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What Is Predictive Index?

Predictive Index, often referred to as PI, is a comprehensive talent optimization platform that assists companies in understanding and optimizing their workforce. It encompasses a range of tools and assessments designed to evaluate both cognitive and behavioral aspects of individuals. One of the key components of the PI platform is their recruitment assessments, which aids in predicting how well a candidate might fit into a specific role within an organization.  

The PI platform is based on over 60 years of research on human behavior, and it has been proven a valid and viable predictor for job performance. The platform is used by over 10,000 organizations worldwide and is available in over 20 languages. 

What is the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment?

The PI Cognitive Assessment is the most popular assessment of the Predictive Index platform, designed to evaluate a candidate's cognitive abilities. It assesses various aspects of cognitive functioning, providing valuable insights into your problem-solving skills, decision-making capacity, critical thinking abilities, and  speed in learning and applying new information.

Based on the PI Cognitive Assessment, there is the Maersk Aptitude Test which is also a tough cognitive ability test by Predictive Index. 

The assessment is divided into three sections: 

Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning section measures your aptitude for working with numerical data. Questions may involve solving mathematical problems, interpreting data from graphs, or assessing data trends.
Format: Multiple-choice questions or numerical puzzles often accompanied by time constraints.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section evaluates an individual's ability to understand and draw conclusions from written information.
Format: Candidates may encounter passages of text followed by questions to assess comprehension, logic, and reasoning skills.

Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning assesses the ability to identify patterns, relationships, and logical sequences in non-verbal information.
Format: Candidates are presented with visual patterns, shapes, or diagrams and are required to identify the next pattern or make logical connections.


Learn more about the test sections and study with sample questions on our Free PI Cognitive Assessment Practice page. 

PI Cognitive Test Format Overview

  • Time Constraint: One of the distinctive features of the PI Cognitive Assessment is the strict time limit imposed on each section and overall test duration. You have approximately 14 seconds per question to complete the entire assessment.
  • Adaptive Testing: The PI Cognitive Assessment may use adaptive testing, which adjusts question difficulty based on the candidate's responses. If a candidate answers a question correctly, the subsequent question may become more challenging, and vice versa.
  • No Penalty for Incorrect Answers: There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so it's advisable to attempt every question, even if you're uncertain. It's better to make educated guesses rather than leave questions unanswered. 

Ace the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment

The PI Cognitive assessment is a highly challenging and competitive psychometric test. The main difficulty you will face is the time constraint, with 14 seconds to answer for each question!

Because of this, practicing with accurate sample questions will ensure you are prepared to answer quickly.

Starting at $79, access our Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment PrepPack that includes:

  • Diagnostic tests with personalized feedback.
  • Practice tests for all sections.
  • Comprehensive study guides and video tutorials.  


What is the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment?

In contrast to the cognitive assessment, the PI Behavioral Assessment delves into an individual's behavioral traits and preferences. It is a personality test that aims to uncover how a person typically interacts with their work environment, colleagues, and tasks. Understanding these behavioral patterns is valuable for team dynamics and making informed hiring decisions.

You will be presented with two lists of adjectives. In one list, you choose qualities that you think "others expect from you," while in the other, you select the traits that "truly represent you." 


The PI Behavioral Assessment measures 4 primary factors: 


Measures your assertiveness, leadership style, and comfort level with taking charge.
Questions may ask about how you handle conflict or make decisions.


Evaluates social orientation, communication preferences, and comfort in group settings.
Questions may relate to networking, teamwork, or social interactions at work.


Assesses your tolerance for routine, repetitive tasks, and structured work environments.
Questions may focus on work pace and adaptability to change.


Gauges your inclination towards structure, rules, and adherence to procedures.
Questions may explore adherence to policies or preference for formal communication.


Learn more about the personality factors and develop an answering strategy with our Free PI Behavioral Assessment Practice page. 

PI Behavioral Test Format Overview

  • Customizable to Job Roles: Organizations can customize the assessment to align with specific job roles and responsibilities, ensuring that candidates' behavioral traits match the requirements of the position.
  • Through your answers on the PI behavioral assessment, one of 17 unique reference profiles (Predictive Index Personality Types) is created that provides insight to your work style, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and basically what makes you tick.

How to Prepare for the PI Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment requires preparation and practice. Understanding the unique elements of the PI behavioral assessment is the best way of ensuring that your strengths are properly represented in the results and that you don't miss out on that job.
Try out some sample questions and explanations on our Free PI Behavioral Assessment page or get full access to the PI Behavioral Assessment PrepPack to learn how to answer to the best of your abilities. Practice and improve your results on the question types you struggle the most by determining your strengths and weaknesses - starting at $79.


How Is the Predictive Index Assessment Scored?

PI Cognitive Assessment Results

The PI Cognitive Assessment consists of 50 numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning questions that assess cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills within a 12-minute timeframe. Your performance is scored based on the number of correct answers, known as your raw score.

This raw score is then compared to a norm group of over 288,000 previous test takers to derive your scaled score, which falls between 100 and 450. The scaled score indicates where your raw score ranks percentile-wise within the norm group.

Scaled scores are used to ensure fair comparisons among test takers, preventing advantages for individuals with extended testing times. Unlike many cognitive tests, PI scoring is criterion-based, not normative. It assesses candidates against preset criteria or minimum scores required for specific positions, enhancing objectivity in candidate evaluation.


PI Behavioral Assessment Results

Just like with the PI cognitive assessment, the results are calculated using a norm group. In this instance, the norm group consists of about 10,000 respondents from over 126 countries to ensure a lack of cultural bias. The PI results are generated based on their relative scores in four factors representing related personality traits: dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality.

Following this, a hierarchy or ranking is established among these four factors to determine your profile type.

Here's an example illustrating how a different hierarchy among the four factors can lead to two distinct personality profiles.

PI results


Go to our PI Scores page to learn more about how to interpret your Predictive Index results. 

What Is the Best Way to Study for the Predictive Index Tests?

JobTestPrep offers the most complete comprehensive study guides and practice tests with accurate questions and thorough explanations. Our All-Inclusive Predictive Index Bundle includes all of the material you will need to ace both the Behavioral and Cognitive Tests. 

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