion, and antibiotic ointments (acetaminophen or ibuprofen). However, for most first-degree burns medical attention is rarely necessary.

Second-degree burns can be classified as partial or full thickness:

Second-Degree Burns (Partial Thickness Burns)
Partial thickness burns involve the epidermis and the upper part of the dermis layer of skin. The burn site appears red, blistered, and may be swollen. It can also appear wet and is usually painful. This type of burn should heal in several weeks (10-21 days) without grafting, and scarring is usually minimal.

Second-Degree Burns (Full Thickness Burns)
Full thickness burns involve the destruction of the entire epidermis and most of the dermis (second layer of skin). The burn site can be red or white in appearance, and it will appear dry and be very painful. This type of burn should heal in several weeks (21-35 days) without grafting, and scarring is usually minimal.

Treatment depends on the severity of the burn and may include antibiotic ointments, daily cleaning of the wound, and dressing changes one or two times a day. Pain treatment is the same as for first-degree burns.

Third-Degree Burns
Third-degree burns destroy the epidermis and dermis and may even go into the subcutaneous tissue (muscle, bones, etc.). The burn site may appear dry, white, or charred. Third-degree burns are not painful due to the serious damage done to the nerves. Third-degree burns are incredibly dangerous as they can lead to shock and ultimately death.
Third-degree burns require immediate emergency medical attention. Burn recovery will require sterile environments and intravenous antibiotics or antibiotic creams as the possibility of infection is high. Tetanus is one such infection and that is why aa tetanus shot is given. Even small areas may take months to heal. Scarring is a certainty, and in almost all cases of third degree burns it is necessary for the victim to receive skin grafts.

A second-degree burn that does not cover more than 10 percent of the skin's surface can usually be treated in an outpatient setting. The same does not apply to third-degree burns.

QUESTION: Michael Ostrovsky is the victim of a fire incident that occurred today in a public library. He was hospitalized in the emergency room for painful red burns on his forearm as well as smoke inhalation. It appears as though only the outer layer of the skin was damaged. Which type of burn is Michael suffering from?

A. First degree

B. Second degree (partial thickness)

C. Second degree (full thickness)

D. Third degree



From the question: "It appears as though only the outer layer of the skin was damaged."

From the text: "Superficial first-degree burns affect only the epidermis, or outer layer of skin."

This means that the burns described in the question are first degree.

Therefore, the correct answer is A.


Deductive Reasoning Sample Question 2

Read the text, and answer the following question.

Psychopathy, also known as (though sometimes distinguished from) sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior and an inability to feel empathy and remorse. Additionally, almost all psychopaths show disinhibited or bold behavior. Psychopathy may also be defined as a continuous aspect of personality, representing scores on different personality dimensions found throughout the population in varying combinations. Psychopaths have no true remorse for their actions, the hurt they inflict on others, or the laws they break. They may be good at pretending and saying they have remorse, but the bottom line is that they do not change their behavior for long. A psychopath's pretense of remorse is simply to convince the person they are trying to con that they have “changed."

QUESTION: From the information given above, it can be validly concluded that

A. It is impossible for a psychopath to show empathy or remorse.

B. There are some psychopaths who show inhibitory or non-bold behavior.

C. If someone is not a psychopath, then he or she can feel at least some empathy towards others.

D. Psychopaths do not change their behavior patterns

E. Psychopaths are all sociopaths



According to the passage, almost all psychopaths show disinhibited or bold behavior. The keywords "almost all" lead to the conclusion that there are at least some psychopaths who actually do not show disinhibited behavior ("not being disinhibited" means being "inhibited"), and at least some do not show bold behavior (thus showing non-bold behavior). Therefore, answer (B) is the correct answer.

Answer (A): Although psychopaths cannot feel empathy or remorse, it is possible for them to show empathy as a form of deceit. Such a scenario is described in the second to last sentence of the passage (e.g., psychopaths may be good at pretending and saying they have remorse). Thus, answer (A) is incorrect.

Answer (C): There is no given information about those who are not psychopaths, and thus answer (C) is incorrect in assuming something about all people who are not psychopaths.

Answer (D): The second to last sentence of the passage states that psychopaths can indeed change their behavior, just not for long. Thus, answer (D) is incorrect.

Answer (E): Although it is said that psychopaths are known to others as sociopaths, they are sometimes distinguished from them. Thus, it is not possible for all psychopaths to be sociopaths, as some are not. Therefore, answer (E) is incorrect.


Deductive & Inductive Reasoning tests appear in many police hiring process tests. The practice questions in the preparation pack we offer each come with a detailed solution to help you answer quickly and accurately during the written test.


  • Written Expression – These questions require you to properly structure sentences and paragraphs in order to clearly express yourself in writing.

Written Expression Sample Question 1

Select the sentence that best expresses the ideas contained in the sentences above it. Take your time, and concentrate.
Remember to be aware of grammatical errors, inappropriate transitions, unsupported opinions, incorrect usage, wordiness, and illogical sentence order.

  • David was a high school teacher
  • David was 35 years old.
  • David had been working at University High School for seven years.

Select the sentence that best expresses the ideas contained in the sentences above.


A. David was a 35 year old teacher who had been working at University High School for seven years.

B. A 35 year old high school teacher at University High School, David had been working for seven years.

C. For seven years, David was a 35 years old at University High School as a teacher.

D. Working at University High School for seven years, David was a 35 year old teacher.



Answer A is correct because it best expresses the ideas in the sentences above.

Answer B is incorrect because it says that David has been working, but doesn't specify that he was working at University High School for seven years.

Answer C is incorrect because it says that David was 35 years old for seven years.

Answer D is incorrect because it is vague, is David now 35 after working for seven years?


The New York City Department uses written expression tests in its police written test. Using a practice test is a great way to boost your chances of getting into the New York Police Department!


  • Following Directions – To solve these questions, you must properly understand general rules and apply them correctly to given situations.

Following Directions Sample Question 1

After leaving the clinic, Thomas drives one block west, 7 blocks south, 2 blocks west, 2 blocks north, and 2 blocks east. Which direction must Thomas go to get back to the clinic?

A. East

B. West

C. South

D. North



Since West & East are oppositional and North & South are as well, we can use arithmetic to deduce what directions Thomas must go to get back to his original destination.

Thomas went 2 blocks west and 2 blocks east.


these cancel each other out, which means the answer is either C or D.

Thomas also went 7 blocks south and 2 blocks north.


Since Thomas went more south then north, he is currently south of the clinic. This means he must go north to get there, which means the right answer is D.


Following Directions questions also use images sometimes, and you may be allowed to use drawings to your advantage.

The police practice pack we offer comes with multi media tutorials for this section, including map-based questions and solutions.


  • Memorization – These questions test your ability to remember information, such as pictures, numbers, or words. You are presented with a selection and given five minutes to memorize it, after which the selection is removed and you are asked questions.

Memorization Sample Question 1

Read and memorize the following text, and answer the following question without going back to the text for answers (use your memory!).

Incident Report:

IndiGo flight, 7E-89 from Singapore to Delhi which departed from Singapore yesterday, May 15, 17:50 (local time Singapore) had to be diverted to Phuket in Thailand due to the medical emergency on board. Mr. Ramesh Chada had collapsed and fell unconscious near the lavatory. Thereby crew immediately informed the captain about his medical condition, who decided to divert the flight to Phuket for landing, and further informed the airport for an ambulance. Two passengers travelling on-board identified themselves as doctors who together with IndiGo crew administered all necessary medical aid to Mr. Chada. IndiGo Captain requested the ATC for a priority landing, to address this medical emergency that occurred on the flight. After landing, the ambulance came and Mr. Chada was rushed to the nearby hospital - where he passed away.
Pilot was overhead Phuket when the attending Dr. advised him to land immediately. Bangkok is an enroute alternate for Singapore /Delhi sector for IndiGo and our online station. Handling and further departure of our fight from BKK would have been operationally easier for IndiGo but it was 1 hour and 20 minutes away from this point. Due to an emergency of immediate nature, pilot landed at Phuket to provide immediate medical attention to the man in need.
In the meantime, remaining passengers had to wait in the aircraft; as A-320 certified engineer who was required for regular inspection of the aircraft, was not available at Phuket. IndiGo then established contact with Thai Airways for a certified engineer. Once it was confirmed that Thai Airways engineer will not certify the aircraft, IndiGo alternatively asked Bangkok Flight Services if they can get the certification done through any airline in Phuket, but unfortunately this service was not available at this hour of the night. We also asked our third party if they could arrange for a certified engineer as a one-time arrangement but they could also give the option of Thai airways only. Unfortunately, while we were trying to arrange a qualified engineer in Phuket, the other passengers had to wait onboard, because we were not sure whether we would be able to fly out at short notice or have to wait much longer till the qualified engineer was available in the morning. We understand that this has been a very difficult time for our passengers, especially the children and elderly on board but the IndiGo crew did assist them as best as they could.
All passengers on board were served complimentary food and beverages on priority. Keeping passengers’ convenience in mind, IndiGo team simultaneously made arrangements to accommodate them in the nearby hotel until next morning. However, before this, the team facilitated all visa requirements for those Indian nationals on board, who needed a visa to clear immigration.
Due to this medical emergency, IndiGo flight has been delayed by 16 hours and has landed at the Delhi airport, 5:47 pm, India Standard Time. Hence, IndiGo ensured to extend all services required by passengers in the hotel, including meals and making ISD phone calls to inform family members of the flight's possible delay. All expenses pertaining to these additional services were borne by IndiGo. While deplaning at Delhi all the passengers thanked the IndiGo crew for taking care of them.
We understand the sensitivity of such situations; hence our crew on-board ensured that Mr. Chada received all necessary medical attention from our on-ground staff and the airport authorities. Our deep condolences go to the family of the deceased. We are extremely grateful to all passengers for their patience and support during what was obviously a very difficult situation.



QUESTION 1: What was the flight number?

A. A-320

B. 7E-89

C. 7B-79

D. E320



The correct answer is B.
Answer choice A is the type of engineer which was needed to perform an inspection of the aircraft.


These are all the sections we covered in this page. The free police practice questions offered reflect the real police written test, as well as the police test prep you can get to practice for your exam from the comfort of your home. Please let us know if you have any questions!


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